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Formed by the mighty Mississippi River spreading rich soil from the heart of a continent, populated by exotic species of plants and wildlife, filled with a joy for living from the heart of its people, Louisiana has become a shining light of a new South, offering unique opportunities for experiential travel, the heart of a new era in "eco-cultural" tourism.

Louisiana's cultural heritage has always been shaped by the unique ties of its people to the land and water around them. America's WETLAND is a unique and diverse ecosystem that touches every aspect of the life and history of coastal Louisiana.

The unique history, plentiful resources and deep cultural roots of coastal Louisiana are in jeopardy, as the wetlands that have defined and nourished a people vanish at a rate equal to a football field every 30 minutes. As you experience, enjoy and explore all that coastal Louisiana has to offer, we urge you to also learn about its value and the fight to save it.

As a visitor, you have an opportunity to make sure others can experience this wonderful destination for years to come. Educate yourself and others about the value of these wetlands, the importance of what is at risk and the efforts underway to save and restore this place called America's WETLAND.

It is a place in danger of extinction.
It is a place where the land, a people and their cultures connect.
It is like no other place on Earth.
Discover A Place Called America's WETLAND.

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