Best Bathroom Fans Consumer Reports

10 Best Bathroom Fans Consumer Reports of 2021

A hot shower after a tiring day is pretty much unbeatable. However, even if your body and your mind might enjoy the wonders of steamy water, your bathroom might not like it that much. Especially if there are is not that much ventilation inside.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Fans Consumer Reports: Editor Choice

But should the lack of proper ventilation stop you from enjoying a steamy shower? It definitely should not! That is where the best bathroom fans come into play.

With one of those installed, you can hinder the doom that unchecked humidity and condensation that steamy showers can initiate in your bathroom.

The 10 Best Bathroom Fans Consumer Reports Review:

It is a well-known fact that a damp bathroom is a breeding ground for molds and mildew. And getting a well-performing bathroom fan is the only solution to hinder that growth. For that reason, we have done enough research about these and picked only the ones that offer good enough ventilating performance.

1. Air King BFQ140

Air King BFQ140
  • Snap-in mounting system is great for new construction or...
  • High performance ventilation at a budget friendly price.
  • Plastic housing is quiet and will not rust, perfect for areas...
  • Right or left hand ducting; Housing: ABS Plastic
  • Note: this fan model does not include a light.

You might associate high-performance with the higher price point. That is not the case all the time. Do not believe us? Well, you should have a look at this budget model that Air King is offering.

Even though this model does not cost that much, the price does not really reflect its performance. In fact, the performance you will get will be higher than some of the high-end bathroom fans out there. This one is a perfect example that you do not have to spend that much to get the best bathroom fans.

On that note, the build quality is also pretty high. It has a plastic housing that should be capable of resisting rust and corrosion. Such a construction makes it perfect for the area that has high moisture content or is near saltwater.

The mounting system is straightforward as well. It utilizes a snap-in mounting mechanism that will let you set this one up quickly in the shower rooms. You can also install this on new construction or old setups that have attic access.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports a high build quality
  • Affordable
  • Features a snap-in mounting system
  • Can be installed on new and old spaces
  • The housing can resist rust

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2. Broan-NuTone 100HL

Broan-NuTone 100HL
  • FAN COMBO: HVI-Certified fan, 100-Watt incandescent light, and...
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grilles blend into ceiling and...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing...
  • COMPACT: Fits 2" x 6" ceiling construction and works in bathrooms...
  • EASY TO USE: Multi-function wall switches sold separately to...

Were you looking for a fan that combines light in the same housing? We have found a unit exactly like that. And it excels in the case of performance as well! Want to know more? You have to read through then.

This device combines a 100 watts build and 1500 watts heater in the same housing. That means you can keep your showering area lit and humidity level controlled with the same thing. Also, it sports a decorative design, which will let it blend exceptionally well most of the types of décor.

You will not even have to go through that many hassles in setting this up because it has an easy installation process. It has a compact footprint as well. And even though the form factor is pretty tiny, it is compatible with spacious bathrooms. You can set this one up in the showers that are up to 90 square feet.

Other than that, the operation mode is pretty simple and straightforward. Also, it does not make that much noise during operation. You can enjoy a calm and energizing shower after installing it.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact
  • Integrates a light
  • The installation process is easy
  • Easy to operate
  • Operates quietly

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3. Broan-NuTone 696

Broan-NuTone 696
  • FAN COMBO: Exhaust fan and light combo is powerful enough for...
  • EFFICIENT: Bright 100-Watt lighting capacity (bulb not included)...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing...
  • DECORATIVE: Designer styled white polymeric grille fits neatly...
  • SAFE: UL listed for use over bathtubs and showers when connected...

Even though there are numerous high-performing bathroom fans available in the market, there are not that many that are decorative. However, the case is not the same for this one.

Unlike some of the other models, this one has a designer-styled white grille on the side. The polymer construction also makes it highly decorative. So, it will blend reasonably well in your bathroom. In fact, we would go one step further and state that it will complement the décor inside.

Additionally, the exhaust fan that it integrates is highly efficient. It can reduce moisture, mildew, mold, and odor in the shower space. And the fan is powerful enough that it can cover an area that is up to 90 square feet. So, you can rely on this fully.

Alongside that, you will find a light bulb socket in the middle. That can house bulbs that are up to 100 watts. And the lens can diffuse the light properly. Also, the lens is shatter-resistant. That means you can expect it to last for an extended amount of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a decorative design
  • Integrates a highly efficient fan
  • Can cover up to 90 sq feet area
  • Has a 100 watts bulb socket
  • The lens is shatter-resistant

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4. Broan-NuTone 744

Broan-NuTone 744
  • HIGH-QUALITY FAN: High-efficiency centrifugal fan with a 1. 5...
  • MODERN: Trim matched to designs of major recessed light...
  • PRACTICAL: 6. 87" high housing fits in new construction and 2" x...
  • EFFICIENT: Uses a 75-Watt bulb, either R30 or BR30 for standard...
  • EASY TO USE: Includes optional wall controls for easy, simplified...

On the lookout for the best bathroom fan that is highly efficient? Well, you do not have to look any further because the thing that you were looking for all this time is probably this one that Broan-Nutone is offering.

Let us first talk about the thing that makes it stand out the most. It utilizes a highly efficient centrifugal fan. The fan holds the ability to offer you a maximum airflow of 70 CFM, which should be more than enough for large shower spaces. And it can control the humidity efficiently as well.

Other than that, the installation process is pretty simple as well. You can install this one in the new constructions or on the 2×8 inches ceiling joists. And you do not have to go through any intricate processes, thanks to the design that it has.

In addition to that, it combines a 75 watts bulb in the middle. That will properly light up your showering area. Also, the device is pretty easy to use. The package includes the wall controls. That means you would not have to get anything separately.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly efficient
  • Can offer up to 70 CFM
  • Easy to install
  • Has a 75 watts bulb
  • Includes wall controls

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5. Broan-NuTone 682NT

Broan-NuTone 682NT
  • VERSATILE FAN: Ventilation fan helps eliminate humidity, tobacco...
  • EFFICIENT: Fan circulates air past replaceable activated charcoal...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Includes fast snap-in metal housing for a...
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grilles are the perfect addition to...
  • FEATURES: Plug-in, removable motor with the polymeric impeller...

While browsing through the different bathroom fan models, you might want to settle for something that is compact and has an easy installation process. In that case, you should have a look at what Broan-NuTone has to offer here.

As we have mentioned, this one is fairly compact in size. And the compact nature is not really the only thing that it has to offer. You will find it pretty easy to set up. Thanks to the snap-in design, you can install this one on the wall studs or ceiling joints of your shower space.

Apart from that, the unit is reasonably efficient too. This device integrates a charcoal filter, which will do a proper job in the case of cycling clean air through space. The filter is replaceable too. Also, the fan is pretty powerful as well.

Other than that, the housing features a construction of metal. And, the housing has a decorative design as well. It has polymeric grilles on the side, which will make it look good in most of the interiors. Also, maintaining it will not be an issue for you because the motor is removable.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact in size
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be set on ceiling joints or wall studs
  • Integrates charcoal filter
  • The motor and the filter is removable

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6. Broan-Nutone 8664RP

Broan-Nutone 8664RP
  • HIGH-QUALITY FAN: 100 CFM exhaust fan quickly reduces to prevent...
  • DECORATIVE: Unique round white grille and frosted lens design...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy to install and/or replace existing...
  • EFFICIENT: Up to 100-watt incandescent bulb (not included)...
  • CUSTOMIZATION: May be wired for simultaneous or separate fan...

It seems like the manufacturer Broan-Nutone has got a plethora of high-performance devices to offer. And this particular model that we will talk about is not an exception in that regard.

First of all, the fan that it utilizes is highly powerful. It can offer a staggering 100 CFM. That means it does not take that long for this device to clear out the humidity inside your showering space. And the fan can cover quite a large amount of area. The rated coverage is 95 square feet.

Alongside that, it has a decorative design on the housing. The unique round grille combined with the frosted lens will allow it to enhance your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. Also, the round design will eliminate the positioning issues that occur with the square-shaped ones.

Talking of lens, it integrates a 100-watt socket in the middle. You can install an incandescent bulb in that. The socket is pretty efficient as well. And the installation procedure of the device is hassle-free. It includes an adjustable hanger system, which will offer you flexibility in terms of installing it.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a high-quality fan
  • Can cover up to 95 square feet
  • Features a decorative design
  • Has a 100-watt socket
  • Includes an adjustable hanger

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7. Orillon 22” Thin Modern

Orillon 22'' Thin Modern
  • Size: hidden ceiing fan with light diameter 22 inches, height 8...
  • Material: high transparent plastic lampshade, hard and high...
  • Silent Motor:Modern flush mount ceiling fan is equipped with a...
  • Widely Use:Modern ceiling fan lamp with remote control is...
  • Creative Design: Quiet fan ceiling light, the entire ceiling fan...

If you are wondering that a fan on the ceiling of your bathroom is going to ruin the overall aesthetics, you should consider this one that Orillon is offering.

To start with, it has thin housing. It is compact in size as well. Also, it includes a flush mounting mechanism. Those make it easy to hide. It will not stick out from the ceiling, which means it should be pretty unnoticeable. Also, it features a modern design that will let it blend exceptionally well with the interior.

Other than that, the fan utilizes a silent motor. It makes a considerably low amount of noise during operation. Also, it integrates light in the middle. That means you will not need to install any other light if you have this on your bathroom ceiling.

Additionally, this bathroom fan features a construction of transparent plastic. The fins of the blader are of the same material. And thanks to the plastic being high in quality, it should last for a good amount of time without showing any sort of issues.

Highlighted Features

  • The housing is pretty thin
  • Sports a modern design
  • Comes with a flush mount
  • The motor is silent
  • Constructed of sturdy plastic

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8. DeLonghi HVF3555TB

DeLonghi HVF3555TB
  • Equipped with a GFI plug and designed with IP21 to provide extra...
  • 1500 watt heating power
  • 24 hour programmable timer
  • 3 heat settings
  • Foot pedal operated oscillation

Instead of ceiling fans, what you might be looking for is portable devices. Well, if that is the case for you, you need to take a look at this bathroom fan that is being offered by Delonghi.

To start with, it packs a 1500 watts motor. It can produce a good amount of heat and can propel the air efficiently. Also, the unit is programmable. That means you will not even have to power it on manually. It will start automatically after you set the programmable function properly.

The bathroom fan is highly adjustable as well. It has three thermostats and power settings. Also, there is an anti-freeze setting. That will come in handy if you are worried about freezing pipes. And, it is small and compact in size. That means you will not have to worry that much in terms of accommodating it inside your shower.

Aside from that, the housing has a certified IP21 label. It can resist drip and condensation exceptionally well. And the GFI plug that it utilizes has different safety features too.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Small and compact
  • Has a programmable mechanism
  • The motor is 1500 watts in power

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9. Broan-Nutone QTXE110

Broan-Nutone QTXE110
  • VERSATILE FAN: Ventilation fan helps eliminate , tobacco smoke,...
  • EFFICIENT: Runs on 110 CFM and 0.7 Sones and is motor engineered...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Includes 6" ducting for high-quality...
  • DECORATIVE: Paintable polymeric grilles allow you to ensure the...
  • SAFE: This ENERGY STAR* qualified fan is HIV certified and UL...

Another high-performance and highly reliable bathroom fan that Broan-Nutone is offering is this one. And it excels in the other factors as well.

So, what makes it highly reliable? The efficiency would be the answer. It utilizes a motor that can run the integrated fan at 110 CFM. Considering the overall size of the unit, that CFM level is considerably high. Also, it can cover a good amount of area. It has a coverage rate of up to 105 square feet.

Other than that, it is exceptionally versatile. It can control both the humidity and the odor level of your bathroom. And it operates at low noise. So, you may find it distracting when you are having a peaceful shower.

In addition to that, the installation process is pretty easy as well. It bundles with hanger bars. And the overall design is reasonably modern as well. For that reason, it will blend pretty well with any sort of décor. Also, thanks to the construction of high-quality materials, it has a high build quality as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Pretty efficient
  • Highly versatile
  • Operates at a low noise
  • Includes hanger bars
  • Features a modern design

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10. Aero Pure A515A W

Aero Pure A515A W
  • Air volume- 80 CFM; Noise level- 1.0 sones
  • Includes multi-function switch, 2 270W anti-blast heat lamps and...
  • Fan, heater, and light may be wired separately
  • UL/CUL Listed when used with GFCI branch circuit wire; do not...
  • Grill Dimensions: 15.75" W x 9.06" D. Housing dimensions- 7.25 x...

While most of the bathroom fans have a good motor inside, there are only a few that can operate at a low noise level. And this one that is from Aero Pure is one of those few.

First and foremost, the motor that it integrates is highly efficient. It can make the fan run at a staggering 80 CFM. Even though the CFM rate is reasonably high, it does not make that much noise during operation. You can have a quiet and peaceful showering experience with this installed.

Other than that, there are two lights on the side. Each of them has a 60 watts rating. Those will do a proper job in terms of lighting up your entire bathroom. You will also find a multi-functional switch included with the package. With that, you can control both the fan and the light individually.

Lastly, you will not have to go through any intricate processes to install this. It comes with all of the installation hardware. The grilles on the side are easy to maintain as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Integrates a highly efficient motor
  • Operates at a low noise level
  • Has two 60 watts bulb on the side
  • Includes a multi-functional switch
  • The installation process is easy

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Bathroom Fans

Bathroom Fans

There are a couple of things that you would want to consider before making a purchase. By keeping those in mind, you will have a higher chance of getting something that will worth every penny. That being said, let us give you a brief description of the factors that we are referring to here.

a) Coverage

Firstly, you should check the overall coverage. However, it will depend on the size of your bathroom. If you have a relatively large-sized bathroom, you would want to opt for something that can cover large square feet of area.

On the other hand, if your bathroom is moderate in size, you should be good with something that can offer about 60 to 70 square feet.

b) Motor

One of the important components of these devices is the motor. And for this, the first thing that you need to factor in is power. The higher the power of the motor, the higher the CFM rate is going to be. And the higher the CFM rate, the faster the humidity level is going to be controlled.

Aside from the power, you also should consider the efficiency of the motor. Usually, the ones that are highly efficient can operate by making a low level of noise. And you would not want the noise to ruin your peaceful showering session, would you?

c) Installation Process

The last thing that you need to consider when buying these is the installation process. Make sure that the one that you are planning to buy comes with all of the installation hardware. Also, do ensure that the hardware is compatible with the setup that you have in your bathroom.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best bathroom fans that different brands are offering at the moment, hopefully, choosing one will be a piece of cake for you. However, if we were to choose one, we would opt for the Air King BFQ140 because of the high-value proposition.

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