Best Greek Yogurt Maker

Best Greek Yogurt Maker of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Greek yogurt is another healthy food that took the craze worldwide, and what’s more—they’re delicious! And with that popularity, yogurt makers became a thing that allows you to make them at home.

Making any processed food at home, without additives, is always an exciting idea. But the catch is it’s not that simple. Likewise, without the best Greek yogurt maker, the process can be very labor-intensive, although very rewarding.

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But if you’re interested in the less critical process of making the same healthy and delicious food, then continue reading. We will help you find the perfect appliance for the job that you will love using!

Our Best Greek Yogurt Maker Reviews

A good yogurt machine is one right step closer to making thick, creamy, and delicious yogurts perfectly suited to your taste. And we’ve listed some of our best choices for that purpose.

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker,...
  • 7-in-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate,...
  • EvenCrisp TECHNOLOGY: All the crunch and tenderness of...
  • QUICK AND EVEN HEATNG: Top heating element with fan ensures...
  • ONE-TOUCH SMART PROGRAMS: Customizable cooking programs for easy...
  • PROVEN SAFETY FEATURES: Includes over 10 safety features, plus...

One of the multifunctional ways of making yogurts by yourself at home is by using a pressure cooker. It is also suitable for people who have a small kitchen with limited counter space.

This multi-cooker works as a yogurt maker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and warmer, saving you money on so many appliances. Moreover, it cooks 70% faster than other ordinary pressure cookers.

It also comes with more than ten safety features. One of which includes an overheat protection that will ensure that no excess moisture is lost while making it.

Besides, the specially programmed “yogurt” button will help you to make a successful batch on your first try! You don’t need to worry about timing anything with this cooker.

As its microprocessor monitors the temperature, time, and pressure while adjusting heat intensity, you can control the process to get your desired results successfully, every time. These are also the essential features you need to make a delicious batch at home.

The big 8-quart capacity container can make a fair amount to feed the entire family or for yourself. Plus, the pot’s inside, made of stainless steel, has a 3-ply bottom, making it durable. It’s also dishwasher-safe.


  • Versatile multi-cooker
  • Has an overheat protection feature
  • Cooks 70% faster
  • Large 8-quart container
  • Durable and dishwasher-safe


  • Might be difficult to clean

2. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker,White 9.6 Inch
  • Seven – 6oz Glass containers allows for making up to seven...
  • Comes with on/off switch and light indicating unit is working....
  • Three-year warranty and BPA Free,Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x...
  • Timer on the side marks time when yogurt will be finished...
  • For firmer yogurt without boiling just add 10 tablespoons of...

Making yogurt at home means you’re in charge! And so, you can change up the consistency, level of sweetness, and, more importantly—the flavors.

With that, let us tell you more about this best yogurt maker that you absolutely need if you make it at home often. It allows you to create multiple small batches, which means more flavors!

Also, it comes with seven lidded containers, so you can make seven different flavors at once. Each jar is 6-ounce, making you a total of 42 ounces. The glass jars are also dishwasher-friendly and safe from the heat.

Besides, the maker comes with a timer marking on the side, indicating the time left until it’s finished cooking. It also has a typical on/off switch light, letting you know that your unit is working.

The maker finishes the process in from 6 to 10 hours. You can also control the fat content, thickness, sweetness, and ingredients.

Moreover, you can use a glass bowl instead of the jars to make a single large batch. Just make sure the bowl fits into the compartment. Going with one that holds 7 cups might make it easier to find a good fit.


  • Can make seven different flavors at once
  • Makes a total of 42 ounces
  • Dishwasher-friendly glass jars
  • Possible to control the process
  • Completes a batch within 6-10 hours


  • May overheat the contents with prolonged use

3. Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker
  • Transform up to 2qt of plain Yogurt into Greek Yogurt
  • For Making Greek Yogurt/Cheese Yogurt
  • BPA Free components
  • Simple instructions and recipes for using yogurt cheese included
  • Can be used with store bought or home made yogurt

Greek yogurt contains more protein than regular ones, which makes them so popular among the people. Besides, unlike making regular ones at home, the Greek process is a bit more complicated.

Luckily, this Greek yogurt maker is here to change that! Because why buy expensive processed ones when you can make it yourself at home?

This strainer will help you to turn regular yogurts to Greeks in hours! You can use both store-bought and homemade ones for the process.

Moreover, it’s a perfect “set it and forget it” machine. The process only requires you to put the plain yogurt in the strainer and let it set in the fridge for a couple of hours—that simple!

You can make up to 2 quarts. Besides that, you can also make cheese yogurt, turning it into yummy Tzatziki, a delicious dip or spread for foods and salad toppings, etc.

The plastic strainer is completely BPA-free and non-toxic. So, the yogurts come out safe and simply delicious. Along with that, it’s also very easy to clean, just by rinsing it under a sink.


  • Turns store-bought and homemade yogurts to Greek yogurt
  • Makes 2 quarts
  • Possible to make cheese yogurt as well
  • BPA-free, non-toxic plastic
  • Easy to clean


  • The mesh screen might tear
  • Might not strain properly sometimes

4. Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker

Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable...
  • 9 APPLIANCES IN 1: Cook meals in mere minutes & in less than half...
  • RISK FREE SHOPPING: Within 2-years of your purchase Yedi...
  • DELUXE ACCESSORY KIT: Included is a tempered glass lid (perfect...
  • RECIPES & CHEAT SHEETS: Comes with a Recipe Book and Cheat...

Yes, it’s another pressure or multi-cooker added on our list! This one comes with even more, with a total of 9 appliances in 1!

Make the perfect rich and creamy yogurt as well as sauté, cook rice, make cakes, steam, and pressure cook with this cooker. Besides, the 15 programmed cooking microprocessor buttons help you make a myriad of dishes, including yogurt.

The instant-touch program includes porridge, egg, rice, soup, meat or stew, poultry, steam or vegetables, keep warm, manual pressure cook, and of course, yogurt. You can also manually change the cooking duration and pressure levels as you need.

Among our other yogurt maker reviews, this is the best if you are looking to get more out of your yogurt machine. It’s a smart choice where no money is lost.

Besides, it comes with a versatile accessory kit. It includes a tempered glass lid, which will help you to monitor it while cooking.

There are also two egg racks, a rice paddle, stainless-steel steaming basket, cooking mitts, an extra silicone sealing ring, a measuring cup, etc.


  • 9 in 1 cooking appliance
  • Has 15 instant-touch programmed cooking
  • Comes with a versatile accessory kit
  • An extra steamer basket allows you to make two batches at once
  • Equipped with a recipe book


  • The top lid might get stuck
  • Might show an error message

5. IRIS OHYAMA Yogurt Maker

If you make yogurts daily at home, getting a dedicated machine is not a bad idea. Even better, if it’s a compact and cute maker like this one!

However, in our Greek yogurt maker reviews, this is the only product entirely in Japanese. So, we will tell you everything about the product to the best of our ability.

Originating from Japan, this machine can make various yogurts and Japanese dishes and drinks that are equally healthy. The provided milk cartons act as a content holder to make your yogurt.

You can use either store-bought yogurt or plain milk to start the process. The milk carton can hold up to 1000ml; that’s 120 servings of 110g a month! You can set the timer from 1 to 48 hours.

With 1°C increments, you can cook meals setting temperatures from 25–65°C. Coming to yogurts, starting at 25°C, you can make Caspian Sea yogurt, which is an excellent probiotic drink. You can also make plain, Greek, and soy milk yogurt at 40°C.

Moreover, you can cook sour cream, natto, sweet sake, soy sauce, roast beef, char siu, etc. It comes with milk cartons, a measuring spoon, a draining cup, and a Japanese recipe book and manual as accessories.


  • Makesvarious yogurts
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable time and temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with useful accessories


  • Japanese instructions
  • Might show issues with temperature control

6. Mueller UltraPot 6Q Pressure Cooker

Mueller 6 Quart Pressure Cooker 10 in 1, Cook 2...
  • 10 Appliances In 1 & 15 Preset Smart Programs – Unlike most...
  • Engineered To Last - Unlike other models our cooker is made with...
  • 2 Dishes Simultaneously & Accessories Included - We have included...
  • Strongest & Healthiest - Ceramic non-stick interior coating,...
  • Next Generation Electronic Controls - Built with the latest...

With the flexibility of 10 different appliances in one, this product is an excellent choice for people who want to make yogurts at home and bring a variety in their menu almost every day. You will hardly run out of options with this one.

It replaces a yogurt maker, slow cooker, cake maker, steamer, sterilizer, and more, providing you more space in your kitchen. You can also use it to preserve food through a pressure-canning or water-bath process.

Besides, it has a stainless-steel nickel finish, making it heat-resistant and non-magnetic. German engineered and durable, this model also comes with high-quality rubber seals, ensuring excellent performance.

Make two batches of yogurt at once with the included stainless-steel basket and rack. The auto-timer function makes the process even easier as you can program it to cook meals at any time of the day.

And yes, there’s the manual settings option, allowing you to set the cooking time up to 99 minutes. The 15 preset programs include yogurt, oatmeal, cake, soup, poultry, and other delicious meals.

Moreover, it’s plastic PTFE and PFOA-free, having a safe and tough ceramic non-stick interior coating. It alsoboasts eight certified safety mechanisms. Last but not least, it comes with accessories, which is always a good thing!


  • Versatile 10-in-1 cooker
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • PTFE and PFOA-free
  • Boasts an auto-timer feature
  • Has certified eight safety mechanism


  • Might show an E4 error message
  • Food might stick to the bottom

7. GoWISE USA 12-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

GoWISE USA GW22711 6-Quart 12-in-1 Multi-Use...
  • This 12-in-1 pressure cooker features presets for quick cooking...
  • Full Stainless Steel lid and body with a Stainless Steel Inner...
  • Comes a detachable cord and a newly designed pressure release...
  • Comes with a Stainless Steel pot, Stainless Steel rack, (1)...
  • Your purchase comes with a 1 year Limited and free lifetime...

Combined with modern technology and the idea of a stovetop pressure cooker, this product will not only let you make soft, rich yogurts but also improve your functionality and efficiency in the kitchen. Its 12-in-1 function can make food in a fraction of time.

Besides, you can make multiple different flavored batches using a glass jar with its canning feature. The tightly sealed lid ensures perfect consistency every time.

This versatile product comes with ten cooking presets to cook without mistakes. Additionally, the three special cooking functions: keep warm, delay time, and slow cook adds more flexibility in getting the desired results.

It also comes with handy accessories like a stainless-steel pot, rack, and basket, using which you can make additional batches if you want. It further includes a measuring cup, spoon, and a built-in spoon holder.

Moreover, you can easily switch between high or low pressure and manually set time. When it comes to convenience, it doesn’t let down either! The detachable power cord helps to store the cooker even in cramped spaces.

Plus, the unique pressure release button makes it possible to release pressure using a switch. The switch is attached to the lid handle to prevent getting burnt by the steam.


  • 12-in-1 multi cooker
  • Canning features allows you to make many flavors
  • Comes with accessories
  • Releases pressure with a switch
  • Easy to store


  • The interior bottom might stain

8. VitaClay 2-in-1 Yogurt Maker and Personal Slow Cooker

VitaClay VS7600-2C 2-in-1 Yogurt Maker and...
  • Preserves beneficial nutrients, live cultures and enzymes
  • Lead-free and chemical free clay insert
  • REMOVABLE CLAY INSERT and glass lid for easy cleaning and...
  • Ideal making large batch Greek yogurt or yogurt cheese

We’ve all seen stainless-steel pots, but there’s a healthier alternative to that—clay pots! Yes, this best yogurt maker comes with a clay pot that’s perfect for making soft, rich, and creamy yogurts that preserve beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Besides, the pot is completely lead-free and chemical-free. So, you will only get healthy and tasty food. The vessel can also be removed, making it easier to clean.

Moreover, the provided glass lid helps to cook faster while also being able to monitor your food. The maker comes with three temperature settings: low, high, and yogurt.

The yogurt setting applies the temperature from around 110°F to 115°F. The low and high are around the boiling point, with the low-temperature setting working much slower.

You can make Greek yogurt and or cheese in large batches that are also probiotic. It can make up to 2 quarts.

Plus, the package comes with a recipe book containing 50 recipes for making and using yogurts, including other dishes. The machine itself (stainless steel) and the clay pot are both easy to clean.


  • Clay pot makes healthy probiotic yogurt
  • Lead and chemical-free
  • Has three temperature settings
  • Makes 2 quarts
  • Easy to clean removable pot


  • Can’t set the temperature manually
  • Clay pot might show cracks

9. Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker

Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker
  • Specially designed to maintain the ideal temperature required for...
  • Perfect for anyone on the specific carbohydrate diet
  • Has dishwasher-safe inner container with seal-tight lid, to keep...
  • Kit comes with instructions, and a simple thermometer

If you’re looking for a dedicated machine for yogurts only, then look no further. This electric machine is the most innovative, light, and compact one among our yogurt maker reviews.

It uses a rare “water-bath” system to make the consistency of your choice. The thermometer included in the set comes with both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and instructions, so you know exactly when to add the yogurt starter to your preheated milk.

Besides, the tight seal of the inner container’s lid makes it possible to store them in the refrigerator for more than three weeks. You can make up to 2 quarts in 4 and a half hours.

The container, made of food-grade plastic, is PVC and BPA-free. Plus, the minimalistic bucket design of the product makes it eye-catching.

Moreover, the reusable nature of these containers helps the environment and contributes to a green lifestyle. You can also buy extra containers to make multiple different batches at once.

Apart from regular and Greek yogurts, you can also make yogurt cheese, thanks to the special cotton bag included in the kit. The kit contains an outer and inner container with lids, a cotton bag, a thermometer, and an instruction manual.


  • Only yogurt maker with a water-bath system
  • Containers are reusable plastic
  • PVC and BPA-free
  • Includes a thermometer and instructions
  • Lasts more than three weeks in a refrigerator


  • Might be hard to manipulate

10. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine with LCD Display +...
  • HEALTHIER: Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Machine lets you make...
  • COMPACT + LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 2lbs, this is a must-have for...
  • QUICK + EASY: Set it and forget it! Prep time takes just 10...
  • PERFECT GIFT: The perfect wedding or new home gift. Its small...
  • INCLUDES: Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the 20-watt...

Weighing only 2 lbs, this super light, and compact machine is perfect for small kitchens, dorms, and first apartments. The added accessories also fit inside the base, taking even little space.

The accessories include two buckets with lids, a strainer basket, a recipe book, and recipe database access. So, you can make twice as much yogurt.

Besides, the buckets are also BPA-free and safe. You can make up to 7 and a half cups of regular and 4 cups of Greek yogurt.

The whole process, starting from pasteurizing the milk to adding it in the bucket, takes about 10 minutes. It’s a quick and easy “set it and forget it” machine.

It takes about 8 to 12 hours to make 2 quarts of delicious yogurt. All that’s left is to chill and strain it, and you got yourself a healthy, probiotic Greek yogurt.

Plus, you can always control the ingredients. Whether to make it organic, plain, sweet, or flavored, it’s up to you!


  • Light and compact
  • Accessories included
  • Makes 4 cups Greek and 7½ cups regular yogurt
  • BPA-free
  • The added strainer is perfect for making Greek yogurt


  • Might overheat
  • The temperature can’t be adjusted

11. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with...
  • Built-in cooling system automatically shifts to the perfect...
  • 50-ounce yogurt container allows you to make more than six...
  • Easy operation starts and stops yogurt making with the touch of a...
  • Time controls make it easy to set the recommended fermenting time...
  • Stainless steel styling; digital time display; 120 volts. BPA...

Anexpensive one on our list of Greek yogurt maker reviews, this machine lives up to its price, every way. The 50-ounce container allows you to make large batches of yogurts of your choice.

Perfect for commercial use or large families, it can make more than six 8-ounce servings of yogurt at once. Thus, it also gives you the flexibility to make different types and flavors as well.

However, the best thing about the machine is the auto-cooling function. After finishing the cycle, it will automatically go into cooling-mode to avoid moisture-loss, keeping the right consistency.

Moreover, the automatic process allows you to make successful batches without a fuss. The machine does all the work for you as you just need to set the time and press the start button.

Besides, if you want to stop mid-process, you can simply turn it off using the stop button—no need to unplug the machine. Plus, the time setting features provide more freedom and flexibility to the user.

The outer machine, made of stainless steel, is durable and easy to wash. Also, the BPA-free plastic inner container comes with a lid so you can directly store it in the fridge.


  • Boasts auto-cooling system
  • Has a stop button
  • BPA-free container and lid
  • Makes six large 8-ounce batches at once
  • Sports time-setting feature


  • Expensive than other brands
  • Temperature control is not possible

How to Use A Greek Yogurt Maker?

The process is all the same, but some minor differences might depend on brands. You will first need to pasteurize the milk and bring it to around 185°F and later cooling it down to 110°F.

Next, add the room-temperature yogurt culture and mix it thoroughly with the milk. After the preparation process is over, add the mixture into the machine’s container and put it back in place, closing the lid tightly.

Depending on your maker, you can adjust the time and temperature to start the process. If one or both features are missing, check on the batch every hour, especially to ensure the temperature isn’t too high.

Setting the temperature around 110°F is ideal. Any more than that can potentially burn the milk or make dense curds.

The process usually takes 4 to 12 hours for plain and more for a thicker consistency. It also depends on the type of milk used.

Now, you need to wait for the required couple of hours. The result will be a regular yogurt. To turn it into Greek, you just need to strain it till you’re happy with the consistency. Some models also come with a strainer.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Now that you know our best choices, we’ll help you find the best one for you! Our guide will help you make the best use of your money and time.


A yogurt maker is not a common appliance found in households. So, first and foremost, consider how much you will be using it.

If you’re someone that consumes yogurt regularly, then getting a dedicated machine to make it at home will save you a lot of money. However, you can also consider getting a multi-cooker to get even more benefits and usage.

Greek Yogurt Maker

Similarly, if you won’t be using the machine to make yogurts often, then you should get a multi-cooker. It’s only a waste of money to get something you won’t be using much.


Depending on your family members, the size could speed or slow your efficiency in the process. It also depends on how much you consume.

Getting a larger capacity yogurt machine is a perfect choice if you have a big family who consumes it almost daily. A 2 quart is plenty to feed a large family for weeks.

On the other hand, if you consume a decent amount daily or have a smaller family to feed, getting a smaller sized one is a good idea because yogurt gets bad quickly. Another great idea is to get one that allows you to make multiple smaller batches.

Flexibility and Accessories 

To make the most out of your yogurt maker, look for one that comes with individual jars. It will give you the option to make different flavors at once.

This will save you a lot of time in creating different batches of flavors. Moreover, try to find sets that come with accessories. There are many cheap to averagely priced ones that come with many useful accessories.

For example, some kits come with a strainer to make Greek yogurt. Besides that, extra containers help to make more batches at the same time. Some even come with cheesecloth to make yogurt cheese.

Features and Functions

Always check for these functions before buying one: temperature setter and timer. Without one or both means, you will have to check on your batch often, whereas having both makes it convenient as you can set it and forget it!

However, many innovative versions don’t require such adjustments, and the machine does the work for you.

Yogurt Maker

Besides that, other useful functions are auto-cooling and auto-shutoff. Ones with a stop button are also handy for safety purposes and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between regular and Greek yogurt?

The difference is in the consistency. Regular yogurt is more liquidy, whereas Greek tends to be thicker and denser.

2. Can you eat Greek yogurt every day?

Yes, one serving of it every day provides you all the necessary dietary nutrients from dairy.

3. Can people with lactose intolerance eat Greek yogurt?

Yes, they’re easier to digest for the lactose intolerant people due to the breakdown of milk’s sugars with fermentation.

4.Is there a right time to eat yogurt?

Since yogurt contains probiotics, it’s best to take it on an empty stomach or during breakfast.

5. Can Greek yogurt help lose weight?

Yes, since it contains a good amount of protein but half the sugar and calories, it keeps you full. It also carries a lot of nutrients and good bacteria.

Final Words

The best Greek yogurt maker will not only provide you with enough dietary nutrients to keep you healthy but also save you money on store-bought. Not to mention you’re getting all that without any additives or preservatives! You simply can’t lose, and we hope you find one you like from our list.

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