Best Trampoline Consumer Reports

10 Best Trampoline Consumer Reports of 2022: Review and Buying Guide

When it comes to trampolines, most people would probably utter the word ‘fun’ – and we concur. These things not only allow you to enjoy yourself regardless of your age, but they’re also a remarkable way of getting some exercise.

Of course, there’s also the aspect of doing it professionally for the people that intend to get into it full-time. Hence, as you can imagine, the best trampoline would significantly vary depending on who you are and what you intend to do.

Top 5 Best Trampoline Consumer Reports Review: Editor’s Pick

To help alleviate that confusion, we have come up with some of the worthy options for you if you are thinking about getting a trampoline.

The 10 Best Trampoline Consumer Reports Review:

The variables don’t seem to end – price, size, shape, enclosure, and the list goes on. Here are the most impressive trampolines considering all of those aspects.

1. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Jump N' Dunk
  • SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: All our trampolines are tested for...
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Our patented no-gap enclosure eliminates...
  • DURABILITY: Enjoy endless family fun on your trampoline with the...
  • MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: We thoroughly test our products according to...
  • WARRANTY: Skywalker Trampolines stands behind our quality...

One of the most important bits about a trampoline is its safety. There have been so many accidents over the years for the lack of that, and not only to beginners. Thankfully, our first product has done well to avoid that from happening.

This trampoline from Skywalker comes with an enclosure built-in (an impressive one at that). That will ensure that there are no probabilities of falling out of the parameter.

But that’s not enough; getting hurt by the pinch points or springs is quite common. The manufacturer uses their patented design to tackle that, which closes the gap that’d allow the sharp openings to be out.

Furthermore, the poles include padding for stability along with the zip closure system, which is remarkable.

In terms of the frame size, it’s 12 feet, which is a pretty decent size for both adults and children. It also comes with 96 6.5-inch corrosion-resistant springs that ensure a smooth and durable performance.

And given that the springs are outside the enclosure, they won’t get in your way either. The frame uses high-quality alloy steel and also comes with a slam dunk basketball hoop as a bonus, making things more fun.


  • 5 inches corrosion-resistant springs
  • It comes with a basketball hoop
  • Quality enclosure system with zipped closure
  • Foam padded poles
  • Quality alloy steel build


  • The basketball hoop isn’t great in quality
  • Its stability needs improvement

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2. Happy Trampoline Rectangle Trampoline

Happy Trampoline Rectangle
  • SAFEST JUMPING MAT ON THE PLANET: Don’t run the risk of your...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE FRAME - 3.0 mm thick, double dipped galvanized...
  • BOUNCE QUALITY: Frame structure will not bend, warp or break,...
  • 140 SPRINGS: Our spring coil and diameter is much thicker and...
  • NET ENCLOSURE: Safety net enclosure surrounds the entire...

The smaller, circular trampolines are more than enough if you intend to use them casually or buy them for your children. However, those won’t suffice for many users, as they need something professional for their purposes.

And if you are one of them, our next pick is for you. You can also get it for casual use, except you’d have to pay a bit more. The biggest highlight in contrast to the typical ones here is its shape, which is rectangular.

This shape allows for a much more consistent bounce and better rebound, which gymnasts and professionals require. It also comes with a superb enclosure system that surrounds the entire trampoline and is made of quality polyester mesh.

What makes that even better is the robust frame. This trampoline comes with a 3-mm double-dipped galvanized frame that helps prevent any sort of rust and corrosion, allowing for long-term usage and better stability.

The size, in this case, is 10 x 20 feet, which is quite spacious without going too far. Another bit that we love about this product is its bounce quality. It’s surprisingly even and smooth – making this a suitable choice as the best trampoline.


  • Sturdy 3-mm thick galvanized frame
  • High-quality jumping mat
  • Impressively stable bounce quality
  • The net enclosure ensures safety
  • Suitable for professional usage too


  • A bit expensive
  • It can be tricky to assemble

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3. Skywalker Basketball Trampoline

Skywalker Basketball
  • Safety is our #1 priority: Patented enclosure eliminates gaps...
  • Safe design: 96 6.5" long steel rust resistant springs located...
  • Slam dunk basketball hoop: Made of soft, safe play materials with...
  • Jump for joy: Great for your next “family fun time” while...
  • Warranty: We stand behind our quality guarantee with our 3 year...

At this point, we have yet another trampoline from Skywalker. And given their record, this one also provides you with a decent product at an affordable price. Oh, and we also have a basketball hoop here to keep things interesting.

Firstly, it has a sturdy base made of alloy steel that ensures that it has a stable base. That also provides a consistent and smooth rebound, which is crucial. Granted that the rebound isn’t the best, but it’s nothing to frown upon either.

And this decent rebound is possible thanks to the rust-resistant quality springs. There are 96 springs in total (each 6.5 inches long) here. One of the best properties of this trampoline is its enclosure system, however.

It comes with the manufacturer’s patented enclosure system, which ensures that the springs don’t come in contact with the user. As a result, there are no risks of being pinched by sharp objects like some other products.

The net uses high-quality polyethylene, which is not only durable but also prevents your fingers from getting stuck. In terms of size and shape, this circular trampoline has a diameter of 12 feet, which is decent.


  • 96 rust-resisting springs
  • High-quality polyethylene netting
  • No risks of getting pinched
  • Remarkable enclosure system
  • Reasonable price tag


  • The rebound isn’t the best
  • Quality control needs some improvement

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4. Zupapa Outdoor Trampoline

Zupapa Outdoor
  • ❤️【Security Certification&No-gap Design】Zupapa...
  • ❤️【Hot-dip Galvanizing Technology & Heavy-duty...
  • ❤️【More Springs & Impressive bounce】 As we all know...
  • ❤️【Higher Quality Materials for Max Safety】Galvanized...
  • ❤️【Much Longer Net Poles】Zupapa extends all the net poles...

Given the possible accidents it can cause you, the trampoline you buy must pass all the safety standards to ensure your and your family’s safety. Our following pick is tested for all those and passes the ASTM and TUV standards.

And to our pleasure, it also comes with a no-gap design that ensures that there is no space in which your toes or feet might get stuck. Furthermore, the manufacturer has covered all the springs with quality padding.

Therefore, there are no risks of pinching or hurting yourself while on the trampoline. Another crucial bit is the frame, as it determines the base’s quality. Fortunately, this one comes with an impressively stable galvanized, rust-resistant metal frame.

Additionally, the two-steel joints design and W-shaped feet play a vital role in further improving its stability. When it comes to weight capacity, this trampoline can comfortably handle up to 425 pounds, which is decent.

It also uses 5.5″ galvanized springs that provide a rather impressive bounce. Furthermore, it has an anti-UV jumping mat and an 8.9-feet enclosure with padded foam that ensure your safety, making it a fantastic choice as the best trampoline.


  • 5″ rust-resistant springs
  • 5mm steel frame tubes
  • It passes all ASTM and TUV standards
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame
  • Enclosure net with padded poles


  • The springs are occasionally squeaky
  • Enclosure’s quality could be better

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5. Skywalker Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Product Name
  • SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY: All our trampolines are tested for...
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Our patented no-gap enclosure eliminates...
  • DURABILITY: Enjoy endless family fun on your trampoline with the...
  • MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: We thoroughly test our products according to...
  • BASKETBALL HOOP: Includes one foam basketball and is made of...

Here we have yet another trampoline from Skywalker, and it’s easy to see why. They produce some impressive products for a very affordable price – ensuring your safety as well as a remarkable user experience.

Regarding safety, this product comes with a patented enclosure system. What makes it unique is that there is no gap between the net and the jumping mat, which protects the user from pinching or similar accidents due to sharp objects.

And as you would expect, this trampoline also passes all the ASTM standards, further ensuring you of its worthiness. When it comes to the size, it is 8 feet in diameter, which is well-suited for houses with a smaller space.

It uses 56 long steel springs (each measuring 5.5 inches) that provide you with a pretty impressive bounce. Of course, it’s not industry-leading, but it performs exceedingly well for the price. Moreover, the poles on the sides are all padded.

This one also has a basketball hoop for some added fun, and the woven net with zipper and clip closure allows you to be free of worries. Additionally, the high-quality, sturdy base makes it an excellent choice for your next trampoline.


  • It meets the safety standards
  • No gap between the bed and springs
  • Decent bounce with 5.5″ springs
  • Foam padded poles
  • Slam dunk basketball hoop


  • The bounce could be slightly better
  • Its packaging system needs work

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6. BestMassage Outdoor Trampoline

Trampolines can often cost you quite a bit of dough, and not everyone can or is willing to spend that much cash for one. And if you’re getting one for your child, it’s completely fine, which our following product proves.

Firstly, it comes with a high-elasticity jumping pad, providing you with a consistent and quality rebound. And of course, given that this product is a budget-oriented one, the weight limit is up to 220 pounds – a decent number.

To keep the children safe, it comes with an enclosure. The net uses high-strength nylon, which gives it the necessary resilience. Furthermore, it has a safety fence that works in conjunction with the steel pipes for enhanced protection.

The frame is another one of the most crucial elements, as it can play a role in the product’s stability. This one comes with a steel frame made of galvanized stainless steel and a T section for a secure connection.

There are three U-shaped feet here, which perform pretty well even when your child is jumping like there’s no tomorrow. Additionally, the 60 high-tension springs work in conjunction with it and make this 10-feet trampoline a worthy choice.


  • Three solid U-shaped feet
  • Galvanized stainless steel base
  • High strength nylon safety fence
  • 60 high-quality springs
  • It won’t break the bank


  • Durability isn’t the best
  • The safety enclosure isn’t as robust

7. SereneLife Trampoline with Net Enclosure

SereneLife Trampoline
  • SIZING INFORMATION – Measuring 144. 0" x 144. 0" x 100. 8",...
  • 12FT TRAMPOLINE WITH NET ENCLOSURE – Bounce away on this...
  • L-SHAPED FEET FOR EXTRA STABILITY – The Serenelife kids’...
  • ASTM APPROVED DURABLE TRAMPOLINE – Our trampoline was tested...
  • ONE YEAR – When buying this Serenelife trampoline with safety...

While the jumping mat plays a significant role in determining the bounce quality, the base does vital work to keep things stable. Hence, our following pick comes with three uniquely designed feet to improve that.

Unlike most of the U-shaped bases that you see, this one comes with an L-shaped design. This design allows for a very stable bounce, which is crucial in a trampoline. It also plays a positive role in improving safety and durability.

In terms of size and shape, this is a circular trampoline with a 12 feet radius, which is more than enough to accommodate a few children with ease. And given that it passes all the ASTM standards, you can be free of worries.

And the base’s design isn’t the only good thing about it – it uses high-strength metal that resists corrosion and withstands all sorts of weather. Thanks to these properties, even an adult or teen can use this product without worries.

Another impressive bit about this trampoline is its safety enclosure. It uses a zipper closure system and foam-padded poles for enhanced protection. Given all these properties, this product is undoubtedly worth a shot.


  • Reinforced polypropylene jumping mat
  • Engineered galvanized metal base
  • Unique L-shaped feet
  • Okay for adults and children alike
  • Enclosure with zipped closure


  • The net assembly can be tricky
  • Quality of the clips isn’t impressive

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8. Toncur Mini Foldable Trampoline

As much as many users would love to own a gigantic trampoline and jump around on it, it’s far from being a practical option for most. That is where a smaller product can come in handy – one that you can fold and even use indoors.

One such product is our following pick – the Toncur Mini Trampoline. You can fold it in 1/4th of its original size, which is fantastic. That means you can carry it as well as store it effortlessly.

The mat uses Oxford fabric for improved comfort and safety. And the 28 closed and thick steel drum springs do a fantastic job in providing you with a smooth and quality bounce, while the six non-slip suction cups keep things in place.

This trampoline can handle up to 330 pounds, which is noteworthy. But the unique bit is the adjustable handrail, where you can adjust its height for a better fit. It also prevents slipping, thanks to the sweat-resistant foam.

The assembly process is just as simple as well, and you don’t need any tools either. Furthermore, the manufacturer has managed to keep the sound level down. All these properties make this trampoline a superb choice.


  • Foldable in 1/4th of the original size
  • The handrail’s height is adjustable
  • Its maximum weight load is 330 pounds
  • 28 thick drum springs
  • Six non-slip rubber pads


  • Quality control isn’t the best
  • The attaching fabric needs to be sturdier

9. Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline
  • Let your kid jump like a kangaroo and be safe like its baby in...
  • Kangaroo Hoppers is a professional manufacturer of indoor &...
  • Solid steel structure offers unparalleled durability and...
  • Better and superior bounce: Wear-resistant and high density,...
  • Added value and warranty. WHAT YOU GET: 1 trampoline, enclosure...

If you’re searching for a trampoline for children without breaking the bank, the following product should be able to fulfill your needs. Here we have a 12-feet product from Kangaroo Hoppers (a fitting name) that suits those requirements.

As we said, the 12-feet radius should be more than enough for a few teens or children to play on. Then comes the issue of safety, which is highly vital to look at. Fortunately, this one meets all the TUV and ASTM standards.

Furthermore, you get a dense meshed enclosure that protects the user from falling out of the perimeter. And what we liked, even more, is that it eliminates all the gaps between the mat and springs, enhancing safety.

It comes with a solid steel structure with a galvanized steel frame that prevents rusting. And the unique curvy design plays a significant role in improving the trampoline’s overall stability with smoother bounce.

The weight limit for the UV and moisture-resistant jump pad is up to 375 pounds here, which is quite decent. And given its 3-step steel ladder, 165mm elastic springs, and basketball hoop – this trampoline is a solid choice.


  • Weather-resistant anti-rust structure
  • 3-step galvanized ladder
  • Enclosure eliminates potentially harmful gaps
  • Galvanized, curvy steel frame
  • 165mm elastic springs


  • Putting the base together can get tricky
  • Construction could be better

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10. Merax Outdoor Trampoline

Merax Outdoor Trampoline
  • [Effective & Fun] Provide your kids with a safe and fun way to...
  • [Maximized Safety] Supported by 80 strong and supple springs to...
  • 360° PROTECTION – Safety enclosure net stands 5.9ft high, with...
  • [Kid-Friendly Design] This trampoline is outfitted with a safety...
  • [Simple Assembly] Easy installation with step-by-step...

One of the most crucial bits in a trampoline is the springs’ quality. These tiny parts need to resist corrosion, provide impressive elasticity for an extended period, and ensure a stable bounce – our final pick does that well enough.

It comes with 72 supple and durable springs that give you enhanced stability with increased elasticity. What makes this spring system better is the extra ones that provide you with a gentler impact and avoid hurting your joints.

Furthermore, it comes with a U-shaped base, which, as you know, enhances the overall stability. You can even insert wind stakes to keep the trampoline in place even during strong gusts of wind, and we appreciate that.

Of course, you get a quality enclosure system to ensure 360-degree protection. Its net stands are 5.9 feet high and have six foam-covered poles distributed around the frame. The foam cover helps avoid injuries upon impact.

This product is not only suitable for children but adults too – thanks to its weight endurance. There is also a two-step ladder for easier access. Given all these features, this 12-feet trampoline is undoubtedly a worthy pick.


  • 72 durable and elastic springs
  • Sturdy U-shaped leg base
  • Wind stakes increase stability
  • Frame padding to avoid injuries
  • Gap-free 5.9-feet enclosure


  • Some users find assembly tricky
  • Build quality could’ve been better

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing The Best Trampoline

Best Trampoline

However fun they may be, trampolines can also be the cause of some serious concerns over your safety. People go through many accidents because they perhaps didn’t pay enough attention to the safety measures, or the product was simply mediocre.

Then there’s the issue of how well the trampoline would suit your purposes, which is a story on its own. Hence, let’s find out the crucial bits to look out for.

a) Size

Before we get to anything else, we need to talk about the size of the product. The most significant catalyst in this aspect is the area you have available for it. If you have a tiny space, you could go for something as small as 3 feet in diameter or anything above.

On the other hand, you can find trampolines that are 10 feet or higher in diameter if you intend to keep one in your backyard and don’t mind the size. The shape also plays a role in this case.

Professionals (for instance, athletes) generally opt for square products, as those provide better rebound and even bounce. However, if it’s for casual usage or beginner purposes, you can go for a round-shaped one too.

b) Weight Limits

Knowing how much weight your trampoline can handle is essential. First, we need to consider the user and then look at the specs and weight capacity. A few bits can change depending on this information.

For instance, if you need it to handle the weight of an adult, it would need better quality reinforcements and ensure higher tolerance.

c) Safety Enclosure

This issue is something many users tend to be unsure of (some even decide to overlook it). An enclosure is what its name suggests – a type of netting that wraps around the trampoline to prevent the user from falling sideways.

Of course, it is essential to have an enclosure if the trampoline is for children. Statistically, the inclusion of this element alone can drastically reduce the risks of serious accidents. Therefore, it can be quite a helpful friend.

And not only for children, but we also suggest you have one regardless of your age. With some of these, the risks of landing on parts like the springs are lower, which could potentially hurt you.

On the other hand, some of them come with padded covers to provide extra protection for you. However, mini trampolines don’t have enclosures. In that case, you can try to opt for one with a handrail for improved stability.

d) The Bed

For many of us, the permanent placement for the trampoline vs jump rope would be somewhere like our backyard. And therefore, the bed (the material you jump on) needs to be durable enough to handle all of the troubles it may face.

It needs to deal with dust, UV rays, moisture, and so on. Hence, the material’s quality has to be top-notch if it is to provide you with a decent run. Furthermore, comfort is another property that you should keep an eye on.

Final Words

Trampolines are rather versatile with what they do, and the purposes behind purchasing one are just as variable. Therefore, it’s nowhere near being an easy task if you want the best trampoline for your use case with the best features.

Any of the products mentioned above is undoubtedly going to provide a remarkable user experience. And given that we tried to consider all the possible scenarios, you need not look hard to find the right one.

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