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Texans are concerned about health of the coast

There was a popular bumper sticker a few years back: “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.”


A new tourism model touted for Mississippi River

The National Geographic Society’s geotourism website will show tourists the experiences the mighty Mississippi can offer.


We need Texas' help on coastal restoration

Louisiana appears to have picked up a massive and key ally in its campaign to garner attention for its vanishing coastline.


Wetlands foundation commercial fills up Tiger Stadium

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The America's Wetlands Foundation has teamed up with Compose Studios in Baton Rouge to produce the ‘Game On!' TV commercial campaign featuring an actor playing as a football player.


Walt Handelsman for March 30, 2014

Given enough time...Coastal Restoration...Will Become...A Smaller Problem


Editorial: Coastal protection

Since 1908, the tide gauge at Pier 21 on Galveston Island has recorded a rise in sea level of about two feet. That's at least knee-high. David Yoskowitz and James Gibeaut of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi predict that the oceans will continue to rise.


Poll: Health of coast key to Texas economy

HOUSTON — While oil spill cleanup efforts continued in Galveston Bay, a poll released Tuesday shows a majority of Texans tie protection of the coast to a healthy economy statewide.


As river slowly gives up its secrets, planning diversions gets more complex

For decades the solution to the state’s coastal land loss seemed simple: Just punch a few holes in Mississippi River levees and let the mud-rich water spill out over marshes to build new land.


ENERGY POLICY: Will Landrieu's rise give new life to revenue sharing?

States with oil and gas production in federal waters off their shores have long contended that the disparity between their royalties and the revenues that onshore producing states receive is unfair.


Poll reports Texans see restoring wetlands as crucial

Most Texans see restoring the state's wetlands, dunes and barrier islands as a critical issue, a new survey shows.


Agricultural runoff fueling aquatic overgrowth

Usually, nutrients are a good thing. But when humans introduce too many into an ecosystem, it throws off nature’s balance.


Wildlife gets new habitat on Lake Pontchartrain south shore

The plants sticking up through the muddy ground at Bayou St. John on Tuesday afternoon didn’t look like much, but in one, maybe two growing seasons, they should transform this area into a mini wetland.


UCLA scientists find shortcut to estimating a river's volume

People around the world depend on rivers for their water supply. So it’s important to understand how much water a river holds. Researchers at UCLA have found a new way to calculate a river’s volume without ever stepping into it.


West’s Drought and Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights

MUMFORD, Tex. — Across the parched American West, the long drought has set off a series of fierce legal and political battles over who controls an increasingly dear treasure — water.


Phil R. Precht Honored With Wetlands Conservation Achievement Award

Ducks Unlimited (DU) announced Mar. 12 the winners of the 2014 Wetlands Conservation Achievement Awards during the 79th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources conference, held at the Denver Sheraton. This year’s recipient of the Conservation/Private Entity award is Mr. Phil Precht, based in Houma.

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