How to Clean Most Kitchen Appliances

How to Clean Most Kitchen Appliances? Easy Ways

Perhaps, winter is the best time to clean up our home. Aside from the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, the kitchen is considered as an easy-to-damage area of mold, dust, germs, and other factors. It is noticed that the appliances in your kitchen are not easy to clean.

Do you know how to remove all the gunk out of the bottom of your blender? Or simply, it is only to clean your sink or bring back the shiny for your microwave, for example. Yes, we will help you. This article will give useful information so that you can clean your own kitchen in a comprehensive way.

Cleaning Most Appliances in Your Kitchen

Coffee Brewer

It is not easy to clean coffee brewers because it has to remove many parts while space is difficult to reach. Basically, the filter tray needs to be washed and the surface of the hotplate must be wiped clean.

Besides, it uses a little mixture (including vinegar and water) to run through the water basin without coffee. Of course, there aren’t short of the detergents to run through the coffee machines. Using a baking soda mixture is also a not-bad idea. In this way, removing odors and bitter tastes become easier.


Your model is made from a stainless steel, right? So, you can use the cleaner for the stainless steel. For an enamel coating, you only need to utilize the household cleaner to scrub the exterior.

If it wants to clean the interior, the best is to use the hygiene-engaged option. Inevitably, the first is to have to remove and clean the filter. In case you still smell the nasty odors, you can pour a little vinegar into a wash cycle.


In comparison with other appliances in the kitchen, it seems that fridges require the elbow grease for cleaning in the right way. To scrub the interior surface such as trays, gaskets, and drawers, you will soak a sponge in the water-baking soda solution.

For the removable components, let’s take out and wash the sides of them. According to the recent studies, germs are easy to arise in the vegetable drawers, so it is necessary to clean them.

Using the suitable cleaners if you want to wipe down the exterior surface of your refrigerator. Yes, don’t forget to clean the coil on the rear of the fridge because the overall efficiency will reduce if the dust accumulates. Of course, you must unplug the machine. It will be ideal if your model can take the coil out. Then, using a vacuum to remove all the stubborn dust around the coil – it is so good!


Although most microbes are difficult to live in the freezers, several germs can still exist. They can contaminate the foods once they aren’t unchecked. Perhaps, the most uncomfortable one when rejecting the germs is to require your machine to defrost entirely.

It just needs to unplug and open the door of the freezer. Nonetheless, this one will lead to the ice melting over the floor. To avoid this case, you should place the clean towels at the base. The last one is dry your food with a covered towel.

The Blenders & Food Processors

For some modern blenders and food processors, you may clean them in your dishwasher. Nevertheless, like that, your blender is easy to crack. The best is to fill a mixture including detergent and hot water into your machine after running at the maximum power ~ 15 seconds or more. Then, it washes again with the clean water and let dry. It’s okay!

Butcher Blocks & Cutting Boards

Yes, the germs are easy to shelter in the cutting boards, especially, the made-of-wood ones. Accordingly, a good suggestion is to utilize a board for a food, in particular, meat on the plastic board, vegetable on the wood one,… In case you only have one, you should wash after cutting before using for a new food. In addition, you remember to disinfect your board with a general disinfectant.


First of all, you must unplug it. Next, the turntable will have to be removed. Then, it uses a gentle detergent cleaner to wash. For the internal sides, you will utilize a damp towel with hot water to scrub and wipe the interior. It makes sure that the stains are wiped away. If you recognize the internal odor, you can place a bowl of baking soda or lemon juice overnight.


You can find the cleaning method for your sink in an effective way at Apartment Therapy. If you worry about the kinds of biohazard, it should learn and follow the tricks. It uses a sponge to scrub your sink regularly.

For the narrow areas, it ought to utilize a toothbrush. Is your sink made of a stainless steel? So, it forces you to use a stainless steel cleaner and follow the guidelines. Let’s remember to scrub the handles and faucet, by using the soap and drying with a clean cloth.

Stoves/ Ovens

Depending on your oven kind, you will have different tricks to clean. The smelliest must mention to the self-cleaning ovens. Don’t forget to ventilate the kitchen when performing the cleaning cycle. To finish the cycle, it should utilize a damp towel in order to wipe the accumulated residue away.

If your oven isn’t supported the self-cleaning cycle, you may utilize a hot towel to remove the spills, which are built up on the bottom of the oven. For the tough stains, you can place the cloudy ammonia ~ half a cup at the warm temperature after turning off and closing its door. Then, it waits for few hours, using the detergent to remove all.

It is not difficult to clean the stovetops a thorough way. You can scrub the surrounding surfaces as well as the heat plates if there is a gas. It uses the vinegar solution or the general detergent. Similarly, the tight areas can use a toothbrush to scrub.

Tea Kettles

It is not hard to clean the exterior because you may use the hot water or the detergent. For the internal sides, it recommends to use the water-vinegar mixture, fill in the interior, and leave it overnight. Don’t forget! Though the smell of vinegar is not easy-going.

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