Trampoline vs Jump Rope

Trampoline vs Jump Rope: What’s the Difference?

So, you have decided to get your body fit? Well, cardio exercises are the ones that many recommend for beginners. And when it comes to cardiovascular exercises, jumping using a rope and the best trampoline are two of the things that many fall into confusion about.

But you do not have to worry one bit. As you have found this article, things are going to be crystal clear to you now. We will go through the topic of trampoline vs jump rope and provide you in-depth details about both. And we will make it easier for you to spot the difference as well.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you would have a much better knowledge of both of them.


Shaping up for the summer is not that easy. You need to factor in your daily calorie intake and control them accordingly. Additionally, burnt calory should also be considered. And burning calories and having fun throughout the process do not go along together. Or does it?

Well, the trampoline would be the answer to that. This fun little exercising tool will let you burn some calories while having a bit of fun with gravity. That is not all. There are many other things that you should know about this equipment. And here is an in-depth detail about those:

a) Types

When it comes to types, there are many. Starting from indoor to outdoor to sizes, you will find numerous types for this. And when you are getting one of these, the type you are looking for should be considered. In short, if you want to jump on these while being indoors, the mini versions should be on your radar.

On the other hand, if you have a good amount of space in your backyard, consider the outdoor ones. Those will not only let you get a higher up in the air but also enable you to jump with a friend.

b) Calories Burnt in a Fun Way

As we have mentioned above, jumping on a trampoline is not only a fun thing to do, but you will also burn some calories on the way. However, the number of calories burnt will not be that significant compared to the other exercises but burning some is always better than burning nothing at all.

Nevertheless, if burning calories is the only thing that you are after, only the trampoline will not get you very far. The calories you will burn after one jumping session will be considerably low when the daily intake is considered. That is why you should combine this with other exercises.

c) Easy to Use

Unlike some of the other exercising equipment, you do not have to put on that much effort to jump on the trampoline. However, that low amount of effort directly relates to the lower amount of calories burnt. But if you are just getting started, this would be the easiest way to cut some calories off your body.

d) Less Strenuous on the Joint

As we have mentioned above, jumping on these does not require that much effort. In fact, the strain on your joints is considerably low. Considering that, you can jump for longer without getting tired quickly.

e) Does Not Require Special Equipment

Unlike the other exercises, jumping on top of a trampoline will not require any special equipment. You can jump on these while being barefoot. And if you want to, you can even wear some regular shoes. In other words, the only money that you would have to spend for jumping on these is to get the trampoline itself.

Jump Rope

One of the basic pieces of exercising equipment that gymnasts use is the jump rope. And even though it might sound basic, the benefits it has to offer are higher than the other exercising equipment available at the moment. And that is not all. There are other things as well. They are:

a) Calories Burnt

In comparison, the calories you will burn while jumping ropes will be higher than jumping on a trampoline. Even though the exercise might not seem like fun, the results are well worth it. However, the number of calories burnt will highly depend on how long and how fast you skip.

If you skip at an average rate of about a minute, you can burn at least ten calories. And if the rate is higher and if you increase the time, you can burn a significant chunk of your breakfast.

b) Simple to Use

Like the trampoline, this one is pretty simple to use as well. However, you might find the need to get a proper shoe for your feet. Nevertheless, it is possible to skip rope while being barefoot. But that will limit you from skipping for longer.

And considering that skipping ropes is done to burn a good amount of calories, you would want to skip for a good amount of time. And for that, a good pair of shoes is essential.

c) Learning Curve

Jumping might seem easy, but jumping on ropes is not as easy as it might sound. There is a bit of a learning curve involved, especially if you are skipping alone. And in most cases, you are going to use the equipment on your own. There will not be two people by your side that would time the rope.

Considering that, you would want to consider the learning curve before getting these. However, the learning curve is not that steep as many people think it is. You are going to get the hang of it pretty soon. All you need to do is be a bit dedicated to learning it. And once your skills improve, it will be just like riding a bike.

d) Benefits

When it comes to core benefits, the jumping ropes have a lot to offer. Other than cutting a bit of calorie, it can increase the body’s endurance level significantly. Additionally, it will strengthen the joints. So, if your aim is to gain an athletic body, the jump rope should be on your daily exercising list.

Can I Jump Rope on a Trampoline?

Yes, you can jump rope on top of a trampoline. In fact, this process would be the easiest way to learn skipping. Through this, you can learn how to time your hands right. And after you get the hang of the timing, it will be a piece of cake to jump on the ground.

However, you would not be getting the full benefits of skipping if you jump rope on top of a trampoline. As the trampoline is going to do the work of bouncing you up, there will be fewer calories burnt. Nevertheless, to learn skipping quickly, this step would be the most ideal.

Final Words

Now that you have a better understanding of trampoline vs. jump rope choosing between the exercise should be easier for you. However, if you are more towards gaining more health benefits, we would recommend picking the jump rope.

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