Ice Cream Maker vs Blender

Ice Cream Maker vs Blender: What’s the Difference?

You might have heard before that it is possible to make ice cream by using a blender. But is that really possible? Yes! It is possible. In fact, we have made ourselves one batch using nothing but a blender. However, we had the experience far off from the results that we got from a dedicated ice cream maker.

Now, you might be asking, how was the experience? Is it in a good way or in a bad way? Well, those are the things that we will focus on in this take of ice cream maker vs blender. And we will provide all the information that you would want to know about them when it comes to using them for making ice cream.


Let us start with the machine that you might already have in your kitchen. This versatile piece of equipment is pretty popular in the market. Want to make yourself a smoothie? Grab some fruits and mix them in a blender! Want fresh juice? Cut some slices and drop them inside the blender! There are other uses as well.

But what about making ice cream? Is it possible to make ice cream in a blender? As we have mentioned above, it is surely possible to make ice cream using a blender. Now, the elephant of the room is how well do they perform.

Well, you can easily make ice cream using a blender. In fact, one particular recipe only requires two ingredients (steps at the end of this article). But, you will only end up with soft-serve ice cream, that is, if you have a high-power blender. With the regular powered ones, you will only acquire a smoothy that is a bit thick.

On that note, the soft-serve ice cream will be highly prone to crystalizing. In other words, they will freeze like regular water. Additionally, the emulsion process that takes place when you are making ice cream with a blender is not that efficient. For that reason, the ice cream will not hold its shape that properly.

That is why you would want to consume the ice cream made with a blender as soon as possible. Additionally, the churning process is not that efficient as well. For that reason, it is not possible to freeze it and save it for consuming it later. However, if you use heavy cream or dry milk, it will freeze just like ice cream.

Nevertheless, if you do not have a dedicated machine right at home and are craving ice cream for a long time, it is surely possible to use the blender for making yourself a fresh batch of ice cream. However, it would be best if you consumed it as soon as possible.

Ice Cream Maker

Now that you know a bit about the blender allow us to get to the real star of the show; the ice cream maker! These wonderful little machines will let you enjoy premium quality ice cream without having to go out and buy yourself one.

There are generally two types available. One is manual, and the other is automatic. As you have guessed, the manual one will require you to do all of the stirrings. It will come with a paddle, which you need to use to stir the ingredients around. Also, there will be a removable bowl.

For the manual one, you would have to freeze the freezer bowl manually. It needs to freeze for a good amount of time, or else the ice cream will not turn out that well. However, the case is a bit different for the automatic ones. There is no need to freeze the bowl. The machine will do it throughout the operation.

Additionally, the churning takes place automatically for some of the devices. With those, the process gets a lot easier. All you need to do is pour your preferable ingredients and let the machine do its thing.

However, some automatic machines might require manual churning. Those will basically have a freezing system, but the paddle will be manual. So, with those, you would have control over the overall texture of the ice cream, but you would not have to go through the hassle of freezing the bowl.

Nevertheless, the results you will get after using an ice cream machine will be 100 percent worth it. In fact, we would go further into saying that if you want to enjoy an ice cream by making them right at home, skip the blender and get yourself a cheap but proper performing ice cream maker.

Ice Cream Maker vs. Blender

When the ice cream maker and blender are put head to head, the ice cream maker will take the crown. The texture of the ice cream will be perfect with these devices. Additionally, as the churning process will be highly efficient, storing the ice cream in the fridge would be possible.

However, if you use heavy cream and dry milk powder, both the texture and the emulsion will be near perfect. But for the best possible results, a dedicated machine would perform the best.

Steps to Follow to Make 2 Ingredient Ice Cream Using Blender

We like to keep things simple. And that is why we have created this no-fuss step-by-step guide to show you how to make ice cream without using an ice cream maker. And the steps are as stated:

Step 1: Get the Required Ingredient

Even though the recipe will vary from one to another, we will focus on a simple frozen berries recipe for this guide. You will only need two ingredients. One is frozen berries, as stated, and the other one is heavy whipping cream. Yes! These two simple ingredients are all that is needed to create a soft serve with a blender.

However, you can add some chocolate syrup, sprinkles, or nuts to create your own version of the recipe. For the sweetness, use a bit of sugar if needed. Alternatively, you can also add some sweeteners to make the ice cream a bit sweet.

Step 2: Pour the Ingredients into the Blender

Now that you have gathered all of the required ingredients pour them inside a high-power blender. The regular powered ones will also work pretty well, but you would get the best results with the high-power ones.

Step 3: Start Processing the Ingredients

Once the ingredients are inside, use the pulse setting to process the ingredients. After the fruits are roughly chopped into small pieces, pour the heavy cream and continue processing. Continue up until the point at which all of the ingredients have been incorporated.

Step 4: Scrape It Out and Freeze

If you have used frozen berries that came right out of the freezer, then you can just scrape the ice cream out and start consuming it. However, if the temperature is not that cold, then scrape the ice cream out and store it inside the fridge. After a while, it should be cold enough for eating.

Final Words

To conclude, when it comes to ice cream maker vs. blender, the ice cream maker would be the clear winner, according to us. It offers the right texture and ensures the right emulsion process. However, you can use the blender to make ice cream, but use dry milk or heavy cream for the best results.

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