How to Use Seal a Meal Vacuum Food Sealer

How to Use Seal a Meal Vacuum Food Sealer?

It is a well-known fact that nothing comes close to food vacuum sealers in preserving food properly. They can retain the taste and the nutritional value exceptionally well. But we are not here to talk about the things that these machines have to offer because it will be an hour-long topic.

Instead, we are going to focus on how to use seal a meal vacuum food sealer. But why Seal A Meal? Well, they have been offering high-performance vacuum sealers in the market. And they are selling like hotcakes at the moment. So, if you are planning to get one or have one already, this article is going to help you a lot.

How to Vacuum Seal Foods with Seal a Meal?

Before we get started, let us assure you that this machine is pretty user-friendly. And if you do not believe us, you soon will after going through this step-by-step process:

Step 1: Place the Food Items Inside the Bag

First and foremost, you should place the food items inside the bag you plan on using to seal the food. Make sure that you leave at least three inches between the upper portion and the contents of the bag. If this portion is filled up, the vacuuming process will not be done correctly.

And if there is air inside, the food will not last for a long time. For that reason, you should ensure that there are at least three inches of space on the top.

Step 2: Open the Lid of the Machine

Now that the contents are inside the bag, open the lid of the machine. Place the end of the bag on the designated drip tray. If you can not find the drip tray, it is the removable part on the lower part of the machine. It should be right above the lower sealing strip.

Step 3: Close the Lid and Select the Seal Level

Once the bag is placed correctly on the drip tray, close it. The lid should create a seal that holds the top of the bag naturally after that. And after closing the lid, you need to select the seal level. The seal levels are on the upper portion of the machine. Each of the buttons should have a marking.

If you are wondering which seal option to select, you need to consider the food’s moisture content. For the foods with high liquid content, select the Moist option. On the other hand, choose the Regular option if the food inside is dry or has a relatively low moisture content.

Step 4: Hold the Lid Down

After selecting the correct seal level, you need to hold the lid down with both hands firmly. It would be best if you kept on holding the lid until the motor starts. Once it starts, the hands-free light should light up. It would be safe for you to remove your hands once the hands-free light is on.

The machine will now start sucking all the air from the inside. Once all of the air sucked out, it will seal the upper portion of the bag. The progress indicator should be on throughout the entire process.

Step 5: Remove the Bag When the Bag Is Sealed

When the motor stops, you will notice that the progress indicator light has shut off. That will indicate that the sealing process is complete. After that, you should tap the Open/Cancel button on the top of the machine. That should make the lid slack.

After the lid is slack, you would be able to lift the lid and take the bag out of the drip tray. And your food should be properly preserved by now.

How to Use Seal a Meal with Custom-Sized Bags?

One of these features of these devices is that it allows you to make your own custom bag. It achieves that capability by integrating a bag roller. Nevertheless, if you want to know how to use seal a meal with customized bags, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Lid and Keep the Roll Inside the Roll Storage

The first thing that you need to do is to open the lid. Once the upper lid is open, you will notice that there is a roll storage compartment. Place the roll into that storage compartment. Make sure that the roll is placed correctly on the storage compartment, or the process will not go smoothly.

Step 2: Lift the Cutter Bar and Pull the Material

Once the roll is in place, you should lift the cutter bar. Once that bar is up, you need to pull an adequate amount of bag material from the roll. Do factor in that the amount of bag material should be enough to hold the food and have an extra three inches of space on the top.

After that, lower the cutter bar. That will cut the desired amount of bag material for packaging the food you plan on preserving. Make sure that the cutting line is straight, or else the capacity will not be proper, and the sealing process will not go smoothly.

Step 3: Plug the Power Cord in and Seal One of the Ends

Now that you have an adequate amount of bagging material, you need to seal one of the ends by powering the machine on. For that, you have to place one of the ends on the drip tray and lower the sealing gasket. Then, close the lid and position both the hand on the top of the lid, and hold them down firmly.

The motor will start, and the end should get sealed. Once the motor stops, take the bag out by pressing the Open/Cancel button.

Final Words

Hopefully, our guide on how to use seal a meal vacuum food sealer was pretty easy-to-follow. And after knowing the overall process, we hope that it will now be easier for you to operate the machine.

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