How to Use Microwave Popcorn Popper

How to Use Microwave Popcorn Popper?

One of the healthiest, low-calorie, and filling snacks that you can eat right now is popcorns. Microwave popcorn poppers have made the process more manageable than it ever was. With them, you can bring the movie theatre at home! The process is hassle-free as well.

No matter how hassle-free the process is, if you do not know how to use microwave popcorn popper, you will not be getting very far in terms of getting the theater-like experience in your home. That is where we step in. we have compiled the most easy-to-follow guide for the tool.

And we know that you can not wait any longer. For that reason, let us not waste any more of your time and get right into the process!

How to Use a Microwave Popcorn Popper?

Getting a proper microwave popper is not the only thing you would have to do to pop popcorns. You would also need to know how to use it. And for that, we have huddled this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Clean the Popper

First and foremost, you should clean the popper. Use mild soap and water for the cleaning process. If you use any harsh cleaning solution, the smell of the soap will remain inside the container. And popcorn that smells like soap does not sound that appetizing, does it? For that reason, you should use a mild soap.

After cleaning the container and the lid with mild soap, you should rinse it thoroughly with water. Make sure that there is no trace of soap. Then use a paper towel to dry up the container and the lid and set it on your countertop.

Step 2: Bring Out the Popcorn Kernels and Fill the Lid Up

Now that the container and the lid are clean and dry, you should take the popcorn kernels out. Take the lid of the popper and fill the kernels up to the engraved line. Make sure that you do not overfill it, or else the number of kernels will be too much for the container.

And if you put too many kernels inside the container, the chances of the lid falling during the cooking process will be high. If that happens, the popcorn will not be cooked properly, and the fallen kernels’ taste will be a bit off as well. So, you should keep the engraved line in check.

Step 3: Pour the Kernels and Add the Required Amount of Butter

After the lid is filled, you need to drop the kernels into the container. Then it would help if you cut a piece of butter. However, if the kernels have margarine or butter on them already, you might not have to add any additional butter or margarine into the kernels.

Nevertheless, to add the butter, you should keep the piece on the top of the lid. The lid will melt the butter and distribute them evenly during the heating process. That is why the lid has a perforated design, to begin with. And the same thing goes for margarine as well.

Step 4: Heat the Popper Up

All that is left to do is to put the popper inside the microwave and let the popping start. For the very first batch of popcorn, it should take about two minutes and thirty seconds. However, if the microwave temperature is set to low, it might take a bit longer than that.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to make more popcorn, you would want to heat the popper for a bit longer than the first batch. Heat it to the point where you can hear the popping getting slowed down. Once the rate is slowed, take the popper out after stopping the microwave.

On that note, to take the popper out, grab the handle. Do not grasp the glass part of the popper because that will be extremely hot. However, if the model you are using does not have a plastic handle, you would want to wear some oven mitts. Those will protect your hands from extreme heat.

Delicious Popcorn Recipes

Now that you know how to prepare popcorns using the popper easily, you would want to learn about different yummy recipes, right? Well, we got you covered in that area as well. These are the recipes that we follow when we like to add a twist to our popcorn eating experience:

Parmesan, Garlic, and Herb Popcorn

For this, you would need one tablespoon of margarine or butter. Do make sure that the butter is softened. Take 1/8 tablespoon of garlic powder. You can use garlic paste as well. Also, take 1/8 tablespoon of dried thyme and dried basil. Then, finely grate 2/3 cups of parmesan cheese.

You can add more cheese if required. After taking all of the ingredients, mix them properly inside a bowl. Then, all that is left to do is to add the mixture on top of the lid while the kernels are inside the container. Put the popper inside the microwave for about two and a half minutes and let it do its thing.

Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

Another finger-licking popcorn recipe is the cheddar cheese one. For this, you would require about one tablespoon of margarine or butter, which is softened. Take 1-1/2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese powder. The powder works the best for this. A bit of salt would be required as well.

Then take all of the ingredients and combine them inside a bowl. Take the mixture and pour it on the lid while there are kernels on the bottom of the container. Set it inside the microwave, wait for two and a half minutes, and enjoy freshly popped delicious popcorns!

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to use microwave popcorn popper is not that hard. And now that you know how to use the tool and some delicious recipes, nothing will be able to stop you from having an exhilarating popcorn eating experience.

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