Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports

10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports of 2021

With all the lights off, the porch is vacant with the ceiling fan on, circulating the air to bestow a little relief from the scorching summer. All you require is a Popsicle, and you could be the protagonist in a murder mystery.

You see, the problem with a standing fan is that it occupies far too much space, leaving you with less to relax. That brings you here to an extensive and well-researched list of choices.

Moreover, to make the process of picking out the ideal option hassle-free, this comprehensive review of the best outdoor ceiling fans will guide you meticulously.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports: Editor Choice

Besides, bearing the excessive humidity in mind, we particularly emphasized choosing highly durable options with superior construction. Our center of focus is ensuring airflow to be constant and boundless while accentuating the prosperity of your patio’s layout.

The 10 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Consumer Reports Review:

We barely know whom to trust when purchasing a new item. Internet may have some positive aspects, but phenomena like false reviews can affect the product’s authenticity. Hence, this all-inclusive article vouches to lead you to a selective and excellent purchase.

1. Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Features a bronze finish and 5 ETL damp rated,...
  • EASY CONTROLS: Traditional pull chains included for easy "on and...
  • QUIET REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 4 speed, reversible...
  • MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZED ROOMS: 52 inch blades, which are designed...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's...

If you are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan, undoubtedly, the size is among the essential elements. Unless you don’t want to end up with an undersized product compared to your porch, this 52-inch fan is a steal!

The extended dimension is compatible with indoors as well. Fan fact, this bronze-colored palm leaf-shaped product, consisting of five blades, is famous as a tropical ceiling fan. And the ABS plastic-incorporated construction is highly durable.

This 5-ETL wet-listed model resists moisture damage from damp and rainy weather in the electrical parts. Subsequently, you can avoid the trouble of searching for the remote, despite this option being compatible with ubiquitous and Honeywell remote controls.

As it happens, the traditionalist approach of the design incorporates a pull chain to turn the fan on and off. The almost soundproof rotation of the fan encompasses four different velocity levels.

Plus, this model functions in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions depending on the weather and air current. In short, the manufacturer company guarantees high-performance while keeping up with the contemporary trend.

Highlighted Features

  • It consists of a chain to pull
  • 5-ETL wet location rated
  • Tropical-style with five blades resembling palm leaves
  • Four different speed levels
  • Rotates according to the airflow

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2. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Twin Outdoor
  • Award winning double fan ceiling fan displays outstanding beauty...
  • 6 brown wicker blades make it easy to change styles without...
  • Light kit with frosted glass shades creates a bright glow. 4-in L...
  • 74-in fan is ideal for extra-large rooms. Transitional style...
  • 3-speed reversible AC motor provides up to 4,450-CFM airflow and...

If you are tired of a conventional-looking ceiling fan, then this option will leave you dumbfounded. It turns out; this model is an under-light ceiling fan, ensuring both airflow and illumination.

Consequently, the translucent textured surface of the light kit establishes a radiant glow. The wooden formation gives six of the blades a modern brown outlook.

At the same time, the oil-rubbed bronze layer exhibits a sleek and rustic appearance. The fan’s design is a fusion between traditional and contemporary. You can install this button-controlled ceiling fan both indoors and outdoors.

However, the room’s size depends on the measurement of the fan. And as for this model, rest assured, the 74-inch length will scatter the air evenly around your living room or yard. The addition of the down rod consists of a 4-inch height.

You can switch the rotation according to the atmospheric condition with this product. In addition, the three variable speed feature allows you to acquire an airflow of 4450-CFM.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Changes rotation as per the weather
  • Variable speed of three levels
  • Maximum airflow of 4450-CFM
  • 74-inch extended design with under light

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3. Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Features a bronze finish and 5 ETL wet rated...
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Includes "Quick 2 Hang" technology, quickly...
  • QUIET REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 4 speed, reversible...
  • MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZED SPACES: 52 inch blades, which are designed...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's...

When it comes to user-friendly and quick assembly, no other option offers as much stability and convenience as this one in particular. In fact, the incorporation of the Quick-2-Hang mechanism enables users to self-mount their ceiling fan with ease.

All five of the blades latch onto the central motor effortlessly. Predominantly, the bronze-colored blades are 5-ETL wet rated, providing you protection against low-pressure jets or heavy precipitation.

Furthermore, the wicker weave stylishly displays the dark, bronze wood accents in the fan. As a matter of fact, the oil polished bronze finish over the wooden construction looks particularly charming. The rotation of the fan occurs with negligible sounds during functionality.

Additionally, the product includes four-speed levels to aid your needs. Most importantly, the ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise in summer and clockwise in winter, making this option optimal for outdoor installation.

In particular, the model’s overall length and size make it compatible for rooms larger in magnitude. The 52-inch framework is also suitable for average-sized living and dining rooms. If you live in a somewhat tropical area, it’s necessary to get this ceiling fan for your bedroom.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-ETL wet rated blades
  • Stylish and modern looking formation
  • Quick and secured installation of blades
  • Rotates in reversible depending on the airflow
  • A substantial length of 52-inch

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4. Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan with LED Light

Honeywell Belmar Outdoor
  • OUTDOOR CEILING FAN: This bronze ceiling fan is damp-rated and is...
  • LIGHT DETAILS: Bowl light frosted closed bowl fixture with 2 E26...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT BLADES: Durable, all weather resistant 52-Inch...
  • TRI-MOUNT COMPATIBLE: Dynamic hanging abilities. This fan can be...
  • QUIET, REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed - reversible...

What could be better than the combination of light and air in a single appliance? Indeed, the central bowl pendant lighting is an essential inclusion. And the frosty shaded glass adds an amazing decorative glow to any indoor and outdoor chambers.

At any rate, this specific product includes a 4-inch down rod for the mounting action. However, the ceiling fan offers three-position installation choices, including close-mount and angled-mount. Among all the options, the down-rod mounting process is regularly performed.

Moving on, the quiet operation of the blades is admirable, considering the three levels of velocity. More significantly, the reversibility feature gives you the liberty to enjoy the optimal breeze in any weather situation.

Fundamentally, the ABS plastic composition of the blades assists in withstanding unfavorable weather and abrasion. All five blades consist of dark wooden accents for aesthetic value.

Apart from that, the 52-inch ceiling fan integrating LED lights is 5-ETL damp-listed, adding to the durability aspect considerably. Although this model is an excellent fit for balconies and porches, it also operates well inside the residence.

Highlighted Features

  • It includes a 4-inch down rod
  • High-quality light fixtures incorporated
  • ABS Plastic formation provides increased strength and durability
  • Large 52-inch damp-rated ceiling fan
  • User-friendly and quiet assembly

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5. HUNTER 53119 Sea Wind Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

HUNTER 53119 Sea Wind
  • NAUTICAL CEILING FAN: The traditional Sea Wind fan comes with...
  • MULTI-SPEED REVERSIBLE FAN MOTOR: Whisper Wind motor delivers...
  • PULL CHAIN CONTROL: Turn the white ceiling fan on/off and adjust...
  • ROOM PLACEMENT: Indoor/outdoor fan is designed to be used in...

To live in love and comfort is to live in God. If you plan to keep your patio serene and up-to-date, then the 6-bladed white ceiling fan is perfect for you.

On the other hand, the nautical-style fan spins anti-clockwise in the warm seasons. In contrast, the blades circulate in a clockwise manner during the cold seasons.

With the dimensions of 48-inch-by-48-inch-by-9.32-inch, you are more than welcome to mount the fan both indoors and outdoors. The efficiency of the fan’s airflow is without comparison. Despite the reversible feature, the blades perform rigorously and noiselessly.

Essentially, the pull-cord control design allows you to switch the fan on and off with one single tug. With each pull, you can also increase the speed level, and the makers authorize you to access three different velocities. Moreover, the stainless steel motor showcases corrosion resistance.

This damp-location-rated ceiling fan is an ideal option for patios and porches. The close-mount system of the model mandates you to install it on low overhead.

Highlighted Features

  • An ergonomic size of 48-inch
  • Pull-chain control ensures ease-of-use
  • It is compatible with damp outside conditions
  • Reversible motor switches movement during winter
  • Three different velocity setting

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6. Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 50345-01
  • OUTDOOR CEILING FAN: Elevate your space with a brand new outdoor...
  • CONTEMPORARY: Who says you can’t bring your contemporary style...
  • ETL DAMP RATED: This ceiling fan is damp rated, enabling it to be...
  • FROSTED LED LIGHT: Power to light up an outdoor space but also...
  • CONVENIENTLY QUIET: Reversible, 3 speed - powerful motor. The...

An unpleasant and unfortunate instance is purchasing a ceiling fan that hums and rumbles while operating. For that reason, the manufacturers integrated a soundless motor with three variable speed levels.

Above all else, the blade’s direction changes with the changing airflow. Thus, you attain maximum efficiency and air circulation under any circumstance. With a matte black finish, all four of the stainless steel blade brings forth highly durable moisture-resistant functionality.

On a related note, the state-of-the-art construction is suitable for the outdoors more significantly due to the ELT damp-rated feature. Regardless of a wet climate, this 52-inch ceiling fan will remain sturdy and challenging at all costs.

Similarly, the three-positioned mounting technique reduces the strain and pressure of complex installation practices. On top of that, the sleek and present-day design includes an LED light fixture with frosted glass shades. As a result, the illumination shines a vivid glow upon your rooms.

For outdoor lighting layout, you can also dim the light to your preference. The bowl-shaped fixture integrates two E26/A15 bulbs with 800 lumens of luminosity. Chiefly, the 200 percent lighting angle is better suited for outdoor mounting.

Highlighted Features

  • Modern-day premium quality blades
  • It encompasses two LED bulbs of 800 lumens
  • The ceiling fan is damp-rated
  • Soundless operation of differing speed
  • Suitable for both outside and inside

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7. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Indoor & Outdoor

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50615-01
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Elevate your favorite space with a brand new...
  • VINTAGE DESIGN: Who says you can’t bring your contemporary...
  • ETL DAMP RATED: This ceiling fan is damp rated, enabling it to be...
  • CLEAR SEEDED LED GLASS: Power to light up an outdoor space but...
  • CONVENIENTLY QUIET: Reversible, 3 speed - powerful motor. The...

Most keen eyes will not miss this model from the best outdoor ceiling fans list. In fact, the classic and antique layout of the fan prominently stands out among the rest options.

It turns out; the multi-position hanging prospect gives you the liberty to have an easy installing experience of the 52-inch ceiling fan. Beyond that, the 4-inch standard down rod is a splendid and convenient addition for straightforward mounting.

Additionally, the two-in-one framework is advantageous when it comes to soothing brightness and an uplifting breeze. The transparent and seeded light fixture integrated within the motor delivers a luminosity of 100 lumens per watt.

Primarily, the beam angle is approximately 360%, which assures incandescence all over your living room or patio, depending on where you install the fan. The vintage-style reversible ceiling fan comprises an oil-rubbed bronze finish on the motor while providing a walnut hue to the five water-resistant blades.

In the case of adverse weather conditions, the top-of-the-line damp-rated construction stands firm against such deterioration. Consequently, the ultra-powerful motor allows you to change the speed level according to your desire.

Highlighted Features

  • The optimal beam angle of 360% for considerable coverage
  • ETL damp-listed to endure the outdoor atmosphere
  • Highly luminous light fixture
  • Water-resistant steel construction
  • It consists of a reversible ultra-powerful motor

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8. Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan with Sunset Glass Bowl Light

Honeywell Palm Island 52-Inch Tropical
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Bronze finish with a beautiful sunset glass bowl...
  • EASY CONTROLS: Traditional pull chains included for easy "on and...
  • QUIET REVERSIBLE MOTOR: Conveniently quiet, 3 speed, reversible...
  • MEDIUM TO LARGE SIZED ROOMS: 52 inch blades, which are designed...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's...

Are you determined to add a bit of classic style to your front porch ceiling interior? The rustic bowl pendant LED light fixture of this option is perhaps a sight for sore eyes. Within the textured and frosted glass lies three 40-watt bulbs.

What’s more interesting is the blades shaped in the form of palm leaves, ensuring a tropical vibe to your contemporary outdoor layout. Each of the five blades exhibits a bronze and antique semblance.

In addition to that, the incorporated pull-chain helps switch on the ceiling fan without any difficulty. However, if you want to manage the reversible fan with a remote control device, you will surely appreciate Honeywell devices’ compatibility.

The larger the size of the fan, the greater its ability to distribute air evenly. As it happens, this 52-inch product contains oversized blades, suitable for both the inner and outer region of your residence.

Aside from that, the manufacturing company guarantees the user’s peace of mind by integrating virtually noise-free execution. As the product offers three velocity setting, have no doubt, the functionality will remain conveniently quiet despite increasing the speed.

Highlighted Features

  • It exhibits a 52-inch of magnitude
  • Compatible with remote controls
  • Pull chain control included
  • LED light of three 40-watt bulbs
  • Bronze finish with a vintage outlook

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9. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72-inch
  • 8-weather resistant maple blades
  • Hand held remote control operates this fan with independent light...
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor use, wet rated
  • Energy efficient DC motor with 9 speeds
  • Decorative canopy ring and coupling cover are used to conceal any...

With summer approaching full swing, there is no other alternative than opting for an outdoor ceiling fan with unmatched features. This option serves a proper balance of air circulation and ambient noise by incorporating eight blades in the design.

Even more crucial is the construction material, which is a high-quality plastic with a wooden finish. The fact is that each of the blades demonstrates resistance from poor weather conditions. And the light-colored maple framework calls for attention in the case of a trendy and modern interior.

Above all, integrating a flat white light fixture within the structure is an energy-saving attribute with a decorative touch. In view of this phenomenon, the creators make the ceiling fan remote control compatible.

Hence, you can easily use the remote to alter the 9-different speed and dim the light according to your liking. Moreover, the addition of a battery further makes this product incredibly convenient.

The ETL wet-rated ceiling fan retains the model’s original quality despite being subjected to moderate degrees of moisture. Ergo, the outdoor suitability factor displays improvement due to this feature.

Highlighted Features

  • Nine differing speed levels assure power-efficiency
  • ETL wet-rated ensures the long-lasting ability
  • It encompasses eight durable blades
  • User-friendly remote control compatible
  • It allows for dimming the light fixture

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10. HUNTER 53294 Builder Elite Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

HUNTER 53294 Builder Elite
  • CLASSIC CEILING FAN: The traditional Builder Elite fan comes with...
  • MULTI-SPEED REVERSIBLE FAN MOTOR: Whisper Wind motor delivers...
  • PULL CHAIN CONTROL: Turn the matte black ceiling fan on/off and...
  • ROOM PLACEMENT: Indoor/outdoor fan is height adjustable, via the...

Does your ceiling fan exhibit resilience in the wake of conflicting weather patterns? As it happens, the ETL Damp Location Rating of this model reduces the possibility of sustaining damage from a moist environment.

Even more so, for proper placement on both indoor and outdoor ceiling, the product kit comes with two down-rods with the length of 2-inch and 3-inch. Consequently, the mounting process is straightforward, which maintains an ideal distance between the appliance and ceiling.

The sleek and matte black finish gives a sophisticated tone to your modern-day porch and patio. In light of ensuring utter convenience, the pull-cord included helps manage the fan and its variable speed with ease.

Other than that, the conveniently quiet performance of the ceiling fan lets you relax without any hindrance. You can rely on the wobble-free, extremely robust assembly of the product.

If anything, the spin of the fans determines the airflow’s efficiency. This particular option changes direction depending on the seasonal changes of the turbulence.

Highlighted Features

  • It incorporates two down-rods of 3-inch and 2-inch
  • The pull-chain lets you independently change the speed
  • Whisper quiet execution during high-performance
  • Spins in accordance with the seasonal change
  • ETL damp-rated determines outdoor compatibility

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before select Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Even though hastily picking out a ceiling fan is easy and undemanding, but certainly not a cost-effective approach for a long-term arrangement. Human beings are designed to deal with short-term dangers, leaving the future problem for the future self.

However, we help you divert an avoidable problem through the inclusion of this buying guide. Without further ado, let’s get you familiarized with a few of the most crucial features you must abide by before making the purchase.

a) UL Listing 

Most of the ceiling fans mentioned above outline UL ratings. For anyone looking to purchase a new product, this rating is critical. Therefore, if you are particularly looking for outdoor ceiling fans vs indoor ceiling fans, put utmost emphasis on the classification provided.

If the ceiling fan you are purchasing is ETL dry-rated, you must not install it outside, as the product is susceptible to moisture damage. On the other hand, if your desired model is damp-rated, you should mount it within a shielded area, away from direct water exposure.

Your best outdoor ceiling fans’ damp rating lets the users know that it can handle a little bit of tropical moisture. Besides, a wet rating ensures your fan’s compatibility with exposed areas prone to heavy rainfall.

b) Size & Blades

Almost everyone is aware that the determination of size depends upon your area of preference. We recommend you purchase a sizable option for large outdoor spaces that range above 52-inch for optimal air circulation.

You may assume the higher number of fan blades, the greater the airflow. However, that’s not the case, although an increase in blades makes a fan’s functionality virtually soundless.

c) Light Fixture

The incorporation of housing assembly in an outdoor ceiling fan is by far the most outstanding innovation. Moreover, considering the integration of light fixtures within a fan, an energy-efficient inclusion illuminates indoor and outdoor spaces.

d) Means of Control

While operating a ceiling fan, most of us are accustomed to an electrical control panel consisting of switches. However, some options allow you to use remotes to change the speed and turn on the fan. It’s quite endearing to control the fan while lying back on your sitting chair.

Subsequently, some models provide a pull-chain to manage the fan’s speed and functionality. It depends on you to make the most convenient decision according to your taste.

Final Words

As the world advances further into technological evolution, it’s safe to say we will obtain remarkable features even in ceiling fans that are way beyond our understanding.

We expect you to find the most appropriate option from the list in regards to your situation. However, we do have a personal pick for you among all the best outdoor ceiling fans accessible.

As it happens, we began with Honeywell Palm Island Tropical Ceiling Fan, and we will end with it. Most importantly, our pick is ETL wet-listed, which means no amount of snowfall or rainfall will bear any damage. Concerning durability and design, there is no compromise whatsoever.

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