How to Cleaning Your Kitchen

How to Cleaning Your Kitchen: Some Beneficial Tips

Your kitchen will quickly be dirt after cooking. The oil stains after frying or the leftover food pieces always make you uncomfortable. Nonetheless, in fact, cleaning is not too difficult as you thought.

Necessarily, you must know how to clean counters, range hoods, and disposals. No problem! Don’t worry! 10 following tips are to spend for you if you have the need to clean your own kitchen. Let’s see right now!

Some Tips Help Clean Your Kitchen Quickly

Using Tea to Remove the Dirt Stains out of Your Stove

After being premiered on EVINE Live, this tip has become more common than ever. By using tea, the sticking dirt on your stove will be removed easily. You only need to brew a little tea and use it to wipe the stove yours. It will help reject the stuck food and grease quickly and easily, thanks to the tannins ingredient in the tea.

DIY Cleaner from Orange

The scent of orange – do you love it, especially when it will appear in your kitchen? Well, most people enjoy it, so they don’t deny using this all-purpose cleaner, which is made from the peels of orange. Yes, it is able to work a great manner on all surfaces of sinks, stoves, and countertops.

DIY Kitchen Cleaner from Orange


What things you need are the white vinegar, orange peels, water, along with a bottle to spray and a glass jar (it must have a lid). After putting the peels of some oranges and pouring vinegar into the glass jar, you let it in a cool place ~ the room temperature for a couple of weeks.

Then, you transfer them into a prepared spray bottle. Don’t forget to add a little water ~ two parts after shaking. It’s okay! You can use it right now. It is sure that you will not refuse this scent.

Using Baking Soda

Don’t throw the baking soda! Whether its stint in your refrigerator has been over 30 days, but you should not pour it down the culvert. Yes, you can utilize it for the disposal fresh yours. That’s right!

Clean Your Oven Easily

It is difficult to avoid spilling while cooking, right? So, it is necessary to know that way to clean your oven right now. The first, taking care of the second spills if happened is vital. Let’s sprinkle salt a bit on any sticky stains on the oven yours. It waits for the oven cool when you can use a wet cloth in order to wipe the spilled stains easily. Sprinkling salt as soon as possible – keep in your mind!

Using the Plastic Wrap on the Top of Your Fridge

It will have a lot of things that can fall on the top of your fridge, in particular, the tiny particles of food, dirt, for example. But, you don’t worry because everything can be cleaned quickly, by covering a plastic wrap on the top of it.

Then, you only need to change a new one per month. So beneficial! It is not difficult to recognize the stains, so a plastic wrap is helpful when you don’t need to wipe the top of your refrigerator anymore.

By What Means You Can Clean Stainless Steel

Most the appliances made of stainless steel are ideal. However, cleaning them is not easy. Are you surprised? Vodka is considered one of the great cleaners for the stainless steel appliances. Exactly, a large number of people enjoy using it.

It adds a little vodka on a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge after wiping. It makes sure that your stainless steel models will quickly become sparkling. Celebrating with a glass of vodka!

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Clean up Your Sink

Do you want your sink to look more sparkling? So, you can also utilize a little vodka after wiping with oil-based, olive oil, or baby oil cleaner (using a dry rag or paper towel) so as to clean the sink. The stains from the cooking oil or the sticking foods will be removed easily. It will return to you – a shiny kitchen. What an ideal it is!

How to Remove the Cooked Stains

You are looking for the tricks to remove all cooked grime, aren’t you? The troubles related to the baked-on grime as well as grease on your stove and around your kitchen always make you feel a headache, right?

You don’t need to use the harsh cleaners – no-no-no. Everything is simpler than you imagined. By warming it with a hair dryer yours, using a soapy wet cloth you can wipe all the non-desired stains. Nothing is complicated, right?

A Fresh Lemony Kitchen

Instead of having to buy an expensive air freshener to avoid the cooking odors, for example, toasting meat, burning fish,…., and bring a lemony-fresh scent in the kitchen, you only need to a real lemon. Simply, it uses a skewer or toothpick to poke some of the holes in the lemons. Continuously, it directly places on the rack of the oven at 300 degrees F ~ 15 minutes.

It lets the door ajar a bit. Like that, the lemony odor will be permeated an entire room. Apart from, cutting some slices of lemon and boiling it with a little water on your stove from 10 to 15 minutes is also good.

Aside from that, it should know that your kitchen will look greater if you keep the countertop appliances in the clean stage.

It’s okay! Let’s pocket these tips if you want to clean your kitchen without wasting a lot of efforts and money. Yes, exactly, you can save an amount of your budget in order to spend on the expensive cleaner or fresher in cleaning the kitchen, by using the natural things. For the time being, it can say that cleaning the kitchen become simpler and easier than ever. It hopes that your article will help you minimize the efforts so as to do household chores.

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