Best Ventless Gas Logs Consumer Reports

10 Best Ventless Gas Logs Consumer Reports of 2021

Burning traditional natural wood comes with a lot of struggle. They leave leftovers like soot, polluted gas, and whatnot. As artsy as they look, their effect on your lungs will be as toxic. That’s why switching to gas logs is honestly the best option out there for both humans and the environment.

Top 5 Best Ventless Gas Logs Consumer Reports: Editor Choice

On top of that, if those gas logs are ventless, say no more! Cleaning up, checking the ducts, or breathing toxic air will no longer be a concern. But before that, you have to find the best ventless gas logs. Hence, to make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed some of the most efficient logs in the market.

Top 10 Best Ventless Gas Logs Consumer Reports Review:

Setting up your fireplace is not easy work. You need products that exactly suit the fireplace’s capabilities. But when it comes to logs, we’ve got your back!

1. Barton Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set

Barton Ceramic Wood Gas
  • Perfect for Fireplace or Fire pit - Nine life sized ceramic gas...
  • Creativity - Arrange your logs based on your needs. You receive...
  • Complement Piece - Can be used to complement current gas logs,...
  • Family Safe from Toxic Fumes - Natural Glow logs burn clean and...
  • Great for All Type of Fireplace - Ceramic Wood Logs are perfect...

The Barton logs come in 9 gigantic pieces made of ceramic fiber. Even though they look like absolute real wood, these logs don’t release any ashes when burnt, only leaving pure breaths of air as residue. Moreover, they’re perfect for all kinds of fireplaces- from a direct vent to a zero clearance, it takes care of them all!

On the other hand, we all know we want our fireplaces to have that aesthetic winter look. For that very reason, these Barton logs come in a large variety of shapes and designs for you to stack them in your way for a unique layout. Mind you, it even has a few pieces that look like literal pinecones!

These logs can heat up to a temperature of 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring not to hamper the fireplace’s surface. Besides, they are useable in both indoor and outdoor firepits.


  • Each piece has a different design
  • Does not damage the fireplace
  • Compatible with all sorts of fireplace
  • No ashes or smell
  • Not very heavy


  • Produces smoke
  • Turns dark after few uses

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2. Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

Natural Glo Large Gas
  • EXTREMELY REALISTIC: These ceramic wood logs look just like real...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Natural Glo is dedicated to address...

Also made with Ceramic fibers, the Natural Glo fireplace logs come in 10 to 15 inches in length. There are ten individual pieces in each package, all looking like real and raw pieces of wood. Moreover, you can use them in any fireplaces ranging from natural gas to standard firepits.

Did you ever buy cheap vent-free logs and ended up having the fireplace left with dark and strong-smelling soot? Well, we are victims of the same thing. We all want to avoid that. Hence, Natural Glo logs are our way to go as they favorably do not leave any ashes or smoke as residue.

Stacking these logs is also easy as they’re incredibly lightweight, and every two pieces have a different length. Although they look like fake logs when out of the fire, some flaming red spots appear underneath when you burn them. Interesting, huh!


  • Long length
  • No ashes or smoke
  • Compatible with all fireplaces
  • Affordable
  • Does not damage your fireplace


  • Smells
  • Changes color after using few times

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3. Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Log Set

Goplus Ceramic Wood Gas
  • 【Super Realistic】Our Wood logs are made from high quality...
  • 【Different Dimensions Combination】This set includes five...
  • 【Perfect for all Type of Fireplace】Goplus Ceramic Wood Logs...
  • 【Harmless to Air】Goplus ceramic wood logs burn clean and...
  • 【100% Warranty】We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction...

The Goplus logs come in 10 pieces weighing about 6.2 pounds in total. They have a wood texture and color, which makes them look exclusively like natural wood. Moreover, these logs come in a set of lengths ranging from 10″ to 16″, each size offering two logs.

More so, ubiquitous ceramic fiber has been used as the main ingredient for these logs. These fibers burn so well that they won’t scar your firepit even under heavy use, unlike vented logs. Besides, they’re also compatible with all kinds of fireplaces ranging from electric to gas.

Flaming orange spots show up on these Goplus logs when burning to add to its realistic visuals. Furthermore, the maximum temperature these logs can heat up to is 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. They also can retain heat for a short amount of time after the fire is put off.


  • Realistic visuals
  • Can bear high temperature
  • Suitable for various kinds of fireplaces
  • Cool off quickly
  • No ashes or smoke


  • Minimal overall size
  • Inefficient heating of surroundings

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4. Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Live Oak Log Set

Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch
  • Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are meticulously hand painted to...
  • Superior refractory ceramic logs are reinforced with steel rods...
  • Efficient design helps preserve and protect natural resources
  • This Peterson Real Fyre gas log set is designed for use with (NG)...
  • Does NOT include gas connection hose and fittings for connecting...

If you’re looking for ventless logs that burn in natural gas only, the Peterson logs should be a good choice. Each set contains six ceramic-made logs, a burner, sand, Embers, and a custom grate. Moreover, all the logs are carved and hand-painted to get an exterior like an actual wood log.

For a more robust internal structure, every log has steel rod joints inside. Hence, the logs don’t break apart easily and conduct heat better. Furthermore, they have a length of 24″, which makes them the most suitable for medium to large-sized fireplaces.

To light these logs, all you have to do is turn on your gas line, strike a matchstick, and voila! After use, they will not leave any ashes or lousy smell either. They’re also compatible with both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. But remember, use natural gas fuel only!


  • Comes with a burner
  • Long pieces
  • Easy to set-up
  • No ashes
  • Steel rod internal joints


  • Inefficient heat radiation
  • Used for natural gas only

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5. Stanbroil Large 10 Piece Set of Decoration Ceramic Wood Logs

Stanbroil Large 10 Piece Set
  • Shortest approximately 10 inches, Longest approximately 15...
  • These ceramic wood logs look just like real wood logs, you’ll...
  • It's very safe, burn clean and do not release any ash or residue...
  • 10 piece set of ceramic logs decorate around the house or for...
  • You can refer to the size details to decide if it is what you...

The Stanbroil logs are made with a mix of both wood and ceramic ranging from 10″ to 15″ in length. Each set comes with ten pieces. Moreover, the lengths for each pair of logs are different. This gives you the liberty to stack them as you like and create your own layout.

Dark, charcoaled wood color does not just give these logs a realistic look but also enhances their aesthetics. Also, red/orange spots appear under them sometimes, making it look like a natural wood firepit.

The Stanbroil logs are suitable for fireplaces like electric fireplace inserts, direct vent, indoor/outdoor gas fireplaces, etc.

Post-burn, these logs don’t leave out any residue. Small to medium size firepits suit them the best. Besides, you could use bases like Vermiculite Granules and Rock wool Embers to enhance your flaming hot experiences. (We hope you get the joke!)


  • It looks like real wood
  • Variety in sizes
  • No residue
  • Low price
  • Suitable for a wide range of fireplaces


  • It breaks apart after few uses
  • No assembly instructions

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6. Duluth Forge Ventless Natural Gas Log Set

Duluth Forge Ventless
  • TECHNOLOGY - 33, 000 BTU operates off Natural Gas only, which...
  • DEPENDABLE - Manual on/off control offers the most customizable...
  • STYLISH - 9 hand painted realistic detailed logs using superior...
  • ECONOMICAL - 99. 9% efficient with Vent Free gas burner. No...
  • SAFE - Battery Assisted Piezo ignition (Requires 1 AAA Battery -...

The Duluth Forge logs are a delight to both our eyes and heart, to be honest. Not only do they have elegant visuals, but their quality also touches cloud nine. With a 33,000 BTU, these logs can heat about 1300 sq. ft area of its surroundings. Each set has nine 30 inches long logs made with refractory ceramic and a burner.

You can forget the old-fashioned way of putting off the flame when it gets too hot because the burner also includes a manual control! This manual control can control the heat from low to high and power on/off the system when required.

The logs leave no ashes after burning, so there is no need to set up a chimney or duct. But the best feature of these logs is that their burner has a piezo ignited battery that includes an Oxygen Depletion Sensor.

It is basically a built-in sensor that can detect Carbon monoxide or lack of oxygen gas and prevents incomplete combustion.


  • Manual heat control
  • Package includes burner and embers
  • Heats up the room fast
  • Long-lasting
  • Combustion preventing sensors


  • Restricted to use with natural gas
  • Only for indoor use

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7. GASPRO 10 Piece Gas Fireplace Logs

GASPRO 10 Piece Gas
  • 【Upgraded Your Fireplace & Fire pit】10 different sized (from...
  • 【Super Realistic】Made from high-quality ceramic fiber,...
  • 【Universal】Perfect for all types of fireplace and fire pit....
  • 【Safe & Lightweight】These gas logs burn clean, and will not...
  • 【Excellent Service】We always stand behind each product we...

Best for small to medium-sized places, Gaspro ventless logs range from around 3 to 8 inches. Each piece has a different length and shape, enabling you to give your fireplace an exclusive decoration.

By convention, each set contains ten pieces of ventless logs. Moreover, they are made with pure ceramic fibers, which spread the flame evenly.

These logs are universal as they are compatible with almost all sorts of fireplaces. Besides, the logs’ light weight makes them easy to carry and set up with just bare hands. They keep the air fresh as they don’t leave any toxic gas or soot as residue after burning.

We recommend that you use them with additional larger logs for a better combination because of their small size. Otherwise, the quality is excellent. They also glow in red to give a very authentic outlook.


  • Burns with no debris
  • Glows in the fire like real wood
  • Different shapes of logs
  • Compatible with all kinds of fireplaces
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Extremely small in size
  • Delicate

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8. GASPRO Gas Fireplace Logs

GASPRO Gas Fireplace Logs
  • 【Upgraded Your Fireplace & Fire Pit】10 different sized large...
  • 【Super Realistic】Made from high-quality ceramic fiber, this...
  • 【Universal】Perfect for all types of fireplace and fire pit....
  • 【Safe & Lightweight】These gas logs burn clean, and will not...
  • 【Great Addition】Each log has been carefully sculpted to...

With a change in lengths, these GasPro logs come in a size of 10 to 15 inches. They’re all crafted with ceramic fibers internally but with a wood oak and charcoal color on the exterior. As strong as these gas logs look, they’re made for various kinds of firepits like gas, vented, electric, ventless, etc.

Even though all the log pieces look the same, they’re all pretty light to carry. In addition, they can radiate heat pretty fast due to distributing the flame among its layers evenly. Besides, you do not have to worry about breathing polluted air as these logs emit no ashes or poison gas.

We all crave a pretty fireplace, don’t we? That’s why you can also add the GasPro 10″ logs with lava rocks or shiny embers to give the pit a more fusional look. Therefore, for a warm and cozy fire, these logs would be a great choice.


  • No ashes
  • Affordable price
  • Glows in the fire
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Weighs less


  • Does not stay under flame for long
  • Low durability

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9. Duluth Forge Ventless Dual Fuel Set-24 i

Duluth Forge Ventless Dual
  • TECHNOLOGY - 33 000 BTU Patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY using...
  • DEPENDABLE - Thermostat Control offers automatically cycles the...
  • STYLISH - 8 hand painted realistic detailed logs using superior...
  • ECONOMICAL - 99 9% efficient with Vent Free gas burner No...
  • SAFE - Battery assisted Piezo ignition with Built-in pilot...

The Duluth Forge logs are the other name of convenience because they possess a Dual Fuel Technology of up to 33,000 BTU.

This basically means that they can burn in both Natural gas and Propane blue fame, so you can choose any one of them as your fuel. Moreover, its heating range is 1300 sq. ft area worth of surrounding.

Every set includes eight pieces of logs, with each being 24 inches long. Moreover, every piece has been hand-painted, and its tree-like bark and charring add to its authentic wood look. The set also includes a vent-free gas burner that burns the logs with maximum efficiency leaving no residue.

Perhaps, a Thermostat Control and an Oxygen Depletion Sensor on the burner would be the most convenient quality of these logs. The thermostat controls your room temperature by turning off the burner when it reaches a pre-set ideal temperature.

On the other hand, the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) detects Carbon monoxide gas or lack of oxygen to prevent incomplete combustion.


  • Includes Thermostat Control
  • Burner included in the package
  • Includes ODS
  • High heat capacity
  • Efficient burning


  • Malfunctions when used for long hours
  • Hard to set up

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10. TerraFlame Ventless Gel Fuel Fire Log Insert – 24in Oak

TerraFlame Ventless Gel Fuel
  • Cast from a Lightweight MGO concrete and finished to look like...
  • Powder coated steel frame keeps logs off the ground lift handle...
  • Emits a generous 7 in golden flame that crackles like real wood...
  • Generates a combined 9K BTU of radiant heat safe when used as...
  • Minor assembly required about 15 min set comes complete with base...

Great for a winter gift, the TerraFlame logs come with a heat radiation power of 9,000 BTU. These dark oak-colored logs will always make sure to keep your room warm with its hot golden flames. Besides, they are fully made with MgO concrete, which makes the logs lightweight and easily portable.

Each log is 24 inches long, with a steel frame of powder coating included in the set. This frame will help hold the logs inside the pit better and make sure they don’t touch the surface. On the contrary, these logs can burn only with gel fuel. Its eco-friendliness makes sure the logs burn without any toxicity.

The log set also comes with 12pk of gel fuel. One can of fuel burns easily for about 2.5-3 hours. Therefore, for cozy fall nights, these logs should be of great value. Not only will they give you an actual fireplace experience without the chimney hassle, but they will also speak quality.


  • Elegant looking
  • Comes with a steel frame
  • Environment-friendly gel fuel used
  • Made with strong concrete
  • Efficient burning


  • Comparatively low heat output
  • Gel fuel is the only medium fuel

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Ventless Gas Logs

Setting up a fireplace requires work. But not much if you get the right products. Before buying the logs, you have to think about your requirements.

Ventless Gas Logs
Your logs must suit your fireplace. They should make your life easy, not hard. That’s why we’re here to help you know what to look for when you purchase logs for your fireplace.

a) Suitability to Your Fireplace

When you go to the market to buy ventless logs, it’s essential to know if they are compatible with your fireplace or not. For example, you might have an outdoor fire pit at home, but the logs you bought can only be used indoors.

On the other hand, sometimes it is seen that you wanted natural gas logs, but the ones you bought are only for gel use.

b) Size of Logs

The logs you use should match the size of your fireplace. If you have a big fireplace, you should get large logs or many small-sized logs. Whereas, if you have a small fireplace, there are multiple options of shorter-sized logs. Get those.

In simple words, you don’t want a cramped or empty fireplace. It should look nice and filled.

c) Heat Output

Make sure you get logs that have a good heat output measure. They should have a BTU high enough to keep your room warm for a reasonable amount of time.

d) Environment Friendly

If you wanted ashes or smoke from your fireplace, you could’ve just gotten vented logs. The main reason to buy ventless logs vs vented is to not go through the struggles of having a chimney.

You don’t want toxic Carbon Monoxide in your lungs either. Hence, get ventless logs that make sure you have both clean air and a clean fireplace.

Which Type of Gas Logs Will Be Suitable for Your Home?

Gas logs can be of mainly two types- vented and ventless.

  • Vented Logs

Vented logs require a chimney or duct to your fireplace to release combustion by-products. They have high chances of going through incomplete combustion, and they usually provide less heat than ventless logs.

But on the good side, vented logs are best if you want a genuine fireplace experience as they give big, red flames.

  • Ventless Logs

Ventless logs are a more expensive option for gas logs with their own merits. These logs require no exhaust system as they leave zero toxic combustion by-products. They need less fuel to burn but instead produce more heat than vented logs.

Unfortunately, ventless logs produce less realistic and smaller flames than vented logs, and they can sometimes cause a lack of oxygen in your room. So, it is better to use them in the open air.

In conclusion, both types of gas logs have their pros and cons. You can choose whichever one is the most advantageous for you. For example, if you have an outdoor fireplace, ventless logs are a better choice.

Final Words

Ventless logs are genuinely fascinating. They look like real wood, do the work of real wood, but don’t possess a single one of its bad traits. It’s undoubtedly the ideal product! Besides, they don’t require any extra work, and setting them up is as easy as it ever could be.

Therefore, we hope we could help you choose the best ventless gas logs for your home. Now, you can simply relax in the warmth of your fireplace and enjoy a cozy time.

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