Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports

10 Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports of 2021

We all can agree with the fact that upholsteries get dirty pretty easily. And it’s no piece of cake cleaning them each time before guests arrive at your place.

But if you were to get an upholstery cleaner with dual water tanks, or one with several attachments for various types of cleaning, then the task would surely become more convenient for you.

Now, we know what you are thinking – getting the best upholstery cleaning machine has become a necessity.

Top 5 Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports: Editor’s Pick

And that is why I have researched the top ones in the market and reviewed ten of my favorite upholstery cleaners.

Get started already; I am sure you will find an apt one in no time.

The 10 Best Upholstery Cleaning Machine Consumer Reports Review:

If you have been looking for a suitable upholstery cleaning machine and still haven’t had any luck yet, then you have come to the right place. Here are our top ten picks along with their reviews so that you could pick one conveniently.

1. Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum with Wide Upholstery and Crevice Tools

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift
  • Lift-Away: Lift Away the detachable pod and easily clean,...
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap...
  • Powerful, lightweight, and versatile at only 14 lbs.
  • Brushroll shutoff allows you to instantly switch from deep carpet...
  • Swivel Steering for excellent control to maneuver around...

Finding upholstery cleaners that are both powerful and lightweight can be rather difficult. However, here’s one, which offers both of these facilities along with versatility as well. Find out more about it in our comprehensive review!

If you are worried about the maneuverability of the tool around the various furniture in your living room, then you can stop fretting right away! The swivel steering feature will provide top-notch control like no other!

On the other hand, you can try out various types of cleaning using this device. You can use it for both deep carpet cleaning along with surface-level floor cleaning, thanks to its brushroll shutoff facility.

It also comes with a detachable pod that can be lifted easily; this aspect will allow you to clean furniture and stairs without any hassle whatsoever. As a result, you will be able to use this equipment in multiple areas of your house.

The product is designed to trap allergens and dust in the vacuum in such a way that there’s no chance of them leaking out unless you are emptying them. Hence, you will be able to clean with it for long hours without having to worry about anything.

What’s more, you will be getting additional accessories that will make your tasks easier for you. For instance, it comes with a wide upholstery tool that makes it easy to pick up pet hair and two crevice tools to reach tight areas.


  • Weighs about 14 pounds
  • Lift-away feature of the detachable pod
  • HEPA filter trap and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Brushroll Shutoff for instant switching
  • Swivel Steering for remarkable control
  • Includes additional accessories for convenience

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2. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC

Hoover Spotless Portable
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Achieve ultimate portability with this lightweight...
  • CONVENIENT DEEP CLEAN: Spray, scrub, and remove anything from pet...
  • LONGER REACH: Easily reach spots and stains on carpet,...
  • SELF-CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Flushes the hose after each use to help...
  • DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY: Keep clean and dirty water separate so you...

Are you looking for an upholstery cleaner that is effortless to clean as well as convenient to use? In that case, here’s a product that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It contains many other features that will never fail to amaze you.

What sets this product apart from the rest of its counterparts is that it comes with dual tank technology. The benefit of this feature is that the dirty and clean water will always be separate; so, you will be able to fill, rinse and empty it easily.

On the other hand, the product also comes with a self-cleaning technology, which will flush the hose. This happens pretty much after each use, and so you won’t have to worry about bacteria or dirt ever again.

If you are concerned about the tough stains and hard-to-reach spots in your upholstery, then we have got some good news for you. The product comes with a 5ft hose, which will provide a longer reach for such places and stairs.

To make it even more versatile, the equipment comes with a deep cleaning facility, which takes care of pet accidents as well as everyday mishaps. All you will have to do is spray and scrub while the item takes care of the rest.

The product does all that with a lightweight design, which makes it effortless to carry for the user. As a result, you will be able to use it to clean various parts of the house without getting exhausted at all.


  • Includes a 5ft hose for a longer reach
  • Self-Cleaning Technology for effortless use
  • Dual Tank Technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Ensures deep cleaning for various messes
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Includes rubber nub tool and a solution for trial

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3. Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915e On-Demand Steam Cleaner & Wallpaper Removal

Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915e
  • CHEMICAL FREE STEAM CLEANING: The Wagner 915e Power Steamer is a...
  • INCLUDES 18 ACCESSORIES AND NOZZLES: Use the included attachments...
  • GREAT FOR WALLPAPER REMOVAL: Easily strip wallpaper with no harsh...
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE AND LONG RUN TIME: The steamer holds up to 40...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply connect your desired attachment, add up to 40...

Why settle for an old-fashioned upholstery cleaner when you can find an innovative one that will serve several purposes at once? Because here’s one just like that, which is designed to deliver excellent performance with each use.

Other than upholstery, the device is capable of taking care of several other household surfaces and wallpapers. It uses chemical-free steam to eliminate wallpapers while cleaning any surface you use it on – making it absolutely versatile.

To make it more diverse and flexible for the users, the product comes with 18 accessories. You can use the attachments and nozzles for various purposes. For instance, they can be used for loosening and removing the dirt and other elements that are on your carpet, upholstery, etc.

On the other hand, you will also get an 8ft steam hose with this item. The benefit of this part is that it will allow you to reach tall walls and other tough areas – making it very convenient to use. Hence, you will face no difficulty whatsoever with it.

For further convenience, the device comes with a simple operation process. You will have to start by connecting an attachment adding 40oz of water afterward. Then you will have to turn the steamer on and wait for the orange light to go off, which will indicate whether or not it is ready to use.

Along with a long run time, the cleaner offers heating at high temperatures as well. You will be getting about 40 minutes of run time, and the water can heat up to 212 F. The heating process takes only about 9 minutes, so you won’t need to wait for long.


  • Cleans various household surfaces and removes wallpapers
  • Uses non-chemical steam and is multipurpose
  • Contains 18 accessories for versatility
  • Comes with an 8ft steam hose
  • 40 minutes run time with 212F heating power
  • 40oz water capacity

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4. Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner

Rug Doctor Pet Portable
  • HANDHELD DUAL ACTION PET TOOL with rubberized bristles removes...
  • QUICK & EASY CLEANUP with retractable handle and carpet friendly...
  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, & EASY-TO-STORE for a professional grade...
  • SPECIALIZED FORMULAS - For optimal results, use Pure Power Pet...
  • TWICE THE SUCTION of leading competitors to eliminate pet stains...

A great upholstery cleaner will definitely offer an equally commendable suction power. Now, you may not find this facility in many of such products out there, but here’s one that comes with unmatched power. We will be talking about more of its praiseworthy facilities right here.

No matter how much you love your pets, it’s rather difficult to love their messes. That is why this pet tool is designed to clean up pet vomit, urine, and all the odors and tough stains caused by those. It comes with rubberized bristles for that.

You will be able to clean up quickly and easily using this device with a retractable handle and upholstery-friendly wheels. It will allow you to tackle messes quite conveniently, no matter which furniture your pet has caused it on.

If you doubt how effective this product really is, you should know about its bio-based formula with pro-enzymatic action. These aspects make it effective and safe for just about any surface.

Along with being easy to use, the device is effortless to store as well. It comes with a lightweight and compact design, making it convenient to move around. Moreover, its dual tank system will keep the clean water separate from the dirty one for hassle-free operation.

More importantly, the equipment offers a power of about 1200 watts, which ensures twice the suction. Hence, it will clean each and every part of your house (and not just your upholstery) – making it rather versatile.


  • Rubberized bristles for removal of pet hair, urine, and vomit
  • Retractable handle with upholstery-friendly wheels
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Bio-based formula with pro-enzymatic action
  • Offers a power of 1200W
  • Capable of cleaning various parts of the house

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5. Hoover PowerDash GO Portable Spot Cleaner, Lightweight Carpet and Upholstery Machine

Hoover PowerDash GO Portable
  • POWERFUL STAIN REMOVER: Tackle any accident, spill or tough...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SPOT CLEANING: Makes it easy to clean stairs,...
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Simply go from one cleaning job to the next...
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: The Spot & Stain Pet Tool scrubs and lifts away...
  • TWO TANK SYSTEM: Keeps solution and dirty water separate so you...

If you are concerned about the stains on your upholstery, then we have got the right product for you. Here comes a powerful cleaner, which can remove stains and tackle tough spots without any hassle. Find out more about it in our review.

What makes this product absolutely ideal for upholsteries is its lightweight body. You could also conveniently take it up the stairs and clean up all the messes without losing a sweat. This aspect makes it suitable for various spots in the house.

Along with a lightweight body, the device offers a compact size as well. Now, both of these traits combine to make it portable. Therefore, you can carry this device in multiple places if necessary – making it easy to store too.

The device is known for another great facility. And that is, being the perfect cleaner for those with pets. It will clean up all your pet accidents without any trouble and take care of the odor like it was never there!

For further convenience, the equipment includes two tanks. The benefit of this system is that the dirty water and the clean water will be separate from one another. And so, you will be able to rinse, empty, or fill it without any inconvenience.

If you are concerned about purchasing other important accessories separately, this product will definitely save you from the hassle. Not only does it come with two pet tools, but it includes a trial size solution as well.


  • Powerful cleaner removes stains and spots
  • Lightweight body convenient for upholsteries
  • Compact and portable machine
  • Takes care of pet accidents
  • Two tank system for clean and dirty water separation
  • Includes accessories and trial size solution

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6. Bissell Hose & Upholstery Tool 30G for BG10 Deep Cleaning Machine

Bissell Hose & Upholstery Tool 30G
  • Bissell Big green Commercial Hose With Upholstery Tool For Bg10...
  • 10' Long Hose
  • 5.5" Wide Upholstery Tool
  • Country Of Origin : United States

Some stains can only be removed if you deep clean them, and not all upholstery machines can offer that. But fortunately, this device has been made keeping that in mind; therefore, it will remove all the unwanted spots without any struggle!

Have you never used an upholstery tool before? Well, you have got nothing to worry about! This product comes with an instructional guide, which will allow you to start cleaning with utmost confidence, even if it’s your first time.

With a 10ft long hose, the machine is destined to reach places, unlike its counterparts. Whether you need to clean walls or other hard-to-reach areas in your house, the device will not let you down and accomplish the task successfully.

On the other hand, it comes with a lightweight body. The benefit of this aspect is that you will be able to clean without breaking a sweat, and it won’t be much of a struggle to move the tool around as well – allowing you to take it from one place to another easily.

Not to mention, you will be able to store it quite easily as well, right after you are done cleaning. That is because the product comes with a storage bag. Hence, you won’t have to worry about storing the machine safely till next use.

More importantly, the device comes with amazing suction power. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any stains around the house. Whether you have spilled food or ink on your upholstery, the machine will take care of that in an instant!


  • Made for deep cleaning upholstery and other areas
  • Comes with an instructional guide
  • Includes a 10ft long hose
  • Lightweight body for effortless movement
  • Contains a storage bag
  • Remarkable suction power for any kind of stain

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7. Rug Doctor Pro Upholstery Tool

Rug Doctor Pro Upholstery
  • Rug Doctor Upholstery Tool with its 12-foot hose attaches...
  • Dual action brushes first use a spiral motion to extract, lift...
  • After the scrubber removes spots and stains set deep into fabrics...
  • This accessory is ideal for use on furniture, auto and marine...
  • This upholstery tool is water tested by Rug Doctor prior to...

Durability is often an overlooked feature when it comes to upholstery tools; however, it is quite essential, and this machine knows that. Hence, it has been constructed with long-lasting materials. But it offers other great aspects too, which you will get to know about in our comprehensive review.

What truly sets it apart from the rest of its counterparts is the 12ft long hose that comes with it. This hose will provide a reach like no other; and hence, cleaning any part of your house will be much more convenient for you.

The machine uses an innovative system to eliminate stains. It starts with its dual-action brushes that operate in a spiral motion for lifting stains. Then, its front row and back brushes collect all the dirt, providing suction and retention as well.

Once it’s done removing all the tough stains and spots that were deeply ingrained into the fabric, the suction lifts the solution from it. Afterward, the dirty solution is placed into the tank that contains all the dirty water – providing a mess-free operation.

To make things easier, the device comes with a simple design that makes it easy to clean. All you will have to do is use a paper towel to wipe the head of the tool. Although, you will only need to do it if there is any hair or lint stuck on it.

Other than upholsteries, this machine can be used on tons of other surfaces and areas. You can use it on pet beds, car seats, sofas, office chairs, etc. Hence, you won’t have to purchase a separate cleaner for different areas.


  • Comes with a 12ft long hose
  • Contains dual action brushes to lift stains
  • Includes front row and back brushes to dissolve the dirt
  • Has a tank for dirty water
  • Simple design for ease of cleanliness
  • Can be used for various other areas in the house

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8. LivePure Ultramite UVC HEPA Allergen Vacuum & Fabric Sanitizer

LivePure Ultramite UVC
  • The Doctor Recommended Ultramite Vacuum uses UVC technology to...
  • Stage 1: Covered rolling brush & optimized suction vibrates dust...
  • Stage 2: After only seconds of exposure, the powerful UV light...
  • Stage 3: True HEPA filtration and detachable bin captures and...
  • Additional features include extendable hose for hard-to-reach...

There might be many dust particles and mites on your upholsteries that are inherently bad for you. While many machines don’t take responsibility for removing those, this one has been made for that specifically.

If you have serious dust allergies or are an asthma patient, then you need to do something about the viruses and bacteria in your curtains and upholsteries. This tool removes those from various surfaces of your house, along with pollens and other allergens.

Mites and dust particles are often deep inside soft fabrics. For that, the device creates vibrations using its optimized suction and covered rolling brush. This method loosens them from the very deep, making it easier to remove them.

Once the fabric is exposed to the machine, the dust mites and other particles get eliminated within seconds. This happens due to the powerful UV light that is given off by the tool.

Now that the particles have been removed from the fabric, the detachable bin and HEPA filtration will capture them. No matter how minuscule the particles are, they will be caught and eliminated.

For further convenience, the product comes with an extended hose that will let you reach challenging areas. Along with that, you will also be getting dual motors, indicator lights, various cleaning modes, an ergonomic design, and air discharge at a 45-degree angle.


  • Includes a 3-step process for complete removal of dust and allergens
  • Comes with an extended hose
  • Contains dual motors with great power
  • Offers various cleaning modes with indicator lights
  • Has an ergonomic design for comfort
  • Air discharges at a 45-degrees angle

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9. POWERAXIS Portable Pet Stains Cleaner

POWERAXIS Portable Pet Stains
  • 🐾Perfect Solution for Pet Stains🐾: Cordless handheld carpet...
  • 🐾3 STEPS to Clean Carpet/Couch🐾: Step 1: add 100-150ml...
  • 🐾Strong Suction & Quick Smart Charging🐾: 120W Strong Power,...
  • 🐾Multifunctional Vacuum🐾: 3 Nozzles for different...
  • 🐾Notice!!!🐾 : Please DO NOT use it horizontally or upright...

If you are tired of cords and need a cordless option that will generate less noise than its competitors, then you are knocking on the right door. This product comes with both of these facilities along with a lot more, which you will find out about right here.

Having pets in the house is not easy, but the cleaning part becomes much easier with this machine. It is designed to remove pet hair, urine, and vomit from upholsteries, carpet, area rugs, etc. So, you won’t always need to keep an eye on them.

The machine comes with a longer run time of 25 minutes, which will let you take care of all the hassle at once. After you are done using it, you can let it charge for 3.5 hours only, and by then, its battery will be all full!

Along with quick and smart charging, the machine offers great suction power as well. In fact, it operates at a power of 120W, with a long battery life 2000mAh. Therefore, you will never have to worry about the device stopping before you are done cleaning.

This device serves multiple purposes with the three nozzles that it comes with. It contains a crevice tool, a brush nozzle, and an electric roller brush. All of these will be handy in different situations, which makes the machine rather versatile.

On the other hand, the machine offers a three-step effortless process for cleaning up surfaces. You will only need to add the carpet cleaner, spray the formula, and scrub. The device will then suck the dirty liquid in, and the spots will be taken care of.


  • Cordless body and generates little noise
  • Removes pet hair and urine from carpet, rugs, upholstery, etc.
  • 5 hours of charging time with 25 minutes run time
  • 120W power with 2000mAh battery life
  • Contains 3 nozzles for different situations
  • Follows a three-step process for clean up

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10. Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless
  • Self-clean technology (patent-pending) -Flushes the hose after...
  • Antimicrobial multipurpose tool - Protects against bacteria,...
  • REVITALIZE CARPETS: Effectively remove dirt and grime
  • ADVANCED CLEANING ACTION: For use on carpet, upholstery and car...
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CLEAN: Simply add your desired amount of formula...

Are you looking for a cleaning tool that will work on your upholstery as well as your car interior? In that case, we have some good news for you. This versatile machine is suitable for both places and contains many fascinating facilities.

When we say this device provides a hassle-free operation, we truly mean it. The product comes with self-cleaning technology. Now, what it does is flush the hose after each use, completely removing the bacteria and dirt from it.

As a result, neither can any mold or mildew grow on your upholstery, nor can they grow on the tool itself. Your house will be free from any of such unwanted particles once you start using it.

This multipurpose antimicrobial tool is built to eliminate grime and dirt from upholsteries effectively. And that even using a very effortless process. Therefore, you won’t even need to break a sweat while taking care of it.

All you will have to do is add the required amount of formula to your existing upholstery cleaning routine and let the machine do its trick. You will get a refreshing smell from it for the rest of 7 days.

For further enhancement in performance, you can add the cleaning formula of its brand. However, you can use it with formulas of other brands as well, and that won’t be a problem either.


  • Suitable for both upholsteries and car interiors
  • Flushes the hose after each use
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew
  • Effectively removes grime and dirt
  • Works with cleaning formulas of any brand

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Upholstery Cleaning Machine

Upholstery Cleaning Machine

If you wish to clean your upholsteries perfectly, then settling down for an average one will not do the trick – you should find a cleaner that will adhere to all your requirements.

But for that, you need to be aware of the key factors that you should look out for, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about right here.

a) Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of the equipment should be top-notch as well.

This aspect includes the power of the tool as well as how efficiently its brushes wipe off the dirt.

b) Versatility

There are several upholstery cleaners out there that are capable of cleaning several other surfaces.

And if you are looking for one that will clean the carpets, car seats, and even walls, then you will surely need to focus on versatility.

c) Design

To make sure your cleaning sessions are absolutely convenient, you need an upholstery cleaner vs steamer that comes with a lightweight body.

Make sure it is designed to be compact, too, as that will make it easy to store.

d) Accessories

To add further versatility, you can get an upholstery cleaner that comes with several attachments and extra tools.

This aspect will also save you money, as you won’t need to buy anything separately for it.

e) Ease of Use

Cleaning can be quite hassle-some on its own – and so, you should buy tools that make the process easier for the users.

So, make sure the cleaner does not come with any complicated processes and includes ample instructions.

f) Water Tank Capacity

Some upholstery cleaners come with dual tanks – one for clean water and another for dirty water.

But if you want a single tank cleaner, then you should make sure it comes with a large capacity. Because otherwise, you will have to clean the water now and then.

g) Corded or Cordless

Corded cleaners have the advantage of providing unlimited power, which will let you work for as long as you want.

However, a cordless cleaner can be used virtually everywhere and would be suitable for cleaning car seats and such.

Final Words

All the products reviewed here provide their own sets of benefits.

However, the best upholstery cleaning machine for you would be the one that adheres to all your requirements without any shortcomings.

So, take your time and finalize the fittest one for yourself.

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