How to Use Upholstery Cleaning Machine

How to Use Upholstery Cleaning Machine?

Dust is literally everywhere! No matter how careful you are about keeping the windows closed for the most time of the day, dust will eventually make its way inside and settle on the upholsteries. And after a prolonged amount of time, they will get stained or dirty. That is where the upholstery cleaning machines step in.

However, getting a well-performing upholstery machine is not the end of the story. You should also know how to use upholstery cleaning machine properly. And if you were looking for the right source for that, you have just stumbled upon it! We will fill you in regarding the operational procedure and all of the other factors.

What Is an Upholstery Machine, and How Does It Work?

Before we get into the details, we would like you to ensure that you have a good idea regarding the machine and know how it works. By having a clear idea about these two, it would get easier for you to use them.

What Is an Upholstery Cleaning Machine?

As you might already know, the upholstery machine is the device that will let you properly clean the upholstery. But why do the upholsteries require a dedicated machine? The fabric used for these tends to be delicate, and using anything that is not gentle might end up damaging them and lower the overall lifespan.

Even though some of the furniture will let you take the upholstery off the frame and clean them inside the washing machine, the case is not the same for all of the furniture you might have. And that is where the upholstery machines come into play.

How Does an Upholstery Machine Work?

Upholstery cleaning machines utilize a special operational procedure. The process is gentle yet highly effective. And the reason behind using a gentle approach is not to damage the upholsteries because these tend to have delicate fabrics that can be easily damaged or tear away.

Now, the thing that makes them effective is the suction power. These are generally like specialized vacuum cleaners. They will utilize the suction power to clear all of the debris, dust, and small particles that might have settled on the top of the upholstery.

How to Use an Upholstery Machine?

As you have a general idea regarding the machine and how they work, let us get to the main topic we have in hand; how to operate it. Well, for that, you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Set Up the Machine

While most upholstery machines will have a power cord, some might rely on battery power. For the battery-powered ones, you should make sure that they are charged fully before using them. And for the devices that need to be plugged in, make sure that there is a power outlet near the furniture you want to clean.

Step 2: Start with the Dust Brush Roller

Once the power is taken care of, you should attach the proper attachment. First, you need to attach the dust brush roller. Power on the device and start cleaning the surface using that roller. It should take all of the dust away from the upholstery. Make sure each of the corners is taken care of, and there is no dust left behind.

Step 3: Attach the Upholstery Tool

After cleaning the surface with the dust brush, you should install the upholstery tool. Use that to clean the surface further and make it dust-free. It should do the job of cleaning the embedded dust that might be on the surface. Also, you might want to set the device in the highest power for this step.

Step 4: Use the Crevice Tool

Now that the dust and embedded debris are out of the upholstery, you need to attach the crevice tool. This tool will help you clean the tight and tricky corners. These areas are generally hard to reach using the other tools. And the same principle goes for this tool as well. You should set the power to the highest.

Ensure each of the corners is clean because those are the spots that dust tends to settle in. Also, make sure that you put a proper amount of pressure to take all of the specks of dust out of the corner.

Once this step is done, you should end up with adequately cleaned upholstery vs steamer free from dust and hidden debris.

Why Should You Clean Your Upholstery?

As we have mentioned earlier, dust is everywhere! And these like to settle on top of fabrics. In fact, these will get embedded into the soft fabrics. As you know, the upholstery fabric is generally soft, which means that they are prone to dust getting embedded into them.

And using furniture that is full of dust is not really that hygienic. If you do not clean them properly, the chances are that you will face breathing problems. Additionally, the allergic reactions will be all-time high if they are full of dust. Considering that, you need to clean them properly.

How Often Should You Clean the Upholstery?

This will highly depend on how prone are the upholstery to dust and debris. Additionally, it will depend on whether you have kids or pets inside your home or not. Usually, if you have pets and kids, the traffic on top of the upholstery will be high, which will demand frequent cleaning.

On the other hand, if the traffic is not that high, then you might get away with them getting cleaned twice a year. However, if they are used pretty frequently, and the pets tend to hang around on them, then you should clean them at least once every four months. That will ensure that the level of dust is low on the surface.

Final Words

Hopefully, we were able to show you how to use upholstery cleaning machine properly. And now that you know how to properly use one, keeping the upholstery clean should be a hassle-free process for you.

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