How to Clean Your Countertops

How to Clean Your Countertops: Most Easy Way to Quickly Clean

It can say that the countertops create a friendly look for the kitchen. Your kitchen will look unsanitary if there are any bacteria, dirt, or stains on the countertops. And then, the question is how to clean it. It is important that you must determine your counter type. Right now, let’s learn the manner to clean together! Go! Go! Go!

The Way to Clean Your Countertops Quickly and Easily

In this article, we want to guide how to clean two common types of countertops – ceramic tile countertop and laminate countertop.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Countertops

Not only kitchens but also baths you can see the tile countertops. Cleaning a ceramic tile countertop is not difficult. This one not only helps you keep the sanitary of your counter but also saves because you will not have to find a new brand. Since the grout is a spongy material, microorganism and bacteria are easy to get into. There is one of the causes that make your unsafe food when cooking on a kitchen counter.

The best is you ought to wipe the countertop yours as soon as you have used. By this way, the majority of germs as well as the dirt will be removed and prevented. Nonetheless, you must still clean a deep way twice or three times a year. If you don’t know the way to clean your ceramic tile countertop, you can consult the following tips:

First of all, it is necessary to wipe your countertop with a cleaner that prepared for the tile design. Instead of buy at the store, you likely make yourself this cleaner, in particular, ½ cup of water, 1 2/3 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp. of vinegar, and ½ cup of liquid soap. Like that, the day-to-day dirt is going to be removed easily.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Countertops

In general, the grout is necessary to clean the first. The reason is this part, which is considered as the dirtiest one. In comparison with tile, the grout is easy to stain. It uses the prepared grout cleaner in order to spray on its surface.

A gentle kind of bleach solution is also allowed. It recommends that you should wear a pair of gloves when utilizing them. It should know that these agents are relatively strong, so your skin might be irritated.

With the deep stains, it uses the cleaner for ten minutes. Aside from that, either a toothbrush or larger brush needs to be utilized if you want the grout to clean anymore. Yes, this one is entirely necessary because there is a lot of mildew accumulates and dirt.

You will start from the corner after moving to the surface. All the lines of the grout must also be cleaned. For the tile, you should not use the brush to scrub because the tiles can be scratched.

It waits for the grout dry completely after sealing it. Like that, the grout will be protected, thanks to resisting dirt and stains effectively. What about the tile? In a case of the glazed ceramic tiles, sealing is not necessary. On the contrary, you need to seal with an unglazed tile one if you want to protect it from stain-resistant.

The last one, it uses the hot water to rinse your counter. Your food will be safer in the next accessing times. Keep these in your mind!

Cleaning Laminate Countertops

Based on the tips of the DIY experts, we want to provide the method that cleans your laminate countertops efficiently and safely.

For the time being, there are plenty of kitchens that are designed with laminate. It is a result of mixing, including, paper, board, and plastic. Frequently, people call it Formica. And then, a general term for it is laminate.

Do you know its name? – This one is minor. How must you do if wanted to clean your laminate countertop? Yes, there is an important issue. Look at here!

The first basic thing needs to remember – you must wipe up any spills right away. If you let them sit a moment, they will become stains.

The day-to-day cleaning can use a soft cloth, along with a liquid detergent or a cleaner for the laminate counter. For the metal edging, to clean, it should utilize a soft toothbrush. It uses the clean water to rinse and a towel to dry.

It avoids using water too much, particularly, the position close the laminate seams because the laminate can be penetrated. For the result, it appears the cracks.

Similarly, you ought to avoid utilizing the cleaners with the acidic ingredient, bleach, tile cleaner, for example. Your laminate counter can get discolor a permanent way. Instead, it uses a kitchen cleaner to remove the buildup grease. The mixture of water and vinegar (50/ 50) is also considered as an ideal cleaner.

For the stains from tea or coffee, you could utilize the mixture consisting of baking soda with a household cleaner. It directly applies to those stains. It lets it sit for 5 minutes after rinsing with a towel. It isn’t also serious if you utilize a nylon brush, but you avoid scrubbing.

The laminate surface can be scratched. Using baking soda has also made your laminate counter have the scratch a bit, so scrubbing will make it worse.

It doesn’t absolutely utilize the steel wool. Once it appears the scratches on the surface, your laminate countertop will easily stain. It is noticed that you will have to leave the baking soda after wiping it in the following morning, in case there are the tough stains. On the other hand, you can also rub these stains with bleach moistened in a cotton ball, then, it rinses and lets them dry.

If you countertops are Formica, you can apply these tip. For the stains from ink, to remove, you likely use nail polish. It pours a little on a soft cloth and rubs. It should utilize a white towel because the dye from fabric could also be removed with the stains. To resist the stains and minimize the effort for cleaning, you probably purchase the coatings for your countertop.

It hopes that useful ways will help your household chores become easier. Now, after your kitchen cleans back, looking is great, right? Happy cleaning enjoy!

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