Inside Climate News: Coasts Should Plan for 6.5 Feet Sea Level Rise by 2100 as Precaution, Experts Say

“Coastal decisions by and large require long lead times, and it would be nice if we could wait for the science to clear up, but we can’t,” one scientist said. As coastal communities prepare for the impacts of climate change, a new report warns that ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland could cause far more...

Wunderground: America’s Achilles’ Heel: the Mississippi River’s Old River Control Structure

America has an Achilles’ heel. It lies on a quiet, unpopulated stretch of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, 45 miles upstream from Baton Rouge. Rising up from the flat, wooded west flood plain of the Mississippi River are four massive concrete and steel structures that would make a pharaoh envious: the U.S. Army Corps of...

New York Times: Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace

WASHINGTON — Humans are transforming Earth’s natural landscapes so dramatically that as many as one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction, posing a dire threat to ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for their survival, a sweeping new United Nations assessment has concluded. The 1,500-page report, compiled...

KPLC: Louisiana receives over $94 million for coastal restoration

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – More than $94 million are now being used to fight coastal erosion. The Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act or GOMESA was created in order to address the long standing problem. The money was dispersed across the state’s coastal parishes. 7News went to Cameron Parish to meet Assistant Administrator Darrell...

NPR: Indonesia Plans To Move Its Capital Out Of Jakarta, A City That’s Sinking

Indonesia has announced plans to build a new capital city as its current capital, Jakarta, struggles with pollution, traffic gridlock — and the fact that the city is sinking. After a Cabinet meeting on Monday, planning minister Bambang Brodjonegoro said President Joko Widodo has decided to move the capital out of Indonesia’s main island, Java....

Apalachichola Times: Our opinion: Coastal money is sizeable investment

Our region doesn’t get nearly as much federal help restoring our coast as we need. But Louisiana and our local parishes do get some assistance, and this year the amount is nearly $100 million. Under the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act, or GOMESA, Louisiana and other Gulf states get a share of the oil...
Apr State negotiating whether oil terminal can build next to Mid-Barataria diversion

Can a proposed $2.5 billion, 20-million-barrel crude oil export terminal on the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish coexist with Louisiana’s planned $1.4 billion Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion next door? The state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is negotiating an agreement with the Plaquemines Port and Harbor Terminal District and Plaquemines Liquid Terminal LLC that could declare...
Apr Louisiana gets $94.7 million in offshore money for restoration, flood protection

Louisiana will get $94.7 million in fiscal year 2018 Gulf of Mexico offshore oil revenue, almost $13 million more than the previous year, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced Thursday (April 25). The state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority will get $75.8 million of the money, which can be used for flood protection and...

CNBC: This Louisiana town is moving to higher ground as taxpayers foot the bill for growing climate crisis

NEW ROADS, La. — At a small church meeting house this month in a Louisiana farm town, a tiny community was making a very big decision. Residents were fed up with increasingly intense and frequent flooding, so they are moving to higher ground. Together. The residents of Pecan Acres are some of America’s first climate...

Water Online: On Earth Day America’s WETLAND Foundation Celebrates The Importance of Wetlands With Completed Projects

Two restoration efforts restore 150 acres of vital wetlands One year ago, the America’s WETLAND Foundation (AWF), Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), and global energy producer, BHP, stood where stands of bald cypress once gave definition to swamps of the lower Mississippi Delta and announced their partnership to restore the vital wetlands of Terrebonne Parish. Read...

Inside Climate News: Losing Arctic Ice and Permafrost Will Cost Trillions as Earth Warms, Study Says

Thawing permafrost releases greenhouse gases in a climate change feedback loop that worsens over time, fueling more warming and costly damage around the world. Arctic warming will cost trillions of dollars to the global economy over time as the permafrost thaws and the sea ice melts—how many trillions depends on how much the climate warms,...

Los Angeles Times: On a sinking Louisiana island, many aren’t ready to leave

This island will cease to exist. That much seems certain. Over the last six decades, more than 98% of Isle de Jean Charles has vanished into the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a frail strip of land just two miles long and a quarter-mile wide. With each high tide and with each hurricane, a little more...

WWL Radio: 150 acres of Terrebonne wetland restored in time for Earth Day

35,000 cypress trees planted with help of America’s Wetland Foundation volunteers Just in time for Earth Day, America’s Wetland Foundation has finished a big restoration project in Terrebonne Parish. “We have Earth Day every day because we’re suffering from coastal land loss,” said AWF managing director Val Marmillion. “We’ve restored 150 acres of wetlands by...

WaPo: Satellite confirms key NASA temperature data: The planet is warming — and fast

New evidence suggests one of the most important climate change data sets is getting the right answer. A high-profile NASA temperature data set, which has pronounced the last five years the hottest on record and the globe a full degree Celsius warmer than in the late 1800s, has found new backing from independent satellite records...

New York Times Magazine: What Survival Looks Like After the Oceans Rise

Standing sometimes waist-deep in seawater on the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh, they work to find bricks, dig them out of the sludge and cart them to the side of the road to sell. The job is new, a result of devastating storm surges a little more than a decade ago. In...
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