How to Install Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

How to Install Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Automatic toilet bowl cleaners are the easiest way to keep your toilet clean. With one of these installed, there will be no need to go through the hassle of cleaning the bowl weekly and have peace of mind that the bowl is free of bacteria. They work like a charm in terms of fighting bacteria and keeping the bowl clean.

However, the elephant of the room is how to install automatic toilet bowl cleaner. Getting one of these will not be enough if you do not know how to install one properly. That is why we are going to share the experience we have in installing one of these. And do not worry because the process is relatively easy.

What Exactly Is an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

As the name states, the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners will clean the toilet bowl automatically. There will be no need to scrub the bowl that often if you have one of these installed. But how do these achieve that ability? Well, bleach would be the answer to that.

These amazing cleaners contain the power of bleach and other cleaning chemicals. With each flush, these will release the bleach with water. And for that reason, they can clean up to 99.99 percent of bacteria hanging around in the bowl area. You can keep the toilet hygienic with these.

How to Install the Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Enough chit-chat! Let us get to the topic that you are here for. As we have stated, installing one of these is pretty easy. There will be no need to go through any complicated process. Don’t believe us? Well, you will after you go through the steps to install an automatic toilet bowl cleaner. And they are:

Step 1: Close the Water Line

Before doing anything else, you should close the water line that is connected to the tank. There should be a knob right beside the tank. Turn it to the left, and that should stop the water flow. This step is important before moving to the next steps. So, make sure that you do not skip this one.

Step 2: Flush the Toilet

Now that the water flow is off flush the tank by pressing the button. Without draining the water inside, you would not be able to place the cleaner inside. For most of the models, the button should be on the top. However, many of the toilets might have them on the side. Press it and drain the water that is inside the tank.

Step 3: Open the Lid

Once the water is flushed, move along to the next step, which is to open the upper lid. This process might be a bit complicated for some of the toilets. However, if the toilet has a flush button on the side, all you need to do is lift the lid by grabbing the edges.

On the other hand, if the button is on the top, lifting the lid will not do anything. In this case, you need first to deactivate the switch. Usually, for the dual switch, all you would need is a screwdriver. But if the lid has only one button, you might want to call up a plumber.

When the lid is off, you need to keep all of the parts secure. Make sure that you do not lose the small parts, or else you might have to get a whole replacement kit. And that is going to cost a good amount of money.

Step 4: Take an Automatic Toiler Cleaner Tab and Place It Inside

After taking off the lid, you need to open an automatic toilet cleaner tab. These will usually come packaged. And for opening the package, all you will need is a pair of scissors. Take one tab out and place it inside the flush tank. The position should be on the side that does not have any flush tank hardware.

However, if the tablet is too wide for the flush tank, you can place them vertically. The same thing is applicable if the flush tank contains hardware on both sides. But if there are no obstructions, we would recommend placing it flat with the surface of the tank. That will work the best.

Step 5: Place the Lid Back on the Top

Now that the tab is placed inside, you should put the lid back into place. For this, follow the same process for the removal process but in reverse. The process should be easy for the tanks that have the button on the side.

Nevertheless, make sure that all of the small parts are in the right place, or else the flushing mechanism might not work as intended. For that reason, one should be very careful about reinstalling the parts correctly.

Step 6: Turn the Water On

Once the lid is back in place, you need to turn the water on. Remember the knob that you turned left in the first step? You need to turn the knob again. But this time, to the right. That will turn the water flow, and the tank should start filling again.

Step 7: Wait and Watch the Cleaner Do Its Thing

After turning the water on, you should wait for a couple of minutes. The tab inside needs to get dissolved with the water. It will infuse the water with bleach and other cleaning agents that will clear all of the bacteria and remove stains to some extent.

Some of the tabs even have the capability to spread fragrance with each flush. Nevertheless, after about five minutes, flush the bowl and check whether the tablet is working or not. On that note, each of the tablets should last for about two months. However, the time period will highly depend on the usage.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to install automatic toilet bowl cleaner is pretty easy. All you need to do is follow the steps that we have mentioned properly, and that should make the cleaner do its thing. Once these are properly installed, they should keep the bowl clean, fight odor, and clear stains.

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