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10 Best Sous Vide Container For 2021 – Reviews and FAQ

Sous vide or cooking under pressure is an exceptional technique that delivers restaurant-quality steak and such. Can an ordinary person attain such a method?

Yes, however, it does not only rely on meal preparation. The art of sous vide will require the right kinds of appliances, including the best sous vide container.

Sure, you have the immersion circulator and vacuum bags but are you confident about the container you are about to put to use? There are numerous points to take into account before using a regular pot or container.

Instead of going through the troubles of whether it will work or not, have a look at our compiled list. We assure you it will help make up your mind quicker.

10 Best Sous Vide Container Reviews

Remember that each item here has a distinct value that sets one apart from the other. So, let us head straight for the product reviews without any further ado. Happy hunting!

1. EVERIE Sous Vide Container

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart EVC-12 with...
  • Everie Sous Vide Container Bundle - 12 Quart container and lid...
  • Minimum Water Evaporation - Cook long time even over night...
  • Collapsible Lid - The hinge is close to the machine giving enough...
  • No Clamps Required - The lid fits to the container snugly to...
  • Container and Lid Bundle - Container is made of strong plastic...

Here is a brand that all sous vide cooking lovers has come across at least once in their life. This 12-quart container is made from the strongest plastic that is heat insulated.

It has this unique lid that comes with a collapsible hinge. Being close to the machine gives it the advantage to check, refill, or remove contents whenever you want.

The design offers a corner mount to fit the sous vide machine snugly, especially an Anova cooker.

Although a lot of the users have complained about the new mounting design, it seemed to have altered the size, which somehow no longer fits with many sous vide devices.

That is why we suggest going for this product after making sure your device is compatible with the container.

But the good part is the lid is perfectly fit to the container. So, the sealed bags will not require clamps to prevent floating in the bath. And the whole thing is approved by the NSF for food safety.

It, nevertheless, reduces excessive evaporation – allowing you to cook for hours and overnight without needing to refill water. If you seek a smaller size, a 7-quart version is also available to suit your immersion cooker.


  • Lids are foldable
  • Durable plastic material
  • Appropriate height
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sous vide bags will not need clamps
  • NSF approved


  • Not suitable for all sous vide machines

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Space Saving Food Storage Container with Lid, 8 Quart

LIPAVI C15L-SA Lid for LIPAVI C15 Sous Vide...
  • ✅ PART OF THE LIPAVI SOUS VIDE SYSTEM - We are a dedicated team...
  • ✅ CRYSTAL CLEAR AND STRONG - Easy handling - Strong, Clear...
  • ✅ DISHWASHER SAFE: Dish Washer proof - High Temperature...
  • ✅ FOR USE WITH LIPAVI C15 SOUS VIDE BATH: Fits Lipavi C15 Sous...

Nothing could beat a premium-grade storage container that offers a lid. And if the container performs splendidly during sous vide cooking, what more do you need?

It is made from crystal clear polycarbonate plastic that is extra strong to withstand cracks caused by excessive heat. That does not mean you should go overboard with the temperature, though.

The bundle contains a lid that attaches to the 8-quart size effortlessly. You can use it for 2, 4, and 6-quart containers of the same brand as well. Its tight-fitting reduces leakage, spoilage, and limits cross-contamination.

Of course, compatibility comes first, which is why the product is made to ensure suitability for almost all sous vide machines. Even the height is about 8-inch, making sure the circulators agree with the appliance.

The innovative design features two different grading marks on both sides to control portion measuring.

It is also engineered and FDA-approved to safely store marinated as well as dry foods.

Moreover, it is very easy to keep clean; clear visibility allows a quick scan and washing effectively. Being dishwasher safe merely fast-forwards the maintenance steps up a notch.


  • Suitable for most sous vide machines
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Perfect height for sous vide
  • Crystal clear visibility
  • Strongly built
  • Clear grading marks
  • Quick maintenance


  • Not BPA-free

3. GEESTA Crystal-Clear Sous Vide Container with Lid

GEESTA Crystal-Clear Sous Vide Container with...
  • ULTRA-STRONG: Premium, clear polycarbonate is one of the...
  • EFFICIENT LID: Keep water from evaporating and cook delicious...
  • HEATS UP FASTER: Unlike metal pots, the GEESTA container has a...
  • PRECISION MOLDED: The universal container fits most types of sous...
  • CONTROLLED COOKING: The fitted lid reduces water evaporation...

If you are looking for a family size best container for sous vide that meets all your needs, this is where you make the stop.

It is of premium clear polycarbonate construction, making it one of the sturdiest build. That does not mean it will take a lot to clean up after cooking, though. The crystal-clear container is super easy to maintain.

The best thing about the product is how fast it heats up compared to other similar items. Thus, the lower thermal conductivity makes water heat faster without wasting additional energy.

No sous vide container is complete without partnering up with an efficient lid. This is exactly the case with the Geesta container. The lid, associated with the unit, enables evaporation blocking effectively.

The result you get is the deliciously cooked meals without losing any time. Plus, the lid is designed to make adding, reorganizing, and removing food bags quickly in seconds.

Thanks to the ergonomic grip, there will not be any accidental slip when lifting the cover. This family size vessel will be an ideal choice for a large gathering.

It is because of the proficient lid with a robust quality container you get to experience cooking on a different level. Expand your culinary expertise with no limit.

Of course, it fits with most sous vide cookers and racks. It is a perfect revolutionizing product that will leave you with awe.


  • Boasts a large capacity
  • BPA-free
  • Heat-resistant
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for most sous vide appliances
  • Convenient size


  • Stick clasps are difficult to hold on

4. EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quarts with Universal Silicone Lid

EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quarts with...
  • Sous Vide Container Bundle - A must have bundle of 12 quart sous...
  • Container is made of polycarbonate, NSF approved for your sous...
  • Silicone lid is collasible making it easy to refill or remove...
  • Sous vide cooker is mounted at the side near the corner to...
  • Sous Vide Rack - Stainless steel rack keeps your food filled bags...

Think about a perfect all-in-one set; now add ease of use, high-grade construction, and safety to it. That is what makes this item the best container for sous vide.

Everything you need to prepare the sous vide dishes is right within one set. It is most compatible with various Anova, Joule, Wanacle, and Instant Pot immersion circulators.

The container is 12-quart with a universal silicone lid. Both are highly durable to use in the long run. The lid has a cutout at the corner to fit the sous vide machine.

It gives quick access to the refill or removal of water and ingredients. The corner mounting design increases the water flow all around all the while blocking evaporation from getting out.

You will even find a stainless steel rack that will organize the food bags much better. Each divider, as a result, heats the food with consistency and prevents the bags from moving too often.

So, when you combine all these features together, you will gain not only a heavy-duty polycarbonate container but also a collapsible lid and a wobble-free rack.

It is a pretty good deal if you ask us, though a little steep in price. In any case, Everie 12-quart sous vide container is an incredible option for all cooks.


  • NSF approved
  • Fit for various sous vide machines
  • Collapsible silicone lid
  • Traps heat inside better
  • High-grade material construction
  • Optimized water flow
  • Includes a stainless steel rack
  • Food bags will not wobble


  • Expensive
  • Not BPA-free

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5. Arcturus-1 Sous Vide Container

Sous Vide Container 12 Quart for Sous Vide Cooker,...
  • ❤ Perfect for Sous Vide Cooking: This sous vide container can...
  • ❤ Enough Size for Most of Food: 12 quarts capacity with 8”...
  • ❤Easy to Clean: The high quality polycarbonate material allows...
  • ❤ Sturdy and Durable: Made from break-resistant NSF approved...
  • ❤ Multiple Use: Not only a perfect sous vide tank, it is also a...

After assessing and researching the product, we believe this BPA free sous vide container with NSF approval is completely safe to utilize.

Do you know why? It can withstand high temperatures; any sous vide clamps will easily fit the container sides, and it is primarily constructed from break-resistant tough materials.

All in all, the 12-quart Arcturus-1 container is just the right one for a group of 5-6. You can effortlessly place steaks and other food items in one go.

What we have noticed the most is how the majority of immersion circulators can be readily mounted. This gives the user an advantage over flexible operations.

It is very simple to clean the crystal clear polycarbonate material as well. You will be able to see straight through the plastic and ensure if refills or meal-related changes are needed.

Thankfully any accidental drop from your tabletop will not create dangerous splinters even if it falls from a meter distance. Another reason why we recommend the product is that this box is a great option for storing other items.

Now, since anything you put there for sous vide will be vacuum-sealed, the prepared meals will be safe from any harmful toxins or chemicals.


  • Practical size for a small party
  • Goes with most sous vide machines
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Shatter-proof sturdy construction
  • Can be used for wet or dry storage too
  • Ability to withstand up to 210°F
  • Includes transparent measure marks


  • Does not come with a lid

6. VÄESKE Insulated Sous Vide Container with Lid and Rack

VÄESKE Insulated Sous Vide Container with Rack...
  • ✅ INSULATING SLEEVE CUTS COOKING TIME: Neoprene insulating...
  • ✅ LID PREVENTS EVAPORATION: Stop setting an alarm to refill...
  • ✅ DOES NOT INCLUDE DEVICE! These are accessories for the sous...

The reason we added VÄESKE to our list is due to its convenient rack inclusion that prevents clamping or floating of food bags.

Other than that, the insulating sleeve you receive will be an additional treat for blocking the heat from escaping. Therefore, the container is heated quite fast and remains at a stable temperature.

No more fear of tabletop cracking because many have faced such issues. This sleeve will protect not only the product but also your kitchen table surface.

The ideal dimension of the item ensures proper consistency of water circulation, giving you an evenly cooked meal for you and your family.

If you add the lid to the list, you get the most useful sous vide appliances within a reasonable cost. Let us not forget the long-term durable plastic and stainless steel rack material it includes.

The lid opening fits plenty of sous vide circulators, including Nano, Anova, Joule, and more.

From what we have gathered so far, the sleeve tends to lose its insulating properties if heated for a long time. But it does not cause any problem due to the thin, yet high-grade quality neoprene material.

It is generally a fantastic sous vide container set where you would not have to buy each appliance separately. Give it a try!


  • Superb anti-float rack quality
  • Comes with an insulating sleeve
  • Sturdy container material
  • Genuine for various quantities of foods
  • Fits with many immersion circulators
  • Ease of use
  • The tailored lid prevents evaporation


  • Lid handle design could be improved
  • Thin sleeve

7. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container (FG631200CLR)

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Plastic Space...
  • QUALITY ENGINEERING: Its commercial grade, break-resistant,...
  • DESIGNED FOR SAVING SPACE: Square containers store up to 25% more...
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Made of FDA compliant materials, this food...
  • IDEAL FOR SOUS VIDE: The high heat threshold and strong...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR: Onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, avocados,...

What is not to like here? Everything you need in a container is carefully added to this product for your benefit.

It is engineered from commercial-grade polycarbonate material that is break-resistant. Thus, you get durability, content visibility, and a smooth surface for a quick cleaning in one go.

Even though it is considered ideal for sous vide cooking, we are not so sure about that. It is rather a premium level container that is designed for storage in your kitchen.

The built-in handles make it an easier target for comfortable transport without draining too much energy. Besides the clear content visibility, it also offers metric and imperial measurement grading marks.

Thus, whether you store wet or dry foods, portioning them into precise volume will not be an issue. The scale even helps water filling for sous vide an easy task as well.

As we have mentioned earlier, despite not being that great of sous vide container, it can still retain and withstand heat for cooking. We suggest using it only for meals that will not take too long to get done.


  • Perfect for storing all kinds of foods
  • Commercial-grade durability
  • Container shape saves more shelf space
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Round corners for easy cleaning
  • Content’s visibility
  • Two different measurement grading marks


  • The lid is not included
  • Not BPA-free

8. Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooker Cooking container

Anova Culinary ANTC01 Sous Vide Cooker Cooking...
  • PURPOSE BUILT FOR SOUS VIDE: Combining a curved body shape that...
  • USE WITH ANY SOUS VIDE: The flexible silicon lid collar allows...
  • PUT A LID ON IT: Constructed of food-grade polycarbonate and...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill your Anova Precision Cooker Container...
  • Included Components: Container, Lid And Rack

The sole purpose of this item is none other than sous vide. You will love the exquisite result this product delivers when utilized.

It will definitely take your cooking skill to a higher level, offering you to prep food like a pro! The lid, the rack, and the circulator compatibilities altogether lean this unit toward the best pot for sous vide.

Also, it boasts a unique design compared to other honorable mentions here. If you already own an Anova precision cooker, then much better! We must give you a heads up that this is a family-sized container.

Hence, you can organize large portions of food on the first try. However, we suggest opting for a smaller version if you do not plan for bulk cooking.

We have to admit that the cost of this product might seem over the budget for some interested buyers. But the food-grade polycarbonate quality plastic utilizing a silicone sealed lid provides top-notch performance.

The curved shape boosts superior water circulation, all the while losing no steam or heat, thanks to the rubber seals all around the silicone lid.

On the other hand, the integrated wire rack traps the bagged contents from floating upward. There is no chance of heat escaping at all!


  • Fits any sous vide
  • Silicone lid with rubberized borders
  • High-quality construction
  • No water loss
  • Holds precise temperature
  • Incorporated wire rack
  • Curved container shape for efficient circulation


  • Expensive

9. NRT Wholesale Sous Vide Container with Lid & Rack

Sous Vide Container with Lid & Rack - 12Qt Suits...
  • ✅ COMPLETE SOUS VIDE KIT: Everything you need to take your sous...
  • ✅ STOP UNDERCOOKING: Stainless steel adjustable rack prevents...
  • ✅ EASY TO USE & DURABLE: Our container and lid is made from...
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If this combo kit doesn't take...

What we have here is a container with a lid and a rack. If your circulator is up to 2.5-inch in diameter, then it will work effectively.

This is a kit for the people meaning to begin sous vide meals for the first time. A dedicated 12-quart container will suffice the capacity to carry out almost any type of food you wish to cook.

The stainless steel rack is going to make sure the food bags never float and ruins the aftermath taste. No more eating bland steak at home; you can make your own restaurant-grade food with ease.

Besides, the chief item is downright simple to maintain and wash. It is heat resistant and made from food-safe PC plastic. On the other hand, the rack is rust-resistant and collapsible.

Although the lid tends to retain heat and keeps most steam at bay, some had trouble trapping the steam for consistent heat circulation. We believe it is due to the different diameters of the sous vide machine.

So, we urge you to compare before choosing this item. Sometimes covering the gap could be helpful too.

If you are trying out something large, say a roast, it gets difficult to clip the bag and put the lid on top.


  • The container and lid are see-through
  • Fits a number of immersion circulators
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant collapsible rack
  • Easy to wash


  • Slight difficulty in preventing evaporation

10. Sous Vide Boss Sous Vide Container

Sous Vide Container 4.75 Gal. (19 qt) and Floating...
  • 4.75 gal. (19qt) capacity polycarbonate Sous Vide Container
  • Sous Vide Ball cover is 100% BPA free will reduce evap and cook...
  • Sous Vide Balls and Container are heat resistant to 210F
  • 18"L x 12"W x 10"H inches
  • Dishwasher safe

Here is another BPA free sous vide container that is large enough to accommodate an entire small party effortlessly. If you are tired of using metal pots that usually harms the countertops, this can be an alternative choice.

This item comes with sous vide balls instead of a lid; they are absolutely heat-resistant and handy in retaining the hot temperature. The method is a lot less messy than having to use saran wrap for full coverage.

You should remember to place the food bags into the water and clip it to the sides before adding the balls. The container is highly compatible with Joule circulators besides other brands.

Another advantage of having these plastic balls instead of the lid is flexibility. If you plan on making a large roast, they will not only insulate the water but also move around the meal rather than forcing a food bag bump against the lid.

As for the container, it is one sturdy product that will not disappoint you in the long run. Being BPA-free makes the container further practical for meal prepping without worrying about your health.

Did we mention it is dishwasher-safe and a piece of cake to wash and clean? Give it a try!


  • Great for constant sous vide cooking
  • Excellent performance of sous vide balls
  • Robust construction
  • BPA-free
  • Perfect evaporation blockage
  • Heat-resistant up to 210°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits several circulator brands


  • A little pricey

Can You Sous Vide in Any Container?

Technically speaking, sous vide/immersion circulators do not quite need a special container. The inevitable question might pop up in your head; why should I then invest in one?


Well, the simple answer is; ease of comfort. While cooking under a vacuum technique can be achieved in any deep pot, not all pots or containers are efficient.

It means that just having rooms for the water and the food is not enough. Some pots– metal, for instance, transfer heat that makes it harder for sous vide cooking to work.

Sous Vide Container

Additionally, round containers are not the sort of shape to hold vacuum-sealed bags properly. They are not see-through either. It literally blocks the view of the immersed vacuum bags.

This is why many sous vide cooks encourage other enthusiasts to acquire a container just for this purpose – an agreeable appliance expedient for versatile use.


Different sous vide machine complies with different water level conditions. But the general limit must never go below eight-inch. Some of your containers might lack such capability.

You could eventually end up with food spoils and an untreatable, very hot work surface. It is not safe, as you can understand.

So, we advise accommodating a proper container with the sous vide device for a harmless cooking experience.

How Do I Choose?

Now, how would you know what pot is the best container for sous vide? This tough call can be reduced to lesser efforts once you check the following aspects.


Most sous vide containers are usually square in shapes. It is to fit the vacuum-sealed bags better since they, too, come in square shapes.

best container for sous vide

Still, the user preference could play a significant role here according to the budget and availability. It is a good idea to determine the size and shape you believe would suffice before buying.


The capacity and size of the container is the most important feature to pay attention to because there are various types in the market.

As a general rule of thumb, the pot or container you select must have at least eight to nine inches of depth at the bottom. The more room for water, the better immersion, and consistent protein cooking will be.

Next, you have to see the amount of food you plan on sous vide. If you consider cooking in larger quantities, then a bigger container with a deeper dimension should be promising.

But if your usual sous vide cooking consists of a small portion of meals or foods, we suggest a small or medium-sized vessel. The volume must correlate with the size for a perfect outcome.


What would be the point of obtaining a container with a high price if it cannot tolerate maximum heat?

This is why materials matter; what you buy should give you the benefit of usage for a long time. We think opting for the well-made BPA free sous vide container is the best choice.

Look for transparent polycarbonate materials because they are lightweight and can resist high temperatures. Go for the quality-grade ones to last for more than a year.

We admit that traditional methods often used metal pots or saucepans. However, they might not provide the best results as polycarbonate plastics.

Multi-Purpose Usage

The people who prefer the occasional application of the sous vide method should think about acquiring a container that can serve as a storing means when not cooking.

sous vide container review

Being multi-functional can be advantageous instead of just leaving it in the cabinet, eating up space.


Try to invest in a water container that comes with a lid. If it is difficult to obtain, you can buy a lid matching the container’s dimension.

It is important to cover the entire process since it reduces evaporation and ensures enhanced cooking. Be very thorough with the measurements to avoid mismatched products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I sous vide in a cooler?

Surprisingly yes, since a cooler has a design to hold cold temperatures, it can also be utilized to hold warm temperatures.

Keep a large plastic bag and a thermometer, then follow the usual steps to sous vide.

2. Can I use a damaged water bath?

You should not; any damaged water bath will ideally change the food quality, meaning it will not be as good. There is also the risk of your safety to take into consideration.

3. What if my sous vide container is not BPA-free?

BPA is pretty toxic and harmful for people when mixed with food content. However, the food is kept in a sealed bag, where there will be no direct contact with the container due to the water submersion. So, it is nothing to worry about.

4. What should I do if I cannot find a matching lid for the container?

You can buy sous vide ping pong balls. They cover the surface and conform to the shape of whatever container you put them in so the steam will not evaporate.

5. How long does the water container last without any smell?

It should last about a year, at least. Nowadays, many containers are made from high-grade polycarbonate materials for sturdier quality.

As for the smell, most of these products in the market are dishwasher safe; hence, easy to clean. Never waste time washing the sous vide container once the cooking is done.

Final Words

The list above is selected with great care after a lot of consideration and research. We hope that this article, hereby, gives you the answer you seek to choose the best sous vide container.

Our only aim is to relay you with honest reviews of the marketed brands. Thus, you can understand, learn, and decide better. Thank you!

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