How to Use Cuisinart Electric Can Opener

How to Use Cuisinart Electric Can Opener?

Canned foods are one common thing that most of our grocery lists have. The idea of having cooked food in a can might sound good, but what will you do if you don’t have access to the food? Well, that is where the can openers step in.

Even though manual openers are pretty popular and accessible, Cuisinart has shaken the market up with their best electric can opener. And it is selling like hotcakes at the moment. You are likely thinking of getting one as well. But before you do, you should know how to use Cuisinart Electric Can Opener.

You can rest assured that you came to the right place! We will fill you in regarding the usage process and other things you should know about the device.

A Short Introduction of the Device

Just in case you did not see the device in real life, these are modern-looking can openers. The contemporary design makes them stand out the most. Most importantly, the devices are going to have a solid construction! The brand has utilized stainless steel that is high in quality.

Because of utilizing that material, these achieve a higher level of sturdiness. And the devices will have an extra-wide base as well. That will make it easier for you to keep these on your countertops. Moreover, it does not only look good, but it also functions adequately as well.

Steps to Follow to Use the Cuisinart Electric Can Opener

With the introductory part aside, let us get to the main point. We wanted to keep things simple, and that is why we have compiled this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for you. So, without keeping you waiting, let us know how to operate the machine, shall we?

Step 1: Plug It into the Power Outlet

First thing first, you need to keep the machine on a flat surface. A table or countertop would be the ideal position for this. After that, find a power outlet close to the area that you have kept the machine on. If you can not find an outlet near you, you can opt for a power cord extension.

Step 2: Position the Lever

Once the plug is inside the power outlet, you need to raise the lever. The can opener lever is the one that is right below the head. Once that is raised, position the can you want to open. Follow the guiding posts that are on the machine. And the guiding posts are the little knobs that are on each side of the blade.

When you position the can properly, the upper portion will naturally sit below the blade in a slated position. However, if it is a bit crooked, repeat the step by taking the can off the guides. Take the help of the guide and ensure that the can is in a natural position.

Step 3: Make the Blade Pierce the Can

Now that the can is in a natural position, all that is left to do is make the blade pierce the upper portion of the can. To do that, pull the lever down. After piercing, the blade will work automatically. There will be no need to hold the lever down during the cutting process.

Step 4: Take the Can Off the Lever

Once the opener has cut the upper lid of the can, the blade should automatically stop. And once the lid is off, the can should be completely open. The lever will hold the can in place. To get the can out of the blade, lift the lever again, and you can get the can out. After that, all that is left to do is prepare and enjoy the food that is inside.

How to Maintain Cuisinart Electric Can Opener?

Like any other tools in your kitchen, if this machine is not taken good care of, it will not last for a long time. Considering that just knowing how to operate the piece of equipment is not enough, you should also know how to clean and maintain the Cuisinart electric can opener vs manual. And the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Ensure That the Plug Is Off the Power Outlet

First and foremost, make sure you remove the plug from the power outlet. Then the next task would be to remove the can opener. You can do that by pulling and lifting it toward you.

Step 2: Wash the Lever

Once the lever is out of the housing, you should wash it by hand. We would recommend sudsy, hot water. You can also place it inside the dishwasher if you do not want to wash it manually. Then dry it thoroughly.

Step 3: Wipe the Body and Place the Lever Back into Place

After the lever is taken care of, wipe the housing of the can opener. Use a damp cloth. However, do not immerse in in water directly. Then, place the lever back into place. It would be best if you held it upright while snapping it back into place.

Precautionary Measures

There are a couple of things that you need to consider while carrying out the maintenance process. Please do not leave the device plugged in while you are cleaning it. Also, make sure that you clean the housing thoroughly. If you leave any of the dust in the housing, the machine might start to malfunction over time.

Please keep in mind that you should never submerge the power adapter inside water. Additionally, you should not submerge the motor inside the water either. That will damage the parts inside because, as you know, water and electrical parts do not go well together.

Final Words

Hopefully, we were capable of showing you how to use Cuisinart electric can opener properly. And as you the ins and out of the device now, it will not be a problem for you to use this piece of equipment for opening cans.

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