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When to Use Bathroom Fan?

A bathroom fan is basically essential. It keeps the moisture in control and humidity level adequate. And when those two are taken care of, there will be no need to worry about the bathroom being the breeding ground for molds, mildews, and bacteria.

However, installing the best bathroom fan is not the only thing that would keep the bathroom from being very damp. You should also know when to use bathroom fan because if it is not on at the right moment, the moisture and humidity will find their time to settle in.

And once they get settled, the fan would not be able to do that much to exhaust them out.

What Is the Purpose of a Bathroom Fan?

Before we tell you when to use the bathroom fan, we would like to make sure that you know the bathroom fan’s purpose. That will make the concept a bit clearer, and you might even figure out the right time after going through this segment.

One of the primary purposes of bathroom fans is to remove the odor from the showering place. However, that will only apply if the fan is secondary and there is a primary fan for the moisture control. This secondary fan will generally be opposite to the primary fan.

Now, if odor control is the secondary fan’s task, what is the purpose of the primary one? Well, to keep the moisture level and the humidity level in control. This fan will generally be in the place where the moisture level is comparatively higher than the bathroom’s other places.

But where exactly is the place where the moisture level stays higher than the other bathroom areas? The showering place or the area where the bathtub is would be the answer. Those are the areas where the moisture content is generally higher than the other areas of the bathroom.

That is where the primary fan should be. And the main task of that fan would be to exhaust the moisture out when you are showering or after showering.

Am I Using the Bathroom Fan Correctly?

If you are turning it on without knowing the right moment, the chances are that you are misusing it. The fan is not meant to be turned on at any given time. There is a specific time that it should be on. From the previous segment, you might have already guessed the right time, didn’t you?

Well, in case if the answer is still not clear to you, the fan should be on each time you turn on your tap. That applies to the showerhead and the bathtub as well. Each time those are on, the primary fan should be on as well. Simply putting it, the fan should be on each time you shower in the bathroom.

However, when it comes to odor, you need to start it right when you start using the toilet. The fan should be on even after using the toilet. That will get the remaining odor out of the room.

How Long Should I Keep the Bathroom Fan On?

When you shower, the moisture content of the showering space remains excessively high. That can also increase the overall level of humidity. And if that moisture content and the humidity level do not drop down, the bathroom will become a damp place.

And as you know by now, any damp place is a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and mildews. Considering that, we recommend turning the fan on for at least 20 minutes. But which 20 minutes? Well, the answer would be right from the very beginning of your shower.

However, not all of us take 10 to 15 minutes to shower. And if the case is the same for your showering habit, then you should start the fan right before taking a shower and leave it on for at least 10 minutes after your shower. This 10 minute period will be enough to exhaust all of the moisture from the inside.

On the other hand, if your primary concern is the odor, then the bathroom fan should be on every time you use the toilet. Leave it on from the very beginning to up to 10 minutes after using the toilet. That period should be more than enough to get all of the odor out of the enclosed room.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Turn the Fan on at the Right Time?

As we mentioned earlier, if you do not turn the fan on at the right time, the fan will not be able to lower the moisture and humidity levels. And once they settle in the room, the fan will not be able to do much work in terms of exhausting them. If the moisture does not get out of the room, the room will be damp.

Well, you already know what happens in a damp place, right? Yes, the molds and mildews will start breeding there. And when it comes to odor, if the fan is not on at the right time, the odor will find its way towards the other area and might settle in for longer than it has to.

How Many Showering Fan Should I Install?

It depends. You can get away with a single fan if it is efficient enough. Now, how will you decide on the efficiency? Usually, the fans will have a rated coverage. That will answer how much of an area it can cover. The higher the coverage, the higher the efficiency.

However, if your bathroom is considerably large and the fan is not that efficient, you should get two of them installed. One for the moisture, which should be on the showering area, and the other one will be in the toilet area.

Final Words

As you can see, learning when to use bathroom fan is not rocket science. To recapitulate, you should turn it on when you use the shower and toilet. Leave it on for a while.

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