How to Use Blow Dryer Brush

How to Use Blow Dryer Brush?

People had to go through many hassles when wanting to style their hair with a blow dryer in the past. On the one hand, they had to hold this heating equipment, and on the other, a brush to get the job done.

This whole process was stressful and time-consuming, but thanks to modern technology, you can now use a best blow dryer brush to solve this issue. With only a single device, you can style your beloved hair in any situation.

But the thing is, you must know How to use blow dryer brush, or else you won’t get that smooth and stylish look that you were looking for in the first place.

To help you out with that, we have included all the information regarding this aspect in the following article. Without wasting any more time, let’s check it out.

Blow Dryer Brush: What Is It?

For some of you who are not getting a clear picture of a blow dryer brush will find this section helpful. You have seen a big-sized round brush in the salon, right? Stylists love to use it to provide a proper blowout to their client’s hair.

In the case of a blow dryer brush, you will use the same type of round brush, but electric. If you turn on its switch, hot air will start to blow out. When you gently pull this electric brush through your slightly wet hair, it will gradually dry them.

As you can see, you won’t face any problem when you use it as it is a user-friendly product. You simply have to apply the proper tools and techniques to get your desired result.

The Way to Use a Blow Dryer Brush

Below, we have provided a step-by-step process that you should follow to become a pro at this blow-drying task. Keep reading.

Things Needed

  • Hairbrush
  • Blow-dryer brush
  • Claw clips
  • Oil hair serum
  • Heat protection spray
  • Styling hair spray

Step 1: Organize Everything

Blow Dryer Brush

Before you start the work, you should organize all the equipment properly. In this way, you won’t have to run from one place to another to find the products.

When you are done with that, wet your hair and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Allow Your Hair to Dry Partially

Wait for some time and allow your hair to dry partially. Though you can use this electric device on wet hair, we highly recommend ignoring this approach.

Don’t dry it entirely because this might damage your hair when it comes in contact with the heat. If you have completely dried it unintentionally, repeat the wet and dry process.

Step 3: Use the Heat Protection Spray

Since you will use heat on your hair, you should apply heat protection spray so that you can be a step ahead of the trouble. Spray the liquid on top of your hair and make sure it covers all the areas. Then, brush your hair so that you can evenly spread the liquid.

Besides, the hairbrush removes all the hidden tangles that can create a problem when you blow-dry.

Step 4: Divide Your Hair

You can easily divide your hair with the help of claw clips. If you have long hair, you should have many sections, and for short hair, you can keep it at a lesser number.

Go to the top part and clip it. As the bottom part covers a big area, you should divide it into different sections. With this approach, you can easily focus on each side individually.

Step 5: Turn on the Blow Dryer Brush

Now comes the most important part. Turn on the electric device and pick one of your hair sections. The section should have a thickness between one and two inches.

Position the brush at the hair’s end and roll it up gradually. Continue doing it until the brush’s barrel has reached the roots. You can easily do it if you wrap your hair around the electric brush.

Step 6: Release the Brush from Your Hair

This process is easy, but you must make sure that you keep an eye on your hair from start to end. The best thing you can do is to blow dry your hair in front of a mirror so that you can actually see what is going in.

Wait between 10 and 20 seconds, and then wind your brush in a downward direction. This will help the hair to get unraveled and won’t damage it along the way. After you have removed the brush, you will notice that your hair is now silky, and if you touch it, you will get a smooth feeling.

Step 7: Repeat the Process

Yes, you have to continuously wrap your hair and release it for the other hair sections at the bottom. When you are done with that, please move to the top portion and divide it into two parts.

Choose one side and continue the blowout procedure for that area. Repeat it for the other side as well.

Step 8: Add the Hair Serum (Oil-based)

You can have a sigh of relief that the blowout task is finally completed. Now, you should add hair serum to give your hair a shiny look. Not only will it look fresh, but it will bring a new appearance to your outlook.

Step 9: Apply the Volume Spray

A hair with a good volume looks beautiful in every way. You can achieve the same thing if you apply a high-quality volume spray on the roots.

So, don’t avoid this step if you are looking to style your hair.

Step 10: Finish It Up

Pick the styling hair spray and apply it to the hair. With this product, you can easily adjust your hairstyle according to your desire.

Congrats! You are now a professional in using a blow dryer vs air dry brush.


How to use blow dryer brush won’t be a challenge for you from now on, thanks to this article. Always use the best quality electric device and hairstyling products to keep your hair healthy all the time.

If you are still confused in some areas, consult with a professional.

Take care. Best of luck!

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