Best Vacuum Food Sealer Consumer Reports

10 Best Vacuum Food Sealer Consumer Reports of 2022

Many of us prefer to buy our foods/groceries in bulk, and it’s understandable why. Firstly, it ends up saving you a lot of money – none of us probably has a problem with that. Second, you don’t have to keep making multiple trips.

However, all that effort and food will go to waste if you fail to preserve everything before they start going bad. That’s where a vacuum sealer comes in – it sucks out all the air from the container and extends the shelf life.

Top 5 Best Vacuum Food Sealer Consumer Reports: Editor Choice

Well then, how do you find the best vacuum food sealer? That is what we’ll be discussing in this review and giving you the best possible options.

Benefits of Vacuum Food Sealer

As you’re investing a sizeable amount of your money into the product, you would want to be sure of its effectiveness.

i) Protection Against Freezer Burn

The first advantage that you gain from using a vacuum food sealer is preventing freezer burn. As you know, the food we eat contains water, which forms hundreds of ice crystals upon freezing, resulting in moisture loss.

But don’t worry, it’s not going to harm you in any way. However, it can certainly have adverse effects on the taste and texture of the food. Vacuum sealing ensures that there is no freezer burn, even when stored for a longer time.

ii) Fresh Food in All Aspects

As you know by now, vacuum sealing sucks out all the air out of the food’s container. And the lack of oxygen essentially prevents any growth of mold or bacteria. Therefore, everything stays fresh for a more extended period.

This bit can be beneficial for food that usually spoils rather quickly – for instance, vegetables or meat. There’s another added benefit here. You can preserve seasonal foods for a long time.

For example, you could store items like tomatoes or berries, which are not available throughout the year. This way, not only do you get that food beyond their season, but you also get the freshness and close to the original taste.

iii) Saving Money

If you buy your foods/groceries in bulk (or family packs), you will always be able to get a better value. And as vacuum sealing can preserve their quality for longer, you don’t have to worry about losing the freshness or taste either.

The 10 Best Vacuum Food Sealer Consumer Reports Review:

A quality vacuum sealer can be the difference between having a tasty dish and a potentially bad one. Here are the sealers that we think will provide you with the best results.

1. Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine

Geryon Vacuum Sealer
  • Food vacuum sealer removes air from specially designed bags....
  • Two Sealing Modes: Geryon vacuum food sealer is designed with two...
  • Separated Design: you can take off the upper lid to clean the...
  • Geryon sealer machine designed with fully automatic vacuum...
  • Fully Starter Kits: 1x Air suction hose,5 x Heat-seal bags...

Opting for an ‘automatic only’ vacuum sealer is only rational when you have a fair bit of control over what it does. For instance, it should at least have some presets that allow you to ensure that you’re getting optimal results.

Our first pick is from Geryon, which comes with many presets that you can select depending on the types of foods you want to seal. For example, there are dry and moist options coupled with hard and gentle suction methods.

Another impressive bit about this product is that it comes with all the necessary bits you need when getting started – an air suction hose and five heat-seal bags. Thanks to this bit, you can get started right away.

The user interface and buttons are intuitive and straightforward here. There is a bunch of soft-touch digital buttons with LED indicators to give you a clear vision. Moreover, there are two sealing methods – with or without vacuum.

If you’re temporarily sealing something, the latter can come in handy. Another impressive bit is that it supports up to 12″ bags from third parties too. And given its multi-layer heat sealing, this product is a superb choice.


  • It comes with the necessary accessories
  • Multi-layer heat sealing
  • Two different sealing modes
  • Up to 12″ wide bags
  • Cleaning it is effortless


  • Locking requires quite a bit of force
  • The build material could be better

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2. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Machine

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer
  • Stretch your dollar: Meat preserved with the foodsaver system in...
  • Built-in roll storage & cutter: Create custom-sized bags without...
  • Even more consistent sealing: guaranteed to reach an optimal...
  • Easy lock and latch: One-handed operation lets you easily lock...
  • Seal Wet and Dry Items: For Optimal Vacuuming and Sealing of...

Many of us often need to vacuum seal quite a bit of food, especially after getting the groceries in bulk. An issue with this is that many sealers cannot run for long without needing some time to get the temperature down.

Therefore, your sealer needs to be able to continue sealing for a while – like the FM2435. You can effortlessly get up to 60 consecutive seals out of it before needing to let it cool down.

Another issue with many products is that you need to push with quite a bit of force to get the lid to lock. That’s not a problem here, either; you can quickly get this one to close with a gentle press.

As we said, the sealer you choose must have some control to provide you with the best possible results. Hence, it comes with different presets that allow you to choose between dry and moist foods.

Moreover, it includes a removable drip tray to avoid spilling any liquid on the product. This product also comes with inbuilt roll storage and cutter to create custom-sized bags – making this a suitable choice as the best vacuum food sealer.


  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Up to 60 consecutive seals in one run
  • Locking doesn’t require much force
  • Inbuilt roll storage and cutter
  • Long shelf life


  • Durability can be an issue
  • A bit costlier in comparison

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3. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Fully automatic simple electric plug in design...
  • TWO SEALING MODES: Useful and practical, the NutriChef vacuum...
  • LAB TESTED QUALITY: Vacuum sealers preserve food up to 5 times...
  • A FULL STARTER KIT: Apart from the vacuum sealer and the air...

One of the issues with putting your food into traditional zipper bags is freezer burn. As you already know, it essentially means that the food loses its moisture (and taste). That’s why the suction needs to be flawless.

The sealer that we have at this point comes from NutriChef, and it ensures an impressive seal all around. Firstly, it comes with two options regarding the method – one for foods with moisture and one without.

Moreover, this product’s sealing rod heats up quickly and ensures a tight closure – something that zipper baggies can’t even come close to. Another impressive bit about this product is the starter kit it comes with.

You get an air suction hose to suck the air out of containers and preserve them and a wine stopper cork to store leftover wine. Even better, there are five medium and one extra-long vacuum bag roll that is reusable.

Furthermore, the user experience is just as intuitive, so anyone can use it without putting in much effort. And the affordable price tag makes this sealer an even better value if you want the best bang for the buck.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Quick and efficient sealing
  • Impressive suction strength
  • Two different sealing modes
  • It comes with a starter kit


  • The documentation is a bit daunting
  • It’s easy to press the buttons accidentally

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4. Coolwin Vacuum Sealer Machine

Coolwin Vacuum Sealer
  • 【Multifunctional Food Vacuum Sealer】: The automatic vacuum...
  • 【Two Sealing Modes】: Vacuum food sealer is designed with two...
  • 【Save Money and Keep Fresh】: We Vacuum sealing system can...
  • 【Easy to Operate】: Fully automatic simple electric plug in...
  • 【Tested Certified Products】: Vacuum sealing machine can save...

A compact product is something that many users look for, both for aesthetic reasons and the lack of space. The issue is that many of those sealers end up compromising with quality in order to achieve the size.

Fortunately, our next pick – the vacuum sealer from Coolwin – manages to reduce the size by a significant bit without losing the performance. Moreover, the user interface is quite intuitive with the soft-touch digital buttons and LED indicators.

You can get two different sealing methods using these buttons, which are optimized to provide the best results for different food types. Additionally, the 2.5mm sealing heating wire that it uses works better than traditional options.

And thanks to that impressive performance, you can get your food to maintain its freshness for up to six times than typical baggies. Another bonus is that you can use third-party bags with it, which is very convenient.

It also has the ability to create single seals without vacuum sealing, which can come in handy. Furthermore, you can use it to seal other vacuum containers, making it a versatile and suitable choice for anyone.


  • It doesn’t cost much
  • Soft-touch digital buttons
  • 5mm sealing heating wire
  • Single seal mode
  • Suitable for liquid containers too


  • No included hose for containers
  • Cleaning can be somewhat tricky

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5. Nesco VS-12 Vacuum Sealer

Nesco VS-12 Vacuum Sealer
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: 130 watt, 25. 1 InHG double vacuum pump for...
  • VARIABLE SETTINGS: Includes 3 settings - dry, moist and double....
  • EASY-LOCK HANDLE: The easy-lock handle makes one-handed operation...
  • DOUBLE HEAT SEAL: Optional doubleheat seal provides added...
  • BUILT-IN STORAGE & BAG CUTTER: Conveniently stores any brand of...

One of the most significant difficulties that users face in the long term is the sealing quality starting to deteriorate. Not only that, but many of them also fail to ensure a perfect seal, resulting in the food not lasting as long.

Our next pick comes with an effective solution to prevent both issues from happening with its double line seals. Essentially, this method seals the bag twice, even if you are only going through the procedure once.

As a result, you get better and more secure preservation. Another feature that makes this product even more impressive is the double vacuum pump. This component allows for more efficient and effective air suction.

Those two features alone make this product a fantastic choice as the best vacuum food sealer, but there’s more. You get three sealing methods here – dry, moist, and double, allowing for granular control over the final result.

This sealer also gives you the ability to achieve hands-free sealing with the locked handle, which is impressive. Although it doesn’t come with any sealing bags, its sheer performance makes it a worthy choice.


  • Double-line sealing capability
  • Three sealing choices
  • Variable settings for different foods
  • Allows for manual seal too
  • Impressive durability


  • No included bags or accessories
  • The manual sealing method isn’t flawless

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6. Food Shield Vacuum Sealer

Food Shield Vacuum Sealer
  • [CAUTION] Please clean up the nozzle with the cleaning lod after...
  • 1.Works with Zipper bags including "Ziploc", and chamber-type...
  • 2.Works with liquids and powders. Even Hot liquid is available!
  • 3.Reliable seal with a 5mm-wide seal.
  • The panel design on the machine is written in English.

Your vacuum sealer needs to be compatible with third-party sealing bags. Otherwise, you would need to buy only the ones that the product manufacturer creates, which can be inconvenient and costlier.

Hence, the next option that we have got for you is compatible with many of the third-party vacuum pouches on the market. This capability ensures that you aren’t spending more than you need to and still maintain the quality.

But there is more – you can even get this sealer to work with the typical zipper bags, which is unique. Furthermore, you can seal liquids and powders as well. It even works with hot liquids, which is remarkable.

Another property to look out for would be the width of the seal, as a wider one can keep the food inside secure from outside elements. That’s why this sealer gives you a 5mm wide seal, which hits a sweet spot without going overkill.

The only caveat with this product for some users is its user interface. We feel like it’s not as intuitive as some of the other options, and getting the hang of it can be tricky. Otherwise, the granular control makes it a superb choice.


  • It provides granular controls
  • Even Ziploc bags are compatible
  • Surprisingly cost-efficient
  • 5mm wide seal
  • You can also seal powders


  • Learning to use it can be tricky
  • Suction power could be better

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7. Potane Vacuum Sealer Machine

Potane Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • KEEP FOOD FRESHER & SAVE MONEY: The POTANE VS2690 vacuum sealers...
  • 8-In-1 EASY PRESETS&SMART CONTROL SYSTEM: 4 operation modes and...
  • SLOPING TOP DESIGN: The sloping top design prevents the juice...
  • ETL TESTED & CERTIFIED: The POTANE vacuum sealer is ETL certified...

The heating wire in your vacuum sealer plays a crucial role when it comes to being able to seal things effectively. For instance, many mediocre products use wires that are way too thin, but that’s not the case for our next pick.

VS2690 from Potane uses 7mm heating wires, which allow for much better heating and sealing performance. Furthermore, it comes with a brushless motor, which further improves its quality and abilities.

Another bit that we appreciate about this product is choosing the operation and vacuum sealing modes by yourself – there are four of each. This capability provides you with a lot of control for various foods, be they moist or dry.

The sealer is also ETL certified by many of the NRTLs that ensure compliance with product safety standards to top things off. Not only that, it comes at a reasonable price as well, ticking all the right boxes.

Along with the vast array of controls, the powerful EMGEL 8830 motor provides you with impressive results no matter what you seal. Lastly, the sloping top design keeps the liquids from being drawn out as well.


  • Powerful EMGEL 8830 motor
  • Eight-in-one controlling modes
  • A sloping top design
  • ETL tested and certified
  • 7mm heating wires


  • Its durability could be better
  • Slight learning curve

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8. Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer
  • Powerful, pro-performance; Heavy duty construction and 935 watts...
  • Quick and easy; Just press start; Double piston pump seal bar...
  • Seals through moisture; Extra wide, 5 millimeters seal bar...
  • Manual seal mode; Allows control over the amount of vacuum...
  • Fits a variety of bag sizes; Extra-long 15 inches (38...

So far, we have mostly seen products that mainly target consumers that don’t require their sealer to handle hefty workloads. However, our next pick is a commercial-grade stainless steel sealer – one that’s suitable for people with heavier tasks.

For one, this beast consumes up to 935 watts of power, which should give you an idea of how powerful it is. And when it comes to suction, it sucks out every bit of air out of the container pouch.

Furthermore, the fan-cooled motor can handle continuous usage for extended periods, making it suitable to seal many bags at a time. Another impressive bit is that it can seal pouches that are up to 15 inches in width.

Besides, the seal bar’s width is 5mm, which ensures a secure seal every time. It can even seal through moisture, which many products cannot achieve. Therefore, you get solid and broad seals that keep your food fresh.

It also allows for a manual sealing mode that will enable you to modify it depending on the type of food you want to preserve. Lastly, its double-piston pump bar and compatibility with different bags make it a fantastic choice for anyone.


  • Double-piston pump seal bar
  • 5mm wide seal
  • An option for manual seal mode
  • Up to 15-inch wide bags
  • Powerful air-cooled motor


  • Costlier than many other options
  • Performance with moist food could be better

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9. HadinEEon Vacuum Sealer Machine

Having the ability to seal different containers and cans makes a sealer much more versatile. And if it comes with the suction kit in the package, things turn even better – which is the case for our next pick.

It allows you to effortlessly seal containers and wine bottles with its external suction kits. Furthermore, there are four different methods that you can use depending on what you’re preserving – moist/dry and gentle/full power.

As you can imagine, the moist option is suitable for foods with moisture and vice versa. On the other hand, the gentle method is for delicate foods that can’t handle too much pressure. There’s also an option for sealing without vacuum suction.

Moreover, the buttons are touch-sensitive and allow for a smooth user experience overall. Not only that, but the sealing method is also relatively easy to figure out, even for beginners. And its compact design takes things one step further.

This vacuum sealer also has a strong suction motor (-80kPA) that absorbs all the containers’ oxygen. And given that it is also compatible with 12V DC power ports, this product suits even the campers as well as regular users.


  • Powerful -80kPA suction
  • External suction kits included
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Supports 12V DC Lighters
  • Quality stainless steel build


  • Not the best for very delicate foods
  • Learning the lock mechanism can be tricky

10. Anova Culinary Precision Vacuum Sealer

Anova Culinary Precision
  • SEAL THE DEAL: Vacuum sealing is hands down the best way to...
  • WHAT TO COOK: Sous vide cooking s the perfect level of doneness...
  • POWER AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON: The all-new Anova Precision Vacuum...
  • EASY TO USE: Simply put your food of choice into an Anova pre-cut...
  • CUSTOMER PROMISE: Designed in San Francisco, CA with a 5 year ....

It might not be a crucial property for many users, but a compact form factor is essential for many. Such a product fits into most spaces, and you can carry it around easily if need be.

The ANVS01-US00 might sound like a mouthful, but it comes in a compact size. But let’s move on to the ease of usage of this product, as it managed to impress us. Unlike most sealers, this one is surprisingly easy to learn.

In terms of sealing, you get three options in total. The first one is vacuum and seal, which you can use for most foods. There is also the seal-only method you can use with open-ended bags or after using the pulse vacuum.

The pulse vacuum is the other method you can use, which is well-suited for liquids and comparatively delicate foods. Although these options generally perform pretty well, we think a bit more control wouldn’t hurt.

If you have the cooker from this manufacturer, however, things are much more manageable. And this product is superb when it comes to sous vide cooking. Furthermore, you get ten pre-cut bags to get you started, making it a great choice.


  • Well-suited for sous vide cooking
  • Easy to figure out
  • Three different sealing methods
  • It comes with ten pre-cut bags
  • Suitable for liquids too


  • The durability could be better
  • Completely plastic build

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Buying Guide: What To Consider When Select Vacuum Food Sealer

Vacuum Food Sealer

Getting a vacuum food sealer requires understanding a few criteria that directly affect the seal’s effectiveness and quality. Therefore, here is a brief guide that can help you choose the right product.

a) Cost

For many users, cost efficiency is one of the biggest reasons behind vacuum sealing foods. Hence, it only makes sense that we’re emphasizing that. When it comes to cost, there are two aspects –

  1. The Sealer Itself

Of course, the first property you need to look at is the price of the product itself. Usually, the price tag can vary depending on various features such as the size, usage of heat, automation, etc.

  1. The Bags

Here is the tricky part – most buyers do not think about the cost of the bags that they need to seal the foods. And since they end up thinking about the sealer only, they’re surprised when the containers’ cost adds up.

In this case, you need to check if the product supports third-party bags. That’s because many of the sealers are only compatible with the bags from their manufacturer, which can often turn out to be costly. Therefore, support for generic containers is helpful in the long run.

b) Seal

We can’t stress the necessity of a good seal enough, and the reason is apparent. The product must be able to achieve quality preservation – one that ensures that the foods will last as long as possible without losing any quality.

If it ends up failing early, the food will lose its taste and freshness and even go bad if left for long. The first thing you need to look for is a strong sealing bar, as that portion is responsible for heating up quickly and avoid any leakage.

Many products also come with multiple sealing wires. If the product you buy has more than one, it is essentially making two seals on the bag at a time. And this can be a handy feature since it keeps things more secure.

c) Power

The sole purpose of a vacuum food sealer is to suck out all the air out of a bag and keep the items in it fresh and make them last longer. However, if the motor inside it doesn’t have enough power to draw out the air, it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Therefore, you should try to get the maximum power out of your money, as it generally results in better performance and preservation. The food’s shelf life can drastically vary depending on this property’s quality, so keep an eye on it.

d) Ease of Usage

The best vacuum food sealer would undoubtedly need to be easy and intuitive for the user. That includes things like a friendly user interface, effortless control, and so on.

Furthermore, try to ensure that the product has a manual control even if it has an automatic one. Always avoid an ‘automatic only’ sealer, as depending solely on the product’s judgment might not be the wisest option.

Final Words

Vacuum sealing your food is not difficult, but choosing the best vacuum food sealer can be. And that especially applies if you are new to this arena and are only getting into it.

The sealers above are some of the finest products that you can buy – they provide you with remarkable value without breaking the bank. So, choose a sealer that suits your criteria the best and enjoy the freshness of your food.

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