How to Cleaning Kitchen

How to Cleaning Kitchen in Basically 5 Minutes?

You come back home after shopping and look at your kitchen. It cannot believe it! Space is actually to mess. Right now, you may consider the following tactics to tidy up a fast way. Let’s see!

How to Clean Your Kitchen the Fastest as Impossible

No one can cook in a mess kitchen. It is certain that you also understand this feeling. So, let’s clean and remove the dirt, the scatter food,…from your kitchen appliance! Go! Go! Go!

1. Soaking Dirty Dishes

Before you begin to clean the rest of your kitchen, you can soak all the dirty dishes in the sink with hot soapy water; especially, the dishes are used to place the baked foods. This one will help you save time and effort to clean your dirty dishes. It ought to remember that the stains are difficult to remove if you let them sit for a period of time.

2. Based on the Rule – Top to Bottom

To clean your kitchen a fast manner, it should follow the traditional method from front to back and from top to bottom. It makes sure that you will significantly save your time. Taking an example, you decide to clean the counter first. It ensures that you will wipe it again when you remove the dust and stains on the top of your stove. Obviously, it takes a lot of time if you apply the opposite rule. Let’s keep this in your mind!

3. Clean the Light Cabinets

Yes, a couple of greasy spots on the surface of your light cabinets will make your kitchen look dirty. For the time being, we will provide an ideal tip to clean that cabinet type.

Initially, you need to heat a moist sponge in your microwave for one minute. Hence, it utilizes a gentle cleaner to spray on it. The residue on the surface is going to be removed, thanks to the heated sponge. Therefore, time of cleaning is cut in half.

4. Get Rid of the Smelling Garbage Can

It is necessary to remove the stinking garbage in your kitchen. Let’s imagine that you can cook when they constantly smell an awful way. According to the suggestion of a home cleaning expert, you can use the peels of lemon, along with a little water after running this mixture in order to get rid of the terrible odor.

In case you don’t have the lemon, you are able to pour hot water in the trashcan and add ¼ cup of baking soda in there. It leaves for a couple of minutes. Finally, it adds vinegar ~ one cup after rinsing it again. The bad odor will entirely disappear.

5. Shine up Your Stainless Steel Sink

It is exact that your kitchen will look greater if your stainless steel sink becomes shiny. In what way? To clean your sink swiftly and minimizing scratches, it should utilize a wet sponge impregnated baking soda.

It is known that baking soda will contribute to removing the tough stains that don’t leave any scratch on the surface. After cleaning the stains, you add vinegar to a spray bottle so as to rinse your sink. The role of vinegar is to sterilize. Then, using water to rinse again – a shiny sink will look like new.

6. Remove Pet Hair

Remove Pet Hair in kitchen

The main focus in cleaning is your fingerprints on the kitchen appliances, the splattered grease on the surface of the counter, or the dirt on the dishes. If you have a pet in the home, you should equip an upholstered chair for them. When you want to remove pet hair from your furniture, you can utilize damp gloves or a lint roller. It’s okay!

7. Skip the Fresh Air

Anyone feels easy-going when putting their feet on a clean kitchen. On the contrary, the food odor from last night flies to your noses. Oh no! It is really awful! What do you have to do? – It uses artificial air fresheners. Don’t forget to open the window in your kitchen ~ 15 minutes. If you want to utilize the fragrance kind, it recommends that you should use vanilla or cinnamon. Simply, their odor is pretty easy-going.

8. Tea or Coffee

Frequently, when the guest comes home, the majority of the people will prepare either a cup of coffee or a kettle of tea. It regrets that both are dirty. How can you clean them in the shortest time?

Well, first, you will wipe the outside of both, by utilizing the warm soapy water to rinse. The next, it pours the water into the kettle and boils on your stove. If you use glass in order to contain coffee, you only need to use warm soapy water after rinsing with water. Nothing is too complicated, right?

9. Clear out all the Clutter

Yes, the kitchen is a place, which is pretty messy, including, keys, socks, mail, ponytail holders, and so on. All make a clean kitchen become messy. Not only guest but also you will also feel uncomfortable when removing them to one side to have a seat.

Clear out all the Clutter in kitchen

A clear space in the kitchen will make your mood better after a workday at your office. You don’t likely need to classify them, instead, you can put them to one side. You will do that when having time. A good idea to try, right?

10. Clean the Microwave

It will actually be bad if your microwave includes leftover foods and awful smells. Don’t worry! Cleaning a microwave is not too difficult. To get rid of the bad odor in this machine, it is necessary to utilize a bowl of water.

In there, you add two slices of lemon, a little powder (vanilla, orange, or lemon). Then, it turns on at a suitable temperature for several minutes. The last one, you only clean it. It gives you back a new fresh microwave.

11. Clean the Floor

Another bad thing is a dirty floor. There are the spills, the pieces of fragments,… They make your kitchen look worse. It cleans everything quickly with a vacuum or broom. It is noticed that it uses a damp cloth to remove the spills.

Now, your kitchen becomes tidy and clean. Happy celebrating enjoy.

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