Non Iron Shirts vs Regular

Non Iron Shirts vs Regular: Which One Is Better?

The topic of non iron shirts vs regular has been under our radar for quite a while. Considering the fact that the subject is highly debatable and depends more on personal preference, we have put a lot of time into researching these two.

From our research, we have found a couple of pretty intriguing things. One of them is that even though it highly depends on personal preference, some things make one better than the other one. Well, we know you are here to know about the same exact thing. And we are going to offer you exactly that.

So, without wasting any more of your valuable time, let us get to the thing that you are here for, shall we?

Non Iron Shirts

In case you were not familiar with these shirts, these are the ones that do not require any ironing. In other words, these have a higher level of resistance against wrinkling. That means you would be capable of getting wrinkle-free looks without having to go through the hassle of dry washing or ironing the shirt.

The thing that makes these capable of achieving that characteristic is the special cotton fibers. They are bonded together, which makes them act like a double-edged sword. Thanks to this treatment, the fibers hold the ability to remain wrinkle-free. The best non iron shirts have got other things going as well. Let us talk about them.

a) Manufacturing Process

These do not go through the regular manufacturing process. Firstly, the manufacturers are going to utilize specialized fabric for these. Then, they are going to cut the fabric according to the size. Once the sizing is taken care of, they are going to sew the pieces together.

And it does not end there. After the sewing process, the manufacturer is going to place the product in a non iron treatment vat. This treatment is the thing that does all of the wonders. The treatment will saturate the entire shirt and will bond the cotton together.

On that note, the bond occurs at a molecular level. For that reason, the bonding is highly efficient. Once bonded properly, the cotton will be highly resistant to creasing, which will eventually make them capable of being wrinkle-free.

b) Packaging Process

The manufacturing process ends when the fabric is adequately treated. And after the treatment, the shirts are then heated with high temperatures. This process will ensure that the bonds are secured, which will make them ideal for regular use. If the manufacturers skip this heating process, the bonds will wear off quickly.

Then, the shirts are pressed and placed into position. Then the folding process starts. After that, the shirts become ready to be packaged and sold.

c) Regular Shirts

There are really not that many things to say about the regular shirts. However, you are here for information, and information is what you are going to get. The regular shirts are pretty much what you would expect them to be. Nevertheless, here is an in-depth detail about them:

d) Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is pretty simple for these. And the first few steps are the same as the non iron shirts. First, the manufacturer is going to source the fabric. Usually, the ones that have a high cotton count are chosen. However, different brands can utilize mixed fabric.

Once the manufacturers source the fabric, they will cut them into shape. The cutting process is also the same as the non iron shirts. After the cutting process, the pieces are going to get sewn into place. Once the final product is up to expectations, the sewing process will end there.

However, these will not go through any treatment process like the non iron shirts. Instead, they are going to be washed and dried.

e) Packaging Process

Even the packaging process for the regular shirts is simple. Once the shirts are washed and dried, they are going to be ironed. Some manufacturers might even heat-treat the fabric to make them look good on display. After that, the folding process will start. Then, they will be packed and shipped to outlets.

What Makes the Non Iron Shirts Different Than the Regular

Aside from the manufacturing process, there are some things that make these different than the regular versions. And the most prominent differences are as follows:

a) Wrinkle Resistance

As we have mentioned before, the fabric of these is bonded together using a special treatment. And thanks to that treatment, the overall fabric achieves the capability to resist creases. This capability is the main difference that makes these stand out the most. Also, the heat-treating process enhances that capability even further.

b) Does Not Require Dry Washing

Unlike the regular shirts, these shirts do not require any dry washing, nor will they require any ironing. Instead, all you have to do is hang them after you wash them. Once they dry up properly, they should be ready to wear.

c) Drawbacks of Non Iron Shirts

Not everything is perfect. And the same goes for the non iron shirts as well. There are some drawbacks to these, and those are as follows: 

d) Texture

Usually, for the treatment, the upper surface is not that soft. For that reason, some of the shirts might feel a bit scratchy if you do not wear any wife-beater under them.

e) Hot

Another drawback of the non iron shirts is that they are generally not breathable. In other words, the air is not going pass through them that easily. As a result, you might find yourself sweating too much.

What Makes Regular Shirts Different Than the Non Iron Ones

We have talked a lot of good things about the non iron shirts. Let us state some good things about the regular shirts.

a) Breathable

Unlike the non iron shirts, these do not have any sort of treatment on the fabric. As a result, the fabrics have a bit of spacing in between each of them. So, the air can pass through the upper surface. This is what the non iron shirts can not offer.

b) Soft

Another thing that makes the regular ones different than the non iron ones is the softness. Because of having no treatment on the fabric, these are softer than the non iron ones. As a result, the wearing experience you will get will be much more comfortable than the non iron ones.

c) Drawbacks of Regular Shirts

Like the non iron shirts, the regular versions have some drawbacks as well. They are:

d) Can Not Resist Wrinkles

One of the primary drawbacks is the inability to resist wrinkles. So, you will find these having too many creases after washing them.

e) High Maintenance

Another drawback of the regular shirts is the cleaning process. You usually have to make them go through dry wash after the regular wash. Then you should get them ironed up if you do not want to wear a shirt that has creases on the top.

Final Words

In conclusion, in the battle of non iron shirts vs. regular, the winner would be the one that you would choose. If you prefer the convenience and low maintenance, the non iron shirt is for you. However, if you want breathability and comfort, the regular ones are for you!

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