How to Wash Non Iron Shirts

How to Wash Non Iron Shirts?

Non iron shirts are getting highly popular day by day because of how convenient they are. They are one of the types of shirts that can guarantee a polished look, which is really not that common. Considering that, the market has a got a good demand for them.

However, when people do think of getting them, they ask how to wash non iron shirts. And there is a high chance that you are asking yourself the same thing. Well, you have stumbled upon the right source for that! We are going to provide every bit of information regarding the washing process.

Steps for Washing Non Iron Shirts

Enough chit chats! You are here to know about the process of cleaning best non iron shirts, and we will offer you precisely that in this segment. So without further ado, here is a step by step guide:

Step 1: Wrap ’em Up with a Mesh Laundry Bag

First and foremost, you should get them inside a mesh laundry bag. Our recommendation would be to get the larger bags because those offer the highest amount of protection. However, please ensure that the buttons are not loose and the sleeves and the collars are properly in place when the shirt is inside the bag.

This laundry bag will ensure that the shirt does not get wrinkled or damaged during the washing process. As these are generally a bit weighty, if they are not placed inside a proper laundry bag, creases might start to form, which you would not want.

Step 2: Put Them Inside a Washing Machine

As we have mentioned above, the amount of convenience that these shirts offer is exceptionally high. And the convenience mainly stands for them being capable of machine washed. However, it would help if you were a bit careful about the washing agent. Make sure that you use medium or mild ones, or else the bonds will get damaged.

In case you are wondering what bonds we are actually referring to, it is basically the treatment. These shirts are treated with a particular treatment, making the fabrics bond at the molecular level. And the bonds are the thing that makes them capable of resisting wrinkles.

Step 3: Dry Them

Once the shirts are out of the washing machine, you need to dry them. However, you can not just leave them out to dry. Instead, it would help if you used a hanger. The hanger will ensure that the wrinkles do not form during the drying process. And it will also make sure that each of the parts is adequately dried.

Step 4: Iron (If Necessary)

In most cases, ironing will not be necessary. However, if the shirts are not correctly hanged during the drying process, some creases might form on the surface. And if the creases are noticeable, you should iron the surface as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, do ensure that the ironing is not done thoroughly because high heat can damage the bond of the fabrics. Most of the shirts will require a small amount of ironing, which you should carry out in low heat.

Usually, the medium temperature does the trick, but we would recommend checking the care labels for the right amount of temperature.

Do Non Iron Shirts Require Dry Cleaning?

No, the non iron shirts do not require any dry cleaning. In fact, if you decide to dry clean, you will end up damaging the fabrics. Now, you might be wondering what would actually damage the fabrics during the dry-cleaning process? The heat! It will loosen up the bonds and will make them lose the wrinkle-free characteristics.

Instead of dry cleaning, what we would recommend is ironing the shirts with low heat. The ironing will do the job of making the shirt retain its shape. However, do ensure that you do not set the iron at a high temperature. Check the care label or select the medium temperature of the iron.

How Do You Store Non Iron Shirts After Washing?

The storage part is as important as cleaning. If the shirts are not correctly stored, the chances of them getting damaged will be pretty high. Also, they might lose shape and not perform that well in terms of offering a polished look when worn.

Considering that, we would suggest putting proper emphasis on the case of storing these shirts. Instead of just folding and packaging them inside a packet, you should hang them in your closet using a hanger.

What Makes Non Iron Shirts Different Than the Regular Ones?

As you can see, the washing method is a bit different when it comes to non iron shirts vs regular. While the regular shirts are going to require dry washing, these will not. There are some other differences as well. They are:


Like we have mentioned earlier, these have the ability to resist wrinkling. And for most of the cases, these don’t require any ironing to achieve a polished look. All you need to do is appropriately hang them after drying. That will do the trick in terms of holding the overall shape and offering a polished look.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance part is quite clear from the washing process. These do not require any sort of ironing or dry cleaning. You need to carry out the washing and drying process properly. If those are carried out properly, there will be no need to go through ironing and dry cleaning.

Such characteristics make these achieve a low maintenance trait. Also, the fact that these can offer a polished look without those makes them highly convenient.

Final Words

Now that you know how to wash non iron shirts properly, hopefully, taking care of these convenient shirts will not be a problem for you anymore. The thing that we would like to emphasize is the washing method drying method. If that is carried out correctly, these shirts will last for a long time.

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