How to Use Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

How to Use Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Keeping the toilet bowl clean is not an easy task. You need to carry out the cleaning procedure once every week if you want to keep it sanitized. But aren’t there any solutions that can make the process a bit hassle-free? Well, yes, there is! They are the best automatic toilet bowl cleaners!

However, if you do not know how to use automatic toilet bowl cleaner properly, they will not work effectively. And when they do not work correctly, bacteria on the bowl will not be cleared, which you would not want, right? That is why we have focused on the ways to use them adequately in this article.

What are Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners?

First of all, we would like to ensure that you know what automatic toilet bowl cleaners actually are. Well, these are basically relatively large-sized tablets that contain bleach and other sanitizing components. The chemicals that they have works like magic when it comes to cleaning the germs.

Some of the manufacturers are going to go one step further and add cleaning elements that will clear stains as well. In other words, with them in your flush tank, you can not only clear away the germs but also keep your toilet stain-free.

How to Use an Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Now that you know what the automatic toilet bowl cleaners are, let us get to the main point with further ado. That would be how to use one, right? Well, here is a step-by-step guide for that.

Step 1: Open the Lid of the Flush Tank

First and foremost, you need to take the lid of the flush tank off. The opening mechanism will not be the same for all of the models. However, most of the flush tanks should have an edge, which you can grab to lift the lid up. But the lid might not open in the same way for all of the models.

If you are struggling to open the lid, we would recommend taking help from a plumber. That person should have adequate knowledge about the opening mechanism of the lid.

Step 2: Flush the Water

After the lid is off the flush tank, you need to flush the water inside. Do make sure that the water line is turned off before flushing the water inside. If you leave it open, water will start getting in after flushing, which would ruin this step’s overall purpose.

On that note, some of the models might have the flush button on the lid. And if you open the lid, the water inside might not be flushable. In that case, close the water line first, flush the water inside, and then open the lid. However, you would not have to worry about this if the button is on the side instead of the lid.

Step 3: Open the Automatic Toilet Cleaner Tabs

Now that the water is out of the flush tank, you should move along to the next step. And in this step, you need to take the tabs out of the packaging. Usually, these will come in a plastic bag. And all you are going to need is a pair of scissors. Cut the packaging and take the tab out.

Step 4: Place the Tab Inside the Flush Tank

Once the tab is out, put it inside the flush tank. The tabs should not be that wide, which means most of the flush tanks will be able to accommodate them. However, if you can not place them horizontally, place them vertically. That will work as well.

On that note, you should place them on the very bottom of the tank. Usually, one of the sides of the flush tank will not have any hardware. And that would be the ideal spot for the tab. Place it and move along to the next step.

Step 5: Close the Lid

As the tab is in place, you need to close the lid now. For this, follow the same process as you have followed to open the lid. Most of the models will be okay with you just placing the lid on the top. The edge should be able to hold the lid in place after putting it on the top.

However, if there is any special mechanism, you need to follow the reverse order of opening them. But if you face difficulties, leave it to the plumber.

Step 6: Open the Water Line and Let the Tablet Do Its Work

Now that the lid is in place, all that is left to do is to open the water line that you have closed before placing the tab. For the first flush, you need to wait a bit for the tablet to dissolve. Do not flush right away. Instead, wait for a couple of minutes and press the flush button.

How Long Do Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners Last?

The lasting period for the automatic toilet bowl cleaners will vary. Some might last for up to three months, and many might last for one month. The period will also depend on the number of flushes. If these are installed on a busy toilet, they can even last for weeks.

Can Automatic Toiler Bowl Cleaners Fight Odor?

As you know by now, these bowl cleaners contain bleach. And bleach is a highly efficient chemical when it comes to clearing out the bacteria and reducing odor. Considering that, these should work like magic when it comes to reducing the odor from the toilet.

Additionally, some of the brands are going to add fragrance to the chemical formula of the tabs. Those will add different fragrances to the washroom that will make the toilet using experience pleasant.

Are Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners Safe?

These cleaners contain bleach. And anything that contains bleach does not react well with products that contain ammonia. Considering that, if you combine these with cleaning products that have ammonia, you will notice a dangerous chemical reaction.

Other than that, these are 100 percent safe. All you need to consider is that you do not use any cleaning product that contains ammonia if you have one of the automatic toilet cleaners inside the flush tank.

Can Automatic Toilet Cleaners Clear Stains?

Aside from just keeping the bacteria away from the bowl, these cleaners hold the ability to fight the tough stains that like to develop over time. And these achieve that capability for containing strong bleach in the chemical composition. However, the efficiency will be different from one cleaner to another.

Should You Flush Every Time You Pee?

In short, you should flush every time you use the toilet. Microbes like to grow on the things that our body discharges. And if you keep them on the bowl for a long time, tough stains can develop as well. For that reason, you need to flush every time you use the toilet, whether it for peeing or defecating.

Final Words

Hopefully, we able to show you how to use automatic toilet bowl cleaner properly. And we hope that the steps that we have included are easy to follow. Now, all that is left for you to do is to follow the steps and enjoy a clean and hygienic toilet using experience.

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