Common Mistakes You Can Make When Cleaning Your Kitchen

10 Common Mistakes You Can Make When Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered as the heart of a house. Yes, most family activities take place here, including, eating, meeting with your relatives and friends, and celebrating.

It is difficult to deny that most of us spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen when we are at home. That’s why it is easy to get stains quickly. Correspondingly, cleaning your kitchen regularly is necessary. Nonetheless, not all people know how to clean it.

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Kitchen

Basically, you will only take 15 minutes for the day-to-day cleaning, instead of taking a lot of your precious time to deep cleaning on the weekend. It is noticed that you will still save time and effort if you know and avoid these following mistakes:

1. Not Use Ketchup to Shine Copper Pans

Yes, mixing tomato ketchup with salt and using a rag to rub on the surface of the pan will be able to make your copper pan shine. When you move to which position, it will get discoloration. It makes sure that the dull stains on the pan will quickly be removed. Why can ketchup effectively work on the copper pans? – The answer is due to ketchup containing vinegar. There is an ideal ingredient to rub on the pan without having any dangers when using.

2. Not Wipe Knobs and Handles

Both handles and knobs are the common parts that we often touch. Occasionally, you touch the handles of the fridge or the knobs of the cupboards to open with our unwashed hands after touching other utensils. Accordingly, the transferring stains are difficult to avoid.

It is necessary to wipe the taps, handles, buttons, and knobs in a regular way, by using an antibacterial solution. Like that, you will minimize the bacteria that transfer from place to place. In particular, you pay attention the handles/ knobs/ buttons of refrigerator, kettle, microwave,…

3. Clean the Blender Improperly

You get used to pulling your blender out and recognize the funky smell inside, don’t you? Well, it is probably that you don’t clean and dry your machine carefully. The majority of the people avoids the blade when cleaning the inside.

Simply, it is not difficult to clean a blender. After using, you bring it to wash immediately. You need to add a little detergent and filling it with warm water; then, you turn it on with full power. The operation of the motor will help remove the dull stains. Then, you put it upside on a clean surface or a rack. You will put the lid back when it entirely dries.

4. Try to Use a Sponge to Clean Bottles

Use a Sponge to Clean Bottles

In fact, reaching the areas of the bottles and jars for cleaning is not easy. An interesting tip for cleaning the bottles/ jars is to use rice. It sounds surprising, but it is efficient. You should try. After adding a little rice and washing liquid with warm water, it puts the lid and shakes. It makes sure that all the nooks and crannies in the bottles will be cleaned that a sponge can miss.

The final step is to rinse again with clean water and let it dry, by putting upside down.

5. Not Use Baking Soda and Lemon to Loosen up Residue

You feel uncomfortable when having to scrub the stains from the coffee pot or the burns of baking trays. So, why you don’t use the mixture including baking soda and lemon to rub on the burnt areas. It leaves it for several minutes after continuing rubbing. The burns will easily be removed that don’t take plenty of your efforts.

6. Not Clean the Cooker Hood Filter Frequently

Some people don’t recognize this one unless they are a chef or often use it. Yes, we want to mention a cooker hood filter. All the excessive grease from rustling the vegetables or frying fish will be sucked by this filter.

If you don’t clean it regularly, it can be clogged after using a period of time. At the same time, dust also begins to attract. Let’s check the manufacturer that you are using in order to find how to clean it. Cleaning only takes some minutes, but your machine can effectively work.

7. Clean the Cutting Board Improperly

The wooden cutting board will be able to store a myriad of bacteria without seeing if you don’t properly clean. Washing cannot entirely remove the stains. The leftover food will still seep into it for a long time. For the result, it promotes the bacteria growing.

Clean the Cutting Board Improperly

To clean the wooden cutting boards, you sprinkle a little salt and rub half a cut slice of lemon on the surface of it. Then, it washes with the hot soapy water and dry.

8. Use Strong and Expensive Chemicals

Instead of using the harsh chemicals to remove the tough stains (it is often harmful), you just need bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. With the equal ratio (50/ 50) of salt and vinegar, you can clean what you’d like to, with a sponge. It is known that grease will be removed by the vinegar while stains will be cleaned by bicarbonate of soda. For the dull stains, let’s add a little salt! So simple!

9. Not Wear the Gloves

For the harsh detergents, your manicure can be ruined. The most absorbing organ is skin, which probably absorbs anything landed on it. Accordingly, wearing the gloves when using the kitchen detergents is necessary.

10. Not Clean the Sink

In spite of running soapy water in the sink several times/ day, this one doesn’t say that you can miss the stage of cleaning it. It should know that a damp environment like the sink will be easy to create the condition for the bacteria growing. You frequently thaw the meat in your sink, don’t you? Well, it is sure that you must utilize an antibacterial cleaner.

If you often meet these mistakes above, it should overcome them right now. It considers our article to clean your kitchen properly. Let’s remember that a nice kitchen or a healthy meal is to say no bacteria.

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