How to Use Handheld Massager

How to Use Handheld Massager?

The best handheld massager has seen a rise in the sale recently. They have gained so much popularity because of their user-friendliness and versatility. And as you are reading this, we guess it is safe to assume that you already have one in your hands.

Also, as you are reading this article, it would be safe to assume that you do not really know how to use handheld massager, right? Well, you have stumbled upon the right source for that. We have enough experience with these to guide you properly. So you are in the right hands. (No pun intended)

What Exactly Is a Handheld Massager?

Most of the buyers tend to pick one of these devices up without knowing what they actually are. Basically, these are a mini version of the regular-sized massager that different massaging organizations using. In other words, it is like a massage chair that you can control with your hands.

These are a great pick if you want to massage the critical areas of your body. With one of these, you can relax different parts of your body without having to visit a professional masseuse.

How to Properly Use a Handheld Massager?

Now that you are fully aware of what a handheld massager actually is, let us get to the thing that you are here for, which is how to use one. As we have mentioned earlier, these are pretty easy to use. Do not believe us? Well, you will after seeing how easy the operational mode actually is. So here the easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Turn the Device On

The first thing that you need to do is turn on the device. Most of these devices will be battery-powered. So before you start your massaging session, ensure that the device is fully charged. The last thing you would want is the battery running out of charge when you are carrying out the session.

Step 2: Start with Tapping

After turning it on, you should be in a comfortable position to start relaxing the muscles on your body. And for that, you should start with the tapping motion. Tapping is basically pounding the muscles repeatedly. There is no particular rhythm you would have to follow for this step.

Now, you would ask, what will this pounding offer? Well, it would stimulate the blood flow. And once the blood flow is stimulated, you would experience a dash of relaxation. Also, this tapping will increase the elasticity of the muscle, which will eventually relax it.

Step 3: Knead the Muscles

Once you are done with the tapping, move to knead process. Kneading will basically compress the soft tissues against each other. It will also do wonders in terms of compressing the tissues against the bone underneath. Do ensure to put a good amount of pressure during this process.

The more intensely you press the massager, the deeper it will knead the muscles and the soft tissues. And intense kneading will work like magic when it comes to relieving pain from the muscles and the joints. It will also enhance the overall flexibility of the muscles.

Step 4: Finish Off with Percussion

You might not be that familiar with the term “percussion.” Well, in terms of massaging, it is basically the same as tapping. However, in this process, you would have to tap with rhythm. That rhythmic pressing will ensure that the blood flow is stimulated correctly.

Additionally, it will ensure that the skin becomes a bit reflexive. And at the end of this process, you will feel more relaxed and energetic.

Which Areas Should You Focus on?


Knowing how to use a hand massager properly will not be enough. You should also have a good idea about the areas to focus on if you want to enjoy the full benefits that massage has to offer. So, without keeping you waiting, these are the areas that need to be massaged daily:

a) Neck

One of the common problems that most people have is neck pain. Well, massaging can help a ton in that regard. The neck usually contains a lot of muscles, which work to make you turn your head around. And after moving it around for the entire day, it can get a bit sore.

But what will happen if your neck becomes sore and stiff? You will find it hard to move your neck, which can limit your ability to focus on the objects around you. Moreover, it will restrict your mobility.

However, it is possible to prevent your neck from getting stiff. All you need to do is maintain the correct posture throughout the day. Also, you should take timely breaks if you look at the computer screen throughout the entire day. But if your neck does get stiff, you can quickly get relief by using a massager.

The massager will increase the blood flow in that area and relax the muscles on the neck. We recommend using the messenger on the neck even if it is not sore or stiff because it will help you stay relaxed and keep yourself ready for work.

b) Shoulder

Just like the neck, many suffer from shoulder pain as well. And the reason is the same for this case as well, which is bad posture. However, shoulder pains can also initiate because of lifting heavy objects.

No matter what the reason is, you can get relief from the pain by using a handheld ma

ssager. That will ease the tension of the stress points. As a result, the chances of stiffness occurring will be considerably low. Additionally, it can help in terms of relieving emotional tension.

c) Pectorals

The pectorals are basically large muscles that are on the chest area. And these remain operational even if you do not do any heavy lifting. They initiate the movement of the arms and eventually can get strained or sore.

That is why you should focus on this area as well. By using a handheld massager, you can ease the stiffness. Not only that, but you can also promote better blood flow, which will make the muscle a bit more flexible.

d) Lower Backs

Another location that you should focus on is the lower back. Try to follow the tapping method on the lower back area of your body. That will ease the muscles, make them less stiff and promote better blood flow. Eventually, you will not feel like you are being limited in terms of mobility.

e) Arms and Legs

Working on chores for a whole day can tire the arms and legs. And like any other body part, they contain muscles as well. Well, where there are muscles and tissues, the massager can do its magic to relax it and make it less sore. Also, you can use them even if they are not stiff and sore.

Final Words

Learning how to use handheld massager is pretty straightforward. There are no magical formulas, which is what we were trying to portray in this article. And hopefully, the steps that we have included in this article were easy to follow.

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