Blow Dryer vs Air Dry

Blow Dryer vs Air Dry: What’s the Difference?

The debate about blow dryer vs air dry is not something new. This topic has been around ever since the market brought blow dryer. And even though many might say that it will highly depend on personal preference, there is much more to the story.

Well, we have done our research regarding both the devices. We have gone one step further and used both extensively. From that, we have gained enough experience to state the differences between both of the devices. And you will find all of our findings in this article. So, please read till the end.

The Anatomy of the Hair

Before we talk about hair driers, it is vital to understand the anatomy of the hair. So, what exactly is our hair made of? If your answer is a protein that is otherwise known as Keratin, you are 100 percent correct! But what exactly is the part of the Keratin here? Well, it is the basic structure of the hair.

Keratin has a shingle-like structure. And like the regular shingles on the rooftop, if there is no damage done to it, then the overall structure remains solid. Also, moisture has a significant role to play as well. If the moisture gets soaked in, the structure loses its integrity.

However, when considering the roots, it is the follicle that anchors into the scalp. It will stay there to build the hair shaft that is made of Keratin. Hence, you can state that the hair’s overall health is directly related to the scalp’s health; the stronger the scalp, the better the hair growth.

How Does Hair Get Damaged?

Another important thing that we should understand before talking about the devices is exactly how the hair gets damaged. There is a wide misconception that the hair gets damaged if you apply heat to it. But is that the only case or are there other causative factors?

There are other factors, and heat is not at the top of the list! As we have mentioned earlier, the health of the hair will depend on the scalp. Well, you will get an informative example here.

The hair will only get damaged if the scalp gets damaged by getting too dry. The damage can also occur from staying too wet for long periods and excessive rubbing. That is why you should not leave your hair wet for a long time. It will only weaken the follicles.

As for the hair’s entire length, if they get rubbed, too dry, overstretched, they will lose their overall integrity. That is why hair breaking from the middle is a thing. So, you can not say that just heat is causing hair damage. There is much more to it, which you know by now.

Blow Dryer

Now that all of the important facts are clear, let us get to the bottom of the story. And we are going to start with the device that is believed to cause hair damage. But does it actually, though? Well, hopefully, that will be clear after going through this section.

Just in case you do not have that much idea about what a best blow dryer is, it is an excellent tool that will give you a salon-like hairstyle while being right at home. And even though they are known for causing hair damage, the newer models take appropriate steps to mitigate it.

You will find that the newer versions are equipped with negative ion generators that nourish the hair through the process. Some of the models will even go one step further and ensure that the temperature remains constant throughout. For those, the heat damage will be pretty minimal.

Now, a question might arise. Does the heat actually cause damage? It can do some damage because heat can cause the hair to lose moisture and become dry. And once dry, the hair structure is damaged.

When Should You Use the Blow Dryer?

The heat from the blow dryer can cause damage to the hair. Well, you can lower that possibility if you know when you should use the device.

First of all, you should not use it right after a wash. After washing the hair, it will swell up and absorb all of the moisture. At that moment, if you expose your hair to direct heat, the fibers can contract exceptionally fast, which will result in frizziness.

However, the newer models mitigate this problem by integrating advanced technologies inside the device. But the case will be different for each of the models that you stumble upon.

Consider letting your hair sit for about 10 to 15 minutes after a shower, and then use the dryer to blow-dry the hair and style as you please. However, do not start from the very high temperature. Instead, start from the very low temperature and increase the heat slowly.

Air Dryer

By far, air dryers are considered to be the safest way to dry our hair. It is thus considered because no heat is involved. Also, it does not require any extra tools either. Instead of excess heat, it lets the hair breathe. As a result, you end up with a natural look, which most users prefer.

However, there is one thing that you should know about air dryers. It does not efficiently get the wetness away from your hair. The air might even be capable of drying your scalp. And as you know by now, if you leave your scalp wet for too long, it will be damaged.

Nevertheless, the fact that it does not use excessive heat is always a plus point in our books. Additionally, it will offer a natural look, which is applicable for most hair types.

When to Use an Air Dryer?

You can use it right after a shower as these are not going to exert excessive heat. However, before you do use the device, we recommend towel drying the hair. That will absorb most of the exterior moisture and increase the overall efficiency of the air dryer.

However, if you have a bit of time in your hands, then skip the T-shirt process. Use the air dryer for about 20 to 30 minutes, and it should be able to dry off most of the parts. For the scalp, bring the device a bit closer and let it do its thing. Even though this is a time-consuming process, the result is well worth it.

Final Words

It is now the time to break the ice. When it comes to Blow Dryer vs. air dryers, the decision is yours to make. If you do not stay in a rush all the time, then the air dryer is the ideal pick for you. However, if you want to dry the hair fast, you should get yourself a blow dryer with advanced technologies integrated into it.

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