Ventless Gas Logs vs Vented

Ventless Gas Logs vs Vented: Which One is Better?

Warmth is all that we look for in the harsh winters. And when it comes to making the rooms a bit cozy, the gas logs are one of the options that many considers. However, when they are considering this option, one thing that they fall into a dilemma with is the ventless gas logs vs vented.

Well, as you have clicked in this article, we guess it is safe to assume that you are in the same predicament. Let us state one thing straight that you have come to the right place for that predicament. We will offer you in-depth information regarding both, which will help you fall out of the dilemma that you are in.

What Are Vented Gas Logs?

Before we give you any in-depth details, we would want to ensure that you know about the two options. Let us first start with the vented version. Traditionally, this version will require two vents. Both of them are going to run towards the outside of your home.

One of the vents will be for the fresh air intake, while the other will let the air from the fireplace escape. The fresh air intake will let the logs burn efficiently. In other words, the combustion will be consistent. On the other hand, the outtake vent will ensure that rooms do not cloud up with smoke.

The reason behind the two vents is that they produce carbon monoxide, just like natural wood. That is where the outtake vent comes into play. And as there is fire involved, these would require oxygen for the combustion process. And that is where the intake vent plays its role.

Nevertheless, these will offer an authentic feel of a fireplace. The setup process is the same as for a regular wood-burning fireplace. Furthermore, you can install these on the regular fireplace without doing any modification.

However, there are downsides. As there is an outtake vent, some of the heat will eventually escape through that. For that reason, it might take a bit longer to make the rooms cozy. Moreover, if the intake and outtake ratio is not proper, it can take longer than usual.

Aside from this one negative, most of the other things are positive for this version. It works for both heating up the room and offering authentic fireplace aesthetics to the rooms.

Can Vented Gas Logs Heat the Room?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are two different vents. One is for taking the inside air out, and the other is for bringing fresh air inside. And the one that takes the inside air out can take some heat out as well. For that reason, these are not ideal if you want them to be the only heat source in your room.

However, they can make the rooms cozy, but it will take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, these are a great pick if you value looks. Also, they are the ideal pick if you want to convert the existing fireplace into gas.

What Are Ventless Gas Logs?

There are a lot of similarities between vented and ventless gas logs. For starters, the look of the fireplace is generally the same. However, the operational mode is entirely different. Unlike the vented ones, these will not require any sort of vents. Hence, these achieve the “ventless” name.

There are control panels that will control the flames and the pilot light. Because of having no vents, the fire does not generally burn realistically. And instead of vents, these will utilize a blower. That blower will circulate the air around. And during that circulation, the room will get heated up.

Even though the burning looks do not seem real, you will love the efficiency of these. Thanks to the blower, it will not let any bit of the heat escape. As a result, the rooms are going to get heated up exceptionally fast. On top of that, these are generally affordable because there is no cost for the vents.

In conclusion, the only downside of this version is the looks. These can not really offer the natural feel of wood burning. However, the warmth surely overshadows this downside. And considering that you would not have to spend that much money to get these set up, it is a great pick to keep your rooms cozy without spending much.

Are Ventless Gas Logs Actually Safe?

As there are no vents involved, one question that might arise in your mind is whether these are safe or not. Well, even though these do not require any chimney, they do have some safety mechanisms. The most important one is the oxygen depletion sensor.

That sensor will turn the overall system off if the oxygen climbs to an unsafe level. Also, as you do not have to run these for a prolonged amount of time, there will be no need to worry about the room getting too hot. However, it is always recommended to keep a window open after running these.

Is Ventless Option Pricier Than the Vented One?

Not at all! We have mentioned before that the best ventless gas logs options do not require any sort of venting. That cuts away all of the labor and equipment costs. Alongside that, these logs are available in a pretty affordable price range. You would not have to spend that much to get them either.

However, you might have to modify your fireplace a bit if it has a chimney already. In that case, you need to spend a bit extra than you would have to if you did not have a fireplace to begin with.

Which One Is Better?

When it comes to choosing which one is better, the decision will be totally up to you. All we can do is make it easier for you to choose one. Let us first consider the vented option. It offers realistic looks. With one of those, you can get the authentic fire burning experience.

Aside from that, those are easier to set up if you have a fireplace with a chimney. All you need to do is install an additional venting system for the intake. However, these are not that efficient when it comes to heating the room quickly.

On the other hand, if the looks mean nothing and you want something that can efficiently heat the room, the ventless version is the one for you. These are also pretty affordable, which means there will be no need to break the bank to get one of these installed in your home.

On that note, you can make your ventless fireplace look a bit more appealing by installing fancy glass doors. That can mitigate the looks issue without adding any limitations to the operation procedure.

Final Words

In conclusion, in the case of ventless gas logs vs. vented, the decision will be totally upon you. One goes for looks and feel, while the other one focuses on efficiency and affordability. So, you have to choose which one you would consider being better.

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