Best Handheld Massager Consumer Reports

10 Best Handheld Massager Consumer Reports of 2021

The handheld percussive massage treatment has procured considerable popularity in the past years when it comes to therapeutic purposes. Rigid joints, aching back, altogether muscle pain arises at any given moment.

May it be an obsessive workout regime, chronic fatigue from autoimmune diseases, or simply wrong sleeping posture; a remedial massage can soothe all discomfort.

There are plenty of devices available designated to particular body parts. However, none of the options offers as much proficiency as a handheld device. As for the best handheld massager, only a few provide ultra-powerful performance to compete with a professional chiropractor.

Top 5 Best Handheld Massager Consumer Reports: Editor’s Pick

It’s essential to secure a massager that is superior in all respect, including a noiseless engine along with an ergonomic grip. And to address your demands, we carefully enlisted the most noteworthy options at your disposal.

The 10 Best Handheld Massager Consumer Reports Review:

It was about time you relieve the sore muscles from the constant ache. Apart from the handheld massager, every other choice comes with baggage. So, let us endeavor in the journey of pain alleviation.

1. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage for Athletes

Are you looking for a thorough massager that rigorously performs in-depth muscle and tissue restoration after a long haul? Well, your wait is over, as this option includes six different massage heads to get rid of the accumulated lactic acid.

In fact, the conventional ball head is ideal for muscles in the shoulders, triceps, and biceps. On the other hand, five more options provide deep tissue massage on different parts of the body, making this product optimal for athletes and inactive people.

Subsequently, the massage gun offers a 20 changeable speed setting. And at level 20, the speed is approximately 3200±100 RPM. Despite the enhanced speed level, rest assured, the noise is minimal and stays under 60-dB even at maximum speed.

The incorporation of an LCD screen, slip-resistant silicone handle, and LED indicator make the product ergonomically handy. Above all else, the 2400mAh high-end lithium battery provides six hours of functionality with each charge. Most important, the superior heat dissipation prevents overheating.

Highlighted Features

  • The speed level goes from 1 to 20
  • It consists of six different massage ball heads
  • Conveniently quiet and therapeutic operation
  • High-grade 2400mAh lithium battery included
  • Optimal heat dissipation property to prevent overheating

2. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held
  • Our deep tissue massager for full body, The percussion technology...
  • Powerful motor and safety design: great motor with powerful up to...
  • Portable and flexibility, hand held and cordless design, you can...
  • Cordless and rechargeable, our body massager built-in...
  • This handheld massager is a good ideal gift for men, women,...

No product offers as much versatility as this one in particular. When it comes to the additional attachment to serve each part of your body, this massager went overboard and included five exchangeable heads. Each of these attachments particularly rejuvenates different body parts.

Consequently, there is no point in purchasing a handheld device, which is not wireless. Therefore, this option ensures just that, along with an enhanced portability approach.

The inherent rechargeable 2600mAh battery unit allows you to retain 2 hours and 20 minutes of power after full completion of proper charge.

Moreover, the intensity level differs with each percussion mode. As it happens, the ultra-powerful motor can reach a speed up to 3600 times per 60 seconds. However, the massager turns off automatically after 20 minutes of operation to allow heat dissipation and inhibit overheating.

On another note, the handheld device’s ergonomic design enables users to control the massager for optimal use smoothly. More significantly, the convenient silicone grip comes with excellent anti-slip properties. And starting from shoulders to your feet, this option is the perfect recovery tool.

Highlighted Features

  • The battery unit is 2600mAh
  • Comfortable and convenient silicone handle
  • Speed can reach as high as 3600 times per minute
  • Five customizable attachment
  • Auto-off after 20 minutes on full speed

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3. HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat 

HoMedics Percussion Action
  • Lightweight and Portable: Handheld percussion massager with heat...
  • Soothing Heat: Add optional heat to make your massage even more...
  • Dual Pivoting Heads: The dual pivoting massage heads operate at...
  • Simple to Use: Press the power button located on the top of the...
  • What’s in the Box: (1) HoMedics Percussion Massager with Heat,...

Deep tissue massage is hard to find if you do not usually visit a professional chiropractor. However, with this option, you will acquire dual-rotating ball heads. As a result, you can experience the stimulation of a bonafide masseur’s kneading technique.

On top of that, to satisfy the users considerably, the makers include an additional two customizable attachments to alleviate pain from every area. Besides, you can personalize your massage routine with four variable speed levels depending on your muscle soreness.

Predominantly, the maximum speed reached by this device is 3100 pulses per minute, which allows you to touch a deeper layer of muscles. For good measure, the manufacturers integrate a heating element that is both tranquilizing and healthful. This option is not cordless.

You can only get rid of the painful knots by using this innovative heat feature to impersonate an expert masseuse’s hand gestures. Deep tissue penetration is convenient with this 2.5lbs. lightweight device with a rubberized handle; you can bring this tool anywhere for a relaxing and healing remedy.

Highlighted Features

  • A lightweight design of 2.5lbs.
  • Dual and rotational interchangeable attachments
  • It consists of four high-powered speed level
  • The maximum speed of deep kneading is 3100 pulse per minute
  • Exceptional heat distribution technology for optimal result

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4. MIGHTY BLISS™ Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager


Almost all of us have an inclination towards massager that is wireless. It’s safe to say, the combination of a lightweight handheld device with no cord allows you to knock out the knots within minutes.

This particular option offers just that with several additional benefits that improve blood circulation and oxygenation within cells.

Regarding the interchangeable attachments, undoubtedly, the six divergent options give you the liberty to perform a full-body massage. Similarly, for improved muscle and tissue rejuvenation, this massager offers you to reach a speed of all-powerful 3700 RPM.

Even more so, this energetic massage approach helps ease chronic pain that’s been lingering for a while. The built-in lithium battery in the massager is traditionally for electric cars, so execution is all-powerful.

That said, you could recharge the batteries within sixty minutes for efficient outcomes. Additionally, with each charge, and in the event of a power outage, you can operate the device for about 120 minutes straight. This handheld massager is a perfect inclusion to your home therapy tools.

Highlighted Features

  • It can reach a speed of 3700RPM
  • A cordless device with insubstantial weight
  • It contains six interchangeable attachments
  • Promotes professional-like deep tissue massage
  • Powerful lithium battery retains charge up to 120 minutes

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5. Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG460 Deep Tissue Percussion Massage

Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager
  • Powerful Motor - The built-in powerful motor provides up to 3500...
  • Dual Head Percussion - It is more effective than a single head...
  • Wide Range Variable Speed Control - This handheld deep tissue...
  • 3 Interchangeable Massage Nodes - Customize your massage...
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use - A ergonomic handle for an easy,...

What’s the point of purchasing a massager that barely soothes your skin, let alone your muscles? However, in the case of this specific option, the integral and formidable electric motor offers up to 3500 pulses every sixty seconds. For that reason, users achieve the ultimate percussive massage.

Unlike single-point devices, a dual pivoting head is significantly more powerful, as it mimics a professional therapist’s hands. Fundamentally, this option relaxes, de-contracts muscle, and improves skin elasticity on all parts of the body.

In addition to that, the multi-speed control device is by far the most suitable option in regards to various types of pains and aches on different body parts. Subsequently, the double-headed massager lets you change the node into three other ball heads.

As a matter of fact, you can personalize your node and speed to relieve pain from muscles. Also, the 98-inch electrical cord gives you adequate space to move around. The usability features make the massager easy to operate under any circumstance.

Highlighted Features

  • Long and lengthy 98-inch power cord
  • It provides a maximum speed of 3500 pulses every minute
  • Multi-speed control feature compatible with different pain issues
  • Dual pivoting head for deep tissue massage
  • Three interchangeable nodes

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6. Massage Gun Professional Deep Tissue Massager Electric Handheld Percussion Massage

Massage Gun Professional Deep Tissue
  • A DEEP AND POWERFUL MASSAGE: Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching...
  • 20 LEVELS OF INTENSITY + 6 MASSAGE HEADS: Provides 20 adjustable...
  • QUIET IN 3200RPM - With Unique Quiet Glide technology and 24V...
  • EASY TO USE: No complicated manuals or heavy equipment needed for...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL MASSAGE GUN: Our DamKee Deep Tissue Massage Gun...

Imagine discovering a device that helps you restore the muscle to its healthy state. This handheld percussive massager provides a conveniently soundless execution due to its 24V brushless electric motor. Even at a 3500-RPM with 20 different speed levels, the performance is swift and effortless.

Apart from that, the 2500mAh battery supports the massager for up to 6 hours with uncompromising functionality. Besides, the addition of the six customizable attachments offers you versatile massaging choices.

Plus, the touch-sensitive high-resolution LED screen allows for smooth control over the device.

This massage gun promotes further convenience and reliability by allowing you to use it with one hand. Further, the adhesion from the anti-slip grip helps you maintain a firm hold without any perspiration over the device. Not only that, the included kit comes in very handy while traveling.

Remarkably, this best handheld massager’s lightweight structure lets you treat painful areas to facilitate blood circulation without any strain. This cordless massager’s vibration is consistent at all 20-speed levels with a decibel range from 35 to 55.

Highlighted Features

  • The handles have traction control
  • High-quality LED screen for smooth functioning
  • 20 different speed setting
  • It comprises six additional heads
  • The maximum speed level is 3500-RPM

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7. 2600 mah Handheld Deep Tissue Massager With Heat for Muscles

2600 mah Handheld Deep Tissue
  • Relax & Rejuvenate With A Deep Tissue Massage: A Deep tissue...
  • Six Massage Heads & Six Speed Settings: Whether you want a gentle...
  • Powerful Motor & Safe Design: The built-in powerful motor...
  • Easy To Use & Ergonomic: No need for instructions, this cordless...
  • Massage Anytime Anywhere: Lightweight & Compact, this massage gun...

For every athlete, eradicating calf strain due to overworking the muscle is vital. The pain can get annoying and affect productivity. Thus, this wireless electric device permits you to perform deep-targeted massage under six variable speed levels. Moreover, the 16-inch device is small and compact for portability.

Consequently, the inclusion of six different attachments begets users to clear away inflammation by flushing extracellular fluid on all concerned body parts. On the other hand, this high-intensity percussive device consists of a heat option that relaxes the tight muscle and minimizes muscle soreness.

Concerning the maximum speed, the makers guarantee a 3600 pulse per minute execution. However, the device will involuntarily switch off after 20 minutes of working on trouble spots. Besides, the highly vigorous action of the motor ensures optimal deep tissue massage.

On top of the easy-to-use functions, which help make self-therapy uncomplicated, the slip-resistant handle allows for comfortable usage. With proper recharging of the 2600mAh battery, the device operates with ease up to 140-minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • It turns off automatically after 20-minutes of high-speed execution
  • The speed level ranges between six settings
  • It comes with six customizable heads
  • Heat-incorporated massaging method for deep tissue therapy
  • The anti-slip grip provides comfort and ease

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8. Hethtec Massage Gun, Handheld Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

Hethtec Massage Gun
  • PROFESSIONAL DEEP MUSCLE TREATMENT: Hethtec Body massager gun is...
  • ADJUSTBLEA SPEED AND STRONG POWER: Hethtec deep tissue massage...
  • 6 REPLACEABLE MASSAGE HEADS: The percussion massager is equipped...
  • Lightweight body and ergonomic design, anti-drop shell will keep...

Some devices do not provide massage therapist-style kneading. The speed always falls short; however, you can control the massage intensity with 20 variable settings with this product. At the same time, the highest rate ranges from 3000-RPM to 3200-RPM.

Likewise, the high-torque motor brings forth a reduced-noise level of 34dB to 54dB. So, you can relax and rejuvenate your muscles without any buzzing or humming. In the event of a power cut, you can work the device for up to 6 hours due to its highly efficient 3200mAh rechargeable battery.

There are six major muscle groups, and for that reason, this premium-quality option offers six multi-purpose attachments. Investing in this touch-sensitive screen device, which enables user-friendly execution, is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Muscle restoration is only possible through an expert or a high-end device that impersonates a professional’s technique. Thereby, this lightweight and compact option with an abrasion-resistant framework provide the opportunity to alleviate chronic pain and, in return, warm up the muscle.

Highlighted Features

  • Six additional head for six muscle groups
  • Working sound level ranges from 34dB to 54dB
  • The highest intensity level is 3200-RPM
  • Features 20 speed setting for personalized operation
  • Power 3200mAh rechargeable battery

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9. TYMO Handheld Back Massager – Handheld Massager with Heat Therapy

TYMO Handheld Back Massager
  • Heat function to melt your stress away - The heat function of the...
  • Skin-friendly massager for comfortable and safe use - Unlike...
  • Powerful motor for deep tissue massage - With an extremely...
  • Cordless and rechargeable - Tired of being tied to wires? The...
  • Global voltage - handheld back massage supports global voltage...

Nothing eases muscle tension and stress better than a heat-incorporated massage. By improving the blood flow, heat therapy can heal damaged tissue. Because of that, this label exhibits a state-of-the-art device that features a heating element to relax and soothe tensed muscles.

This exclusive massager authorizes single-handed operation on trouble spots through its soft and non-aggressive attachments. There are six different heads to relieve pain from the majority of the muscle groups on that premise. The air-like silicone head is gentle on the skin.

Similarly, each stroke of this ultra-powerful motor begets a maximum speed of 3600-RPM. That means the percussive massage therapy can penetrate the tissue and heal from within. Even at the top speed, this device ensures almost soundless implementation.

Moreover, the wireless device is compatible with rechargeable batteries, which lasts over 2 hours if the power fails. It is quite handy to operate this device, as the weight is insubstantial. And to prevent the device from exceeding unfavorable temperature, it automatically shuts off in 15-minutes.

Highlighted Features

  • The speed can go as high as 3500-RPM
  • It incorporates a heating element to alleviate muscle pain
  • The device contains six heads for versatile functionality
  • Automatically shuts off after 15-minutes on high-speed
  • The attachments are soft on the skin

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10. Massage Gun Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Device for Pain Relief

Massage Gun Handheld Deep Tissue
  • Professional Massage Gun - This can eliminate the tiredness, wake...
  • Brushless Motor - Wattne massager using noise-canceling...
  • Touchable LCD - It comes with an LCD touch screen, which can...
  • Adjustable Intensity - This body massager is equipped with...
  • Rechargeable Battery - Powered by a rechargeable and...

A powerful motor may come with drawbacks in the form of unnecessary noise. However, in regards to this massage gun, the brushless motor suppresses noise effectively. The speed has a maximum capacity of 3300-RPM, and even at that point, the sound is conveniently quiet with 50dB.

With the whopping speed limit, users find solace through increased blood circulation and relieve muscle tightness. Nothing is as crucial as a touch-sensitive LCD screen, unlike traditional push buttons; this feature allows you to easily customize your desired massage therapy.

As for personalized deep-targeted treatment, this handheld massager offers 20 intensity levels for you to choose from. Depending on your painful knots on the different body parts, this trigger point tool delivers six additional heads for an optimal relaxing self-massage.

The rubberized handle exhibits an anti-drop feature that is hard to slip off from your hand. In retrospect, we all suffered tremendously due to a defective battery unit. However, with this model, you can obtain a built-in rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, which supports the device for over 5-hours.

Highlighted Features

  • The intensity level ranges from 1 to 20
  • Six additional attachment
  • Lithium-ion battery runs for 5-hours
  • Brushless motor with quiet execution
  • User-friendly touch-sensitive LCD screen

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Handheld Massager

Best Handheld Massager

Almost everyone looks forward to an informative segment that sums up the entire features and provides a crystal-clear view of the product’s specifications. Without any more delay, let us have a look at the attributes that ensure an efficient and effective percussive therapy.

a) Speed Level

Before you make the purchase, you must look for a massager that offers variable speed settings. Some of the options mentioned earlier integrate 20 varying speed levels. As a result, you can personalize your therapy intensity.

Moreover, you must also carefully choose a device that generates considerable speed. Otherwise, you may fail in acquiring deep tissue massage.

b) Cordless

This feature is a no-brainer. It is compulsory to choose a handheld device that you can carry around instead of standing still in a fixed position. However, some of the corded options may offer ultra-powerful performance.

c) Attachments

By now, you must be well versed in the number of attachments each massager supplies. Six different head is sufficient enough for the six major muscle groups of the body. The interchangeable attachment guarantees versatility and exceptional blood flow to promote muscle rejuvenation.

d) Battery 

In the case of a cordless device, the requirement for battery backup is high. The recommended full-body massage regime for each muscle group requires a minimum of 15-minutes.

Even more so, it is obligatory to purchase a product with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 4 to 6 hours of relentless execution.

e) Lightweight & Grip

None of the products mentioned above are extra-heavy despite offering heavy-duty performance. However, some ultra-light options give you the liberty to function the device with superior comfort and ease. Also, lightweight devices are handy and portable options for traveling or a holiday retreat.

On the other hand, an ideal grip comes from a slip-resistant handle, which prevents you from dropping the device.

f) Ergonomic Design

Gone are the days of pushdown buttons. The era of the touch-sensitive screen is prevalent, and convenience is unrivaled, to say the least. Even though there is nothing wrong with the traditional design, but new is always better.

Consequently, look out for those devices that incorporate a heating element to beget both heat and percussive therapy in one single invention. Loosening tight muscles and relieving the soreness within is one push away from a button.

However, we mandate you to find a device that features an automatic shut-off technology to prevent overheating.

Final Words

The world is your oyster; do not let muscle soreness and consistent ache stop you from experiencing to the fullest. We aim to impart all the knowledge associated with the best handheld massager so that you can soothe and restore your muscles to their original state.

If you are interested in our pick, the Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage for Athletes is by far the most user-friendly option with a high-end brushless motor. The heat dissipation property prevents the device from overheating, allowing both massage and heat treatment.

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